Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A grand day out

The Little Lockets and I had the MOST fantastic day out today with some surprise visitors to the North East (well, it was a surprise for me!)

One of my favourite Bloggy-friends who normally lives too far away to meet up for fun days out at the beach (although we've had a couple of very fun meet-ups in London)
So who was it?
 None other than the wonderful Emma Pebble and her gorgeous family!

We met up at Saltburn on the Sea - which was about an hour's drive down the coast for the Lockets and cross country for the Pebbles.  I've never been before and it was a lovely surprise.  Although we practically live on the coast, I haven't been to such a sea-side-resort-type-beach since I was tiny.

There were donkeys to ride and deck-chairs and wind-breaks to hire, the most fantastic cable cars up and down the cliff, and without doubt, THE TASTIEST fish and chips I've ever eaten!

But the best thing of all was the company of course.

The Little Pebbles and rather-a-lot-bigger Little Lockets got on beautifully and the eldest little Pebble took a big shine to the eldest little Locket - so sweet.

And Emma did a great job of actually looking more mad than ME (despite the fact that I was sitting on my deck chair knitting socks on the beach) by doing cartwheels as soon as she arrived and by taking a little Pebble for a donkey ride while "wearing" 4 paper flags in her hair!  What made it so funny is that she had no idea the flags were still there.  And there were FOUR of them!

Mr Pebble and the children made the most amazing complex of sandcastles, courtyards, bridges and moats

and then, as the tide came in, dug a channel to the sea so that the waterways were flooded.

The only bad part of the day was saying goodbye!

So thank you, lovely Pebbles, for a really fab day!  Can we do it again sometime soon???


silverpebble said...

Oh Gawd - I forgot the flags were in my hair. I am bound to embarrass my daughters.

It was a great great day. As you noticed, Mr P had just as much fun as the children making the excavations.

Wonderful to see you x

trash said...

Hooray for fabulous bloggy days out! Not feeling sad and alone at all. Much.

Moogsmum said...

Oh what a lovely day! Gorgeous photos Locket - love the donkeys, the cartwheels, the children and especially those very intricate and expertly built sand castles!


Posy Linda said...

You all look so free and happy without a care in the world. What a beautiful feeling! Lucky Lockets!

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh -- how lucky can you two beee??? What a wonderful day out. And by the Sea! Heaven!!!

quiltygal said...

OMG donkey rides on the beach I want one!! Id forgotten about them oh well another thing to add to the TO DO list for the big trip!! (are the Donkeys still out in Oct???)

Gina said...

What a fantabulously fantastic day!Loved all the photos... especially Emma doing cartwheels.

Dragonfly said...

Looks like you did indeed, have a brill time!

ladydi said...

A wonderful summer holiday! It all looks lovely.

Leila said...

sweet! Looks like you all had a very lovely day :-)

periwinkle said...

looks like somewhere we will have to go - if it stops raining !! Do you think the boys will like it? You should organise a north east meet up Mrs L ...

wonderwoman said...

what a fantastic day out for you all - lovely pics!!!


Debbie said...

wow! what a lovely day!
... Spent with family and new friends!
In the beach!!!
Hopefully both families will meet up again soon... and have another fun filled day!


Bobo Bun said...

What a lovely post to discover your blog on. Good to see Emma being barmy on the beach and she can actually do cartwheels - wow. Saltburn is a fabulous place, I used to have friends who lived in an old school house there. Looks like a really marvellous proper beach day.


monda-loves said...

how nice - it looks as if you all had a fab time. Hurrah for days at the beach - this is rapidly becoming a favourite past-time for me.


Jackie said...

What a fun day. (I'm glad Emma didn't make me do a cartwheel when we met.)

Sarahs House said...

Looks like a lovely day. It is a nice beach, I havent been there for A FEW YEARS.

S x

Helen said...

Oh Lucy that's my home patch . . . I was born there and grew up there, gorgeous isn't it?
Better to share it with friends though,
Love Helen xx

julie said...

looks like a perfect beach day with all of the best ingedients for a really fun time - especially sharing it with friends!

Annabelle said...

What a super day out. You all look so happy and lovely. Just stumbled upon your blog when looking for inspiration. Thanks.