Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lovely things through the post and other goodies

During the last couple of weeks, when I was failing miserably to blog, several lovely presents arrived through the post.

First of all I won part of the giveaway on Rachel's blog and she sent me this gorgeous fabric basket which just makes me smile

along with chocolate chicks - yummy! And some fab Paperchase owl buttons - which have flown away (with the help of Daisy and Fred I think) and so couldn't be photographed!

greasy finger marks are courtesy of the little Lockets again I think!

Then Emma sent this gorgeous handpainted box (with handmade chocolates inside!!) in the parcel containing my Bossy BIG Sister's birthday present - you'll have to wait to see what that was when she blogs it (it was really fab and she was very lucky that I posted it on to her because I would have liked it for myself!)

When I went to my local "Stitch and Bitch" Group a couple of weeks ago one of the girls was having a de-stash and I couldn't resist two skeins of Yarn Yard 4 ply. Especially as Patti had kindly offered to wind them for me - this was an adventure in itself:

How beautiful are these two cakes of yarn? Almost too nice to knit!

But I'll leave you today with an even more beautiful thing.....................

a very, very muddy and wet Dorothy Locket after two hours of Scouts outside in the pouring rain last Tuesday evening. I think she looks gorgeous!!!


dottycookie said...

Awww, two hours in the rain? SOunds like she desrves a great big mug of hot chocolate to me!

silverpebble said...

I agree - Dot looks fabulous - nothing like outdoor fun.

Lovely fabric bucket there Missus and glad you seem to have got your bloggy mojo back.


Kitty said...

She does indeed look gorgeous. I bet she needs a hot bath and some hot chocolate now though!

Well done on all those lovely goodies - the fabric bucket is SO cheerful.


Gina said...

Dot looks lovely... glowing with health! Hope she had a nice warmth bath and some hugs though! That wool winder looks like a scary contraption!

Lina said...

Hello, glad to see you back. What on earth is that contraption for winding wooL?

jo said...

I love to see kids all dirty, thas the way kids should be, not prim and proper in front of the tv.

Glad your getting back to blogging.
Jo xx

JuliaB said...

oooh! I saw one of those windey contraptions in a charity shop the other day and wondered what it was !!

Annie said...

We had some de stashing at our craft group the other week. I am such a sucker and can't refuse giving fabric a home. I have such lovely big cupboards.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, look at all those yummy goodies! Dorothy looks cute as can be -- even all muddied up!

Helen Charlton said...

She is gorgeous!! Glad your back , . . . . life is not the same without you!!

Leanne said...

I am fascinated by that wool winder. Glad your feeling more like yourself. Yes Dot does look great.

periwinkle said...

well done on the spinning - I've got Rachel as my partner in the Freestyle Swap -- lucky me :-)
lisa x

est said...

lovely dot as usual :)

and wow for all the goodies!!

Moogsmum said...

I can't believe you blogged twice without even nagging me once!!!

Lovely goodies there Locket - the best sort of post :-)

Great to see Dot creating plenty of laundry!!