Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pinky and Polly

Well, there's just one more day left at work for me and school for the children and then we have 7 weeks of play, play, playtime in my bubble gum pink sewing room!!!!!

Lots of you guessed exactly what I was getting excited about and here are some updated photos after my fab neighbour Malcolm and his son laid the lino, built in some cupboards and work bench, put up shelves, rebuilt a desk donated by a friend and cut down a cheap table! At the weekend my friend's husband is coming to replace the lighting, put in a heater and about 6 double power sockets!!!!

Weeeheeeeeeeee! I'm so excited!

The children are excited about coming and being creative in my new playroom.

And Mr Locket is rather excited about all my craft stuff being moved out of the dining room!

And you know I said that my next door neighbour is really fab?

Look what I found when I got back from work and went to inspect the new developments........

And just to show you that I am worthy of having a dedicated sewing room to play in, here's what I made yesterday on my day off:

A nurse Kinder Doll inspired by Jodie's new friend Nan.

(with a dark blue dress too, in case she gets promoted to Sister!)

I started Miss Polly at about 3pm yesterday and worked right through til midnight only stopping to eat some supper so that she was ready in time for my lovely mother in law's birthday today! Fortunately Mr Locket had the day off too so he was there to do the school run, make the children's tea and all the other million jobs!

My M.I.L used to be a nurse - a midwife in fact - but also, as some of you already know, she was rushed into hospital last week with heart problems which was a real shock to all of us. So Miss Polly has gone to stay to keep an eye on her for us.

But just so she is well prepared she has a reversible apron so that she can help Granny Biscuit indulge in her favourite past-time of washing and cleaning!!

Happy Birthday Granny Biscuit - we love you millions!

And we really love my pink sewing room too!!!!! ;o)


dottycookie said...

All best wishes to Granny Biscuit!

You'll notice I'm not mentioning your new room, because I am GREEEEEEEN with envy! Seriously, have a wonderful time in there, you lucky person:-)

trashalou said...

It is very beautuful looking Locket, you lucky old thing!

Happy Granny Bisuit is getting betterer everyday

loulee said...

Best wishes to Granny.
Oooh! How exciting a new playroom.

twiggypeasticks said...

Best wishes to Granny Biscuit, that is one fab playroom, have loads of fun!!
twiggy x

quinn said...

Best wishes to Granny Biscuit!

And your playroom is just waiting to be filled chock-a-block full with creativeness and fun - congrats!

Any chance Malcolm and son would like to do some rather long-distance work???

Too word verification is "inarti":)

est said...

oohhhhh! you've got a new craftroom all for yrself?!!! that's so great! so happy for you!! :) best wishes for Granny .

Cass said...

Love your new room and I love Miss Polly

Jodie said...

I do hope Miss Polly makes Granny Biscuit better in double quick time for you.
Please add her to the flickr group Lucy...
She is just gorgeous.

nicolette said...

Best wishes to Granny!

Your new playroom looks wonderful!! I hope you will spend lots of crafty time in there!

rachelmp said...

I hope Granny Biscuit is much better.

But Lucy, I love everything!

katie said...

all trades-people should give their invoices like this - how can we make that happen? AND!!!!!! TOO EXCITING!! your own play space - I am really pleased for you ! Enjoy getting it exactly as you want it - that's the best part and then the hours of fun - wow!!

Leah said...

We've just moved and I have a sewing reoom of my own now too - just need to get a table and some shelves/storage and I'm away!!

Hope Granny Biscuit gets better soon. x x

joanie said...

So sweet, love the doll! Congratulations on the opening of your new pink sewing room, lucky you. I love having my children in my space with me but sometimes I can't find my projects under their projects, must sort out a system some day.
I'm sure you'll create many little beauties in your new space, enjoy!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I knew pink was a good sign! :o) You are going to have hours of fun in there!!

Ali said...

Oh, you are clever and richly deserve a room of your own!

French Knots said...

and you've got 7 weeks to move everything in and play in there - wonderful!
Get well soon Granny Biscuit.

Helen said...

New work room, looking v, v gorgeous! How lovely to give a present like that . . . you see if I'd made something as wonderful as that . . . . I'd find it hard to give it away!
Love to you all
Helen x

JuliaB said...

Lucy! How wonderful! and it's just right for a sewing room too - lots of space and lots of shelving...!! x

Moogsmum said...

Oh my word Locket - that is one loverly loverly playroom!!! I want one!

Happy Birthday and very best wishes to Granny Biscuit _ I'm sure Nurse Polly will do a great job.

By a most bizarre coincidence I made a Jodie doll this week too.....and she's called Polly for Minx's friend Holly!!


Michaela said...

Granny biscuit can surely just get better by the minute every time she sees her new nurse maid. I know I would!

I am sooooooo jealous of your new room. Let's see another picture in a couple of weeks to see if it's still that tidy and clutter free!


ladydi said...

I'm just wondering what your new pink room used to be? Because I, too, sew in the dining room. When company comes for dinner we have to eat in the living room. :>} Love your dolly, and best wishes to Granny B.

Marie said...

Lubly new pink room! May it see many hours of happy locket sewing.

Loving the Kinder nurse. I have the Kinder pattern waiting in my craft room - I might try to make a start tonight.

GET WELL Vibes to Granny Biscuit.


henzy said...

love the pink room, and best wishes to Granny sure she'll love the move to the pink room too

monda-loves said...

how lovely to have a sewing room all to yourself - and a pretty pink one too - lucky Lucy!


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