Monday, 15 April 2013

Easter Bunnies

Sorry for the long gap between posts - although I had more free time over the Easter holiday it was actually harder to find the time to get on the computer - probably because I had competition for it!

As you will have guessed I was busy in the last post knitting Julie's Teeny Tiny bunnies as gifts for my friends and big sister when we went down to London last month.  They were delightful to knit - especially the little dresses out of left over sock wool.

I carried on making them and had a little late Easter display in the kitchen.

London was great fun - lots of presents on the train - I wrapped mine in pages from an old Country Living magazine which turned out quite well, and lots of shopping and eating.  Unfortunately I picked up a tummy bug which did wonders for my weight loss - although I managed to put it all back on over Easter weekend at my parents' house!

We sadly had to part with our four hens this weekend because of the noise and they went back to live at mum and dad's with their flock.

To cheer us all up (and make use of the newly scrubbed out house and run) we bought two little bunnies (that we hope are both male!!!)

So here are Smudge and Binky - our late Easter bunnies!


The children love them - it's just a shame we can't put them in with Alfie bunny because I'm feeling really guilty now that he doesn't have company.


Quinn said...

You are right about living in the land of Cute - LOL!
Will Alfie be able to see the new bunnies from his hutch? Some rabbits would rather be able to see other bunnies for company, than to have them as real neighbors. And maybe Alfie has been happy as an "only bunny," with all the attention focused on his furry little self!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooooh, I see a rabbit theme -- little teeny ones and big real ones. Why can't the new bunnies be with Alfie -- will they fight or something? Very cute bunnies all around!

driftwood said...

oh all the bunnies are so cute. What a shame about your hens, mine have been really noisy today because it's been so windy...... I kept taking them treats to shush them......

Gina said...

Cute bunnies... knitted and real!

ladydi said...

Love those knitted bunnies!

silverpebble said...

Oh those little woolly rabbits are wonderful, as are your new furry ones. I'm still v interested in mittens, Locket xxx

Moogsmum said...

Oh Locket - so sad about having to say goodbye to your chickens but what a perfect pair of fluffy bunny replacements :o)

Mr Moog went a bit bonkers over Easter and bought us a super posh Eglu Cube and four feathery girls. Mine is called Miranda :o)