Monday, 27 August 2007


My wonderful parents took us all on holiday to Italy with them and we had a fabulous fortnight enjoying their company: Playing games like "Beetle" and "Uno", reading with the children, messing about in the pool, having treasure hunts, cooking and eating delicious food and drinking lots of lovely wine (although the children stuck with orange juice!)

The view from the villa in Umbria - good eh?

The villa itself with Daddy and Dorothy playing marbles!

sweeping the patio
(goggles for the dust - their idea not ours!)

Daddy and the smalls

which little boy looks cutest - the real one or the one on the plate?

Finally a shot from the beach near home before we went on holiday
by it's grim up north! (or is it?)


Monkee Maker said...

Ok, do it your way.

Lovely pictures, the villa looks great. Can't believe you had your kids doing the housework - respect! (And eating their greens .... or playing with them at least!)

And ee by gum, your neck of the woods looks loovly!

Fiona said...

I'm so envious - your Umbrian villa looks divine!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the scenery. And especially love your 2 little boys -- the 3-D version and the one on the plate!

Janet - Wildcraft Farm said...

Lovely to have you back ... but boy you looked like you were having sooo much fun. You are so lucky to live close by some wonderful countries - in Australia we just have to contend with long flights. My folks leave this weekend for Paris, then London, so I hope your fine weather can last a little longer. I've missed your chatty blogs, so I'll just vote for whichever photos make it out of the camera first (in between Mummying). PS - Do you have lots of maintenance to do on the allotment? We're about to dig up our veggie patch in preparation for spring sowing and I'm dreading all those winter weeds.

Michaela said...

Now look, about this monkey back pack... it's mine all mine! Tell you what, if I get him, how about him having a holiday with you now and again, he could be like one of those gnome things that travel the world sending post cards back home to mummy! (Still amazed that Myra ignored him so badly).

I love Italy. And looking at your pictures, I love it even more. Oh for a big plate of Italian food, big dish of Italian ice cream and big glass of Italian wine. And maybe a big Italian hunk aswell...

CONNIE W said...

Lucky You! Italy is one of my dream vacation destinations! Lovely photos and family. Sounds simply wonderful.

julie said...

What an incredible view! The villa looks fantastic and it sounds like you've all had a wonderful time - if only holidays and all the relaxation they bring were the norm and the rest of the year stuff was the 2 week bit!

nicky said...

Oh, you are so lucky. That looks like it was a lovely holiday!

QuiltingFitzy said...

My dd #30 who is 20 STILL makes faces on her plate! lol

Darling family! Thanks for sharing.

Yummers! said...

Your Italian holiday sounds wonderful... happy for you that you had the opportunity. Umbria sounds so romantic. I've been to Italy twice but never to that area. But, I do love Italy!!!
Lucky Lucy Locket!

est said...

oo la la!! it would be a dream comes true to be able to go to italy!!! jealous* :)