Sunday, 18 October 2009

Does it make me Happy????

Oh yes it does!

A post about lots of things that have made me happy lately!

Gorgeous presents in the post:

beautiful pink bunting from Katie's pink shed to mine - as she said on the label, "you can never have too much pink!" She also sent loads of fabric and crafty goodies!

a gorgeous cotton reel pincushion commissioned by Trashy from LucyKate

and personalised specially for me!!!

and a fabulous seaside purse from Missus Moogs because she knew how much I coveted the one she had made for her partner in the seaside swap.

It's the perfect size for my sock knitting

and is extra special because there was a very scary time when I really thought it had been accidentally thrown in the bin!

I searched the house for it, shouted at everyone to um, encourage them to look for it too, and, after a traumatic weekend turning the house upside down, eventually had to ring Missus Moogs to confess that it had gone missing.

So I think you can probably imagine my ecstatic relief when I found it about 2 weeks later! I squealed very loudly down the phone to MM and I think she was rather pleased that her kind birthday present to me hadn't actually ended up in the bin!

The other thing making me very happy is, of course, young Alfie McAlfie!

He's really becoming part of the family and spends most evenings in the sitting room with us.

Totally fab!

Although I have to confess that he bit Daisy's finger this evening :o(
she wasn't very happy about that! Hopefully he won't be doing it again!!!


Moogsmum said...

Ha ha haaaa - at laaaaast, you've confessed to having lost my extra very so special seasidey pouch - can't believe you took this long!

s'no good trying to get round me by posting cute bunny photos at the same time.

Although - he is a very cute baby bunny - fangs or no fangs :)


Jo in TAS said...

Perhaps it was a love bite! He looks like a very content bunny.
What's on the end of your sock needles? I'd love some for my mum, she's a sock knutter oops I meant Knitter! It's a gorgeous purse too!

quinn said...

The photo of Alfie watching television is too funny!

I've heard that bunnies can be trained to have run of the house and use a litter box - are you planning an eventual House Bunny?
Beware that phone cords and electrical cords in general are very appealing - possibly even more so than poor Daisy's finger!

Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! Bad Alfie! Your goodies are all fabulous Mrs. Locket -- and all very well deserved!!!

Gina said...

Such lovely pressies! Belated happy birthday... or have I already wished you happy birthday? I don't know (my mind has gone) but still sending lots of happy wishes!

Jodie said...

Excuse me but why is Fred in a cage? Are you sure you don't want to send him to Australia?

wonderwoman said...

lovely gifts and great pics - your bunny is sooo cute - bit concerned that you put your children in a cage tho! haha!!!!


periwinkle said...

gorgeous pressies Mrs Locket, I was looking at the ends of your dpns too? Alfie is so cute and looks soo soft and cuddle

JuliaB said...

Oh Mr McAlfie looks VERY settled and at home there. Cute! Glad you found that lovely bag. It's very lovely. xx

Helen said...

Very, very gorgeous Lucy!!

silverpebble said...

He look LOVELY but our rabbits were always a bit bitey. I hope it was a one off!

That rectangular bunting is unusual and gorgeous. As for the seasideyness - YOU LOST IT??? Thank goodness you found it again. Phew!

joanie said...

Alfie is so gorgeous, hopefully Daisy still thinks so too ;)

Suzie Sews said...

loving all your goodies... so many kind people out there. As for your ickle bunny, welcome to the world of rabbit bumballs under your sofa....he he

French Knots said...

Oh dear, the stress of loosing something special - at least it wasn't gone for good.
Love your 'needle holder together' thingies. Mine are nowhere near that snazzy.
We have foul hamsters that bite, not as good as The Hamster, Mr Hammond it has to be said, but The Big Sister likes them. Hope the biting stops!x

ladydi said...

Lovely bag; are we allowed to ask WHERE you found it?? I hope Mr. Locket is learning to love Alfie as well.