Thursday, 13 February 2014


This week has been when I only have to work two days  (every other week I work 3), so I have had lots of fun playing with sewing on my days off.

I can't remember what I achieved on Monday, but yesterday I spent the day making these fabulously quick pouches for the little Lockets using this tutorial. I love the dense quilting on them.  Bizarrely my special walking foot makes straight line quilting bunch up instantly whereas my standard foot lets me quilt beautifully - does anyone else have this problem?

I am giving them to the children tomorrow for Valentine's Day and have filled them with Jelly Babies and chocolate so I know they will be pleased!  I bought Mr Locket a pair of beautiful cards from Celia and I can't decide which one to give him - maybe he will get both :)

I also made this pouch for my mummy so I hope she doesn't read this post before I get it sent to her.

I like the bottom the best - even if it does look strangely misshapen.

Today I wanted to play with half square triangles so I made a batch of 2.5" and laid them out in a couple of different ways.

I decided I liked the diamond best so I pieced this panel

and then quilted the life out of it - and I have to say I absolutely love it.

I love how the colours and fabrics work together and I love the quilting.

I had been going to make it into another pouch but it was such a shame to fold the diamond in half and lose the effect of it so now I have another mini quilt to bind.

Daisy has said she would like a quilt for her birthday in May and I'm thinking this combination of blues and diamonds would be perfect for her - but she is keen to play with other layouts too which will be fun, especially as she isn't normally all that interested in my sewing shenanigans :)

I really don't have time to go to work tomorrow!  I just have too much sewing to play with!


Quinn said...

I love each one of the four pouches, but especially the one with the jellies because I've been making so many lately :)
That patchwork square is so pretty...first it reminded me of looking through a white trellis to a summer lawn and garden, and then it reminded me of an actual formal-type garden, with paths between the beds! Thank you for reminding me of Summer!!

driftwood said...

oh I love the half square triangle design. gorgeous x

Plum Cox said...

What a brill mini quilt - and great zip pouches too! My walking foot is still the best when I'm going through a quilt sandwich, although it doesn't work nearly so well in reverse as it seems to want to leave little puckers in the top fabric.

kristieinbc said...

The pouches are super cute! I'm sure they will be very much appreciated!

Thimbleanna said...

Haha Lucy -- not having time to go to work is the story of my life! Looks like you've been having great fun and I'm so happy that your sewing mojo is back. Your little pouches are adorable!

BIG sister Ally said...

Nearly just let the cat out of the bag with regard to the chicken zippy bag for mum! Was talking to her on the phone telling her you had made a new blog post but did not read the wording! I hope she doesn't read it now I have mentioned it.

Love them, might even have a go at one myself and shock you xx

BIG sister Ally said...

Just trying another comment to your post to see if you can reply

julie said...

wow, you've been busy Lucy! I'm sure everyone loved their pouches (even if you'd have left out the sweeties they'd have been a big hit!) The diamond panel is wonderful too and it's such a shame when work has to get in the way with such sewing fun!

Leanne said...

You have been very productive. Amazing what an extra day off work does for you. Love your pouches.

Twiggy said...

Very pretty !
Twiggy x