Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Creative Processes

I was going to show you the colouring bags I made for the children at the weekend - but I ruined them! I was really pleased with them, then I washed them and the colours ran out of the denim so I soaked them in colour run rescue (or something like that) for the day and they are better but the brightness and newness of them has gone. The children still love them though.

Instead I thought I would show you the creative process behind making a monster!

I saw this tutorial on Monday and liked the design so I sketched out the image on paper. Fred and Daisy then saw it and asked me to make them a paper monster too.
This is how they coloured them in

So this is how I made Stripey Sam.

Fred reckoned that he couldn't get to sleep last night because "I just can't stop looking at Stripey Sam!" - nice try!

Finally - look what I dug up today:


Juliann in WA said...

Those vegetables look wonderful. I just love this season of fresh greens. How nice to be growing your own.

Thimbleanna said...

Cute Stripey Sam! That Fred sure sounds like a character! What a fun age he's at!

weirdbunny said...

YOur mosnster is so cool !!

Vegatables from the garden delicious, nothing like going to get the carrots etc.. just before tea !

Knot Garden said...

Stripey Sam is brilliant! Your basket of produce looks so wholesome - is all that from your allotment?

Yummers! said...

Dear Lucy,
Thanks for the note... I'd love to spend time with you over a cup of tea (we may not live in GB but we're great tea drinkers). I love your monster!! Grrrrrr! Your children are lucky to have you for a mom!! Re: "The Princess"... I don't want a bed(as cute as it is... I'm out of space)just a princess. Will pay whatever you want... if you have the time!!! Don't feel obligated. I've been to London... but we'd like to drive thru all of the little villages and towns to the north. This is getting lengthly... bye for now.
Joni Possin

Zoe said...

Love the monster and the veggies. Thanks so much for joining my little swap.

hannah said...

oh wow - you may not have sweet peas yet but look at all the yummy things you do have!!!!

Gina said...

Oh Sam is so cute and clever!

Melly said...

ARHHHHH - Stripey Sam is SOOOOOOOOO cute - just LOVE him!!!! I think I wouldnt be able to sleep with excitement either!! Love the new quilt too by the way - really pretty!