Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Something rather exciting......................

.....................happened yesterday at work.

At least, I thought it was exciting,

especially in the context of my usual days full of emails and admin.

But more of that later!

First I need to tell you about my lovely lovely friend Anna
(who I'm sure is probably your lovely lovely friend Anna too seeing as she really is so super lovely)

(picture pinched from Anna's blog - hope you don't mind Anna?!)

because we received a gorgeous and totally unexpected parcel of goodies from her on Saturday!

To say that the children were ecstatic is a bit of an understatement!

And the funny thing is that I was actually out in the sewing room when the parcel arrived, cutting the gorgeous Christmas fabrics that Anna gave me LAST October when we met up in Edinburgh!

I'm using this tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts to turn these strips

into a zigzag quilt for Christmas - and I'm loving it, even if the photos are awful!

So Anna, THANK YOU..............

for our halloween goodies

my gorgeous fabrics

and especially for being such a lovely friend!

Please come and visit the UK again soon!

Now, back to my other exciting happenings.........................

................I was busy at work yesterday when one of the students on the MA that I am programme secretary for called at the office.

We happened to get chatting and somehow it came out that we were both crafty/sew-y/knitty types.........................

and then she pulled her sock knitting out of her bag and said "this is the Mystery Sock I am doing at the moment"

So I said "Oooooh! Is it by Through the Loops? My friend is doing that pattern."

And do you know what?

It was!

And we had a lovely time chatting about patterns and woolshops and Ravelry etc with me looking over my shoulder to check I wasn't going to be called back to my desk!!!

Now I know that in the great scheme of things that isn't really all that exciting.

But it was to ME,

and to have my two worlds of YAY-crafting and Oh-but-do-I-HAVE-to-working overlap like that was truly fab!

The only problem was that I REALLY didn't want to go back to work afterwards!

So M, if you do happen to look at my blog, thanks for improving my day dramatically yesterday!

Finally, after all that chat, I will leave you with some photos of my latest knitting

A Kaffe Fassett pattern called, for some weird reason, Tainted Scarf, knitted first in a fairly chunky wool - um, Venezia I think

and then in the most gorgeous 4 ply sock wool

(handwash only, which is why I'm not knitting socks with it!)


dottycookie said...

I think that's exciting too, but possibly that only serves to confirm I'm as mad as you are ;-)

Oh, and candy corn? You lucky, lucky person. I should hide it away in your sewing room if I were you, it's not at all appropriate for children, oh dear me, no ...

silverpebble said...

We got the very same parcel from Anna! I couldn't believe it! I was in SUCH a grump when postie came to the door too - it gave me such a lift! I had never eaten the mysterious candy corn before. Ahem...now I have!!!!

Lovely quilty, friendy coincidency socky magic here Mrs L. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you've been able to find some time for crafting!! Got to love unexpected gifts, Lucy!! How nice!! What happened at work? They are paying you to take a day off so you can sew?

Little House By The Sea said...

Oh a Lucky Locket !! Nice goodies in the post..
I must say that I think it would brighten my day (at work) to chat with a like minded crafty person, alas I spend most of my days chatting to eight year olds about whatever the latest craze is.
S x

Lina said...

Oh I'd find it terribly exciting too, so you are certainly not alone! I love how that zig zag quilt is coming along!

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh! I can't believe you can get so much out of that little parcel of fabrics -- you're amazing! That zigzag quilt is going to be sooooo cute! I might have to run to the store and see if they have more of that fabric LOL! I was on the very edge of having a two day work trip to the UK in two weeks -- but someone else (ok, someone else who actually knew the job LOL) gets the privilege -- Darn It!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your house sounds like a cheery place to be...what with happy kids and happy sewing ;o)

ladydi said...

Yes it is a big deal to find someone who speaks the same crafty language in your "other" world. Would you believe that I got excited yesterday when someone's check to pay their doctor bill had a quilt design on it?? It prompted a fun, though very short, conversation about quilting. :>}

Jane said...

Oh Lucy I'm so glad you found someone at work to craft chat with, its so much fun. I have a friend too and we can often be seen with our car boots open exchanging magazines or admiring each others knitting. the Halloween sweeties look delicious and your zigzag quilt looks lovely. Jane x

Ali said...

Life is too short to handwash a sock.

And my colleagues always call me when someone creative turns up at work so I can gush all over them. You'll have a knitting circle set up there before you know it!

wonderwoman said...

what lovely knitting Lucy and such gorgeous colours. Its great when you meet someone who gets the whole knitting,stitching, crochet thing!!!


periwinkle said...

snap - we got a very similar parcel, isn't Anna just lovely.. I'd love someone to chat crafty things with during the day , your knitting is looking lovely

Heleen said...

That sure is exiting!!
your christmasquilt is going to be lovely.

Helen said...

How do you concentrate with more than one project on the go at a time?
love Helen xx

Unknown said...

Hi Lucy,
So glad we got to chat knitting & crafty stuff! It's always wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. I'll have to swing by this week to show you the shawl I finished this week. I guess being home sick is good for something, even it it's just knitting in circles!

I must warn you, that I'm a bit dangerous when it comes to crafts.. you never know which new one I'll try to get you hooked on! ;)

Any chance you want to hang out for lunch on Thursday? I get out of class at 12 and am already in KGVI.


Mrs Moog said...

I thought I'd commented on this one and then realised that noooo, I haven't.....I'd just replied to your excited texts about the sock knitter at work!!

Your quilt is looking utterly gorgoeus - and very very clever!


JuliaB said...

Oh I just love it when that happens! Only today I was discussing with my boss where to get the best fur fabric from for his handmade puppets (like the muppets) and had the same warm feeling you describe! Did you know there is a site where you can buy muppet puppet kits! Amazing! the things you find out at work! xx

French Knots said...

To find a real live person who 'gets it' like blogging friends do is fab, you can be subversive sock knitters at lunchtime!