Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Looking a bit empty

Now this is a VERY strange view..................a corner of our garden that's actually looking tidy!

(The rest of it looks more like a scrap yard!)

But it's looking a bit empty too................

Aha! That's better!

A new and lovely treat for the Locket garden - so let's hope the sun keeps on shining for the summer holidays and that we find time to finish painting the fence and rapidly-deteriorating greenhouse!

And the other little Locket who's enjoying a newly tidied part of the garden is young Alfie bunny

who loves his new long run

and quite enjoys having his friends in to play with him too!

"oooh cheesy feet!"


Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- Alfie's not too keen on those feet? Very cool new swing and tidy garden -- I hope you can have some fun out there before fall!

Dragonfly said...

The perfect place for some summer crafting methinks!

Annie said...

Loving your summer garden shots. The pots always make it feel more homely (I have heaps!) , , , and your little "fred" just reminds me so much of my little Pete.

Sarahs House said...

Hahaha.. It looks lovely. Mine looks lke a jungle right now... I would tidy it but I am afraid of getting lost.

S x

julie said...

Oh I love your swing seat - my grandparents had one in their garden and my brother and I loved it to bits. I can just see you reclining there with a nice glass of something cool while the little lockets run around (some hope of that I know - maybe you should get a few afternoons on there quick before the school break starts!) Alfie bunny is looking so cute and very pleased with his new run.

ladydi said...

Summer and a new swing - life really doesn't get better than that.

wonderwoman said...

that swing seat looks lovely - ours is falling apart - maybe next year!!


Helen said...

Oh lovely!! You deserve a treat!!
Happy new swing!! Love Helen xx

Moogsmum said...

Alfie Bunny!!!!