Sunday, 26 August 2007

I'm Baaaaack!!! Did you miss me?

Hi everyone! We got back from a lovely fortnight in Italy on Friday evening- but then I had to go to work the next morning until lunchtime, do a supermarket shop in the afternoon, go to a party in the evening, visit the allotment this morning and go school shoe shopping this afternoon - so things have been a bit busy!

I don't know where to start blogging again. Everyone has been so busy while I've been away - I had so many posts to read - so I'm sorry I haven't left messages yet! I want to show you photos of Italy, but I've also been nominated for two blog awards so I want to talk about them too, then it was "Dorothy's" 10th birthday while we were away so I want to post about that too and show you what I made for her (because I'm really proud of it!!). What do you want to see first? I will await instruction! (and that gives me a bit more time to pretend to be the same mummy who had time for the children on holiday and didn't spend all her time with her back to the room tapping away on the computer!)


Leanne said...

Welcome back. I think I would like to see a little bit of Italy and Dorothy's present

Thimbleanna said...

Of course we missed you! I feel your pain about being behind -- good luck with your catch up. I can't cast a vote on where to go next -- I want to hear it all! ;-)

piecemaker said...

Welcome home, we want to hear it ALL!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Cute picture. And yes, I'll admit that I missed you. Well, my comments missed you anyway. Ahem.

Ok, first up I'd like to see what amazing gift you made for Dot (does she mind her nick-name being shortened?), then I'd like to see some envy inducing shots of Italy, next up news about your blogging awards and finally we could catch up with your allotment (not being much of a green-fingered type that comes last for me .... sorry).

Well, you did ask.

de vliegende koe said...

Welcome back and take it easy, or you have to leave us again for another holiday. We will be round the corner to watch your blog! (of course we missed you like crazy!)

Susan said...

Hi Lucy,
Dorothy's present , the blog awards then everything else. Glad you all had a lovely holiday.
love Susan xxxxx*

ps you're already ahead of me havn't done the shoe shopping yet!