Monday, 7 October 2013

Some things I discovered today

  • That being stung on the leg by a wasp while still in bed is not a good way to start the day - no photo
  • That Dot's plum crumble may not be on my diet - but it's very delicious and I'm going to end up eating it anyway

  • That photos of white ghost biscuits on white plates don't really stand out - but they taste really good

  • That when your eldest daughter starts to study the International Baccalaureate at sixth form college your parcels from Amazon become heavier and slightly less interesting - but you are rather proud of her for being such a clever clogs

  • That the plan to write a post about the official races I have run this year just didn't come together - but the medals look good

  • That you can't photograph 4 un-ironed participant t-shirts for the above races and make them look good - but I still ran a half marathon!!
  • That I'm not allergic to my new alpaca yarn (phew) - but that my secret knitting with it doesn't look very good - uneven stitches galore - do you think it will block out?

  • That if you improve your tension on your second fair isle wrist warmer and stop pulling the strands so tight it is going to end up quite a bit larger than the first one - but hopefully only you will notice

  • That it isn't very easy to take a good photo of said wrist warmers - but look, my rings fit again now that I've lost over 5 stone so I don't care ;o)


Plum Cox said...

Wow! Can't see the difference in the warmers, can't see wonky stitching in the secret knitting, can see the ghost biscuits, would like to share the crumble. Sorry about the wasp sting, and WELL DONE on losing five stone AND for all that running! Amazing. Almost worth the blogging drought if you are going to regale us with all of this at once!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy! I'm so impressed! I need to come back and see you again -- I'll bet I wouldn't even know you. And you ran a half marathon -- Holy Cow! I would love to be able to do that -- I can only imagine how sore I'd be the next day. And I beg to differ -- you are proof that you CAN take a picture of race t-shirts and make them look great!

Ali said...

So very many good things in your life right now. But my favourite is the plum crumble, which is why I will never ever ever loose 5 stone!

Leanne said...

I am sure none of us would have noticed if you hadn't have told us about the uneven stitches and the unironed T shirts.. Well done on the marathons.

Quinn said...

I can't see any uneven stitches - I just see four lovely colors and what looks like very soft and slightly fuzzy yarn! I really, really, love those colors - reminds me of my Grammy's garden, somehow.
In awe re: the running...and the weight loss...and the clever daughter! And I've been told that the best treatment for a wasp sting (the hair is prickling on my head just from my writing "wasp sting") is a triple serving of homemade plum crumble. It's a medical fact!!!

julie said...

You have made a lot of discoveries and I'm very glad they they got a whole lot better than the first one! You must be so proud of your clever Dot and she's a great cook by the look of it too!

Well done you for all of your considerable achievements this year, you have definitely earnt the right to feel rather pleased with yourself - I hope that you do and if not we'll be reminding you that you should!

I think your alpaca knitting will block just fine, if you're unsure then pop it under a damp teatowel now and run a warm (not hot) iron over the top (gently) that will give you an idea of how it will be after properly blocking.
J x

sewkalico said...

Gosh 5 stone!! That's amazing well done! And well done on the races too! Fabulous!

Mitzi said...

Oh Lucy you have been missed. You always have lots of news to tell us. You should be very proud at your weight loss. Dieting is never easy and to have lost 5 stone is amazing.

Gina said...

You are amazing... great running, great weight loss, great knitting...

driftwood said...

plum crumble is worth running a half marathon for in my reasoning. in fact you could probably eat a whole one x

Helenjean said...

5 stone wow, my doctor insists that I lose weight, but it is very difficult.
Well done you with the half marathon and all your achievements