Thursday, 5 August 2010

An inspirational and very kind friend

I love blogland because it is full of the most lovely people who constantly provide me with amazing crafty inspiration and who often send the most gorgeous packages through the post!

I have been very lucky this week to be both inspired by and be sent a parcel from the same person - the wonderful Gina!

The children and I have been trying to join along with Gina's sketchbook challenge - with limited success really, but we're getting better!

The first time we tried to draw fennel heads using spaghetti and ink  (although Fred decided he wanted to draw his bouncy ball)

Then this afternoon Daisy, Fred and I had a go at drawing some of the flowers from the garden

but once again Fred objected to the subject matter and went and picked some leaves instead!

This time we used dried up sticks - from an old Japanese Anemone stem I think - instead of spaghetti and it was easier to keep control (without it snapping)


But the idea that really inspired me was Gina's suggestion of using a mini viewfinder to pick out the interesting bits of the sketches.

So we had fun doing that too and I'm surprisingly pleased with the results (I really can't draw and have never had any confidence with art)

But even more exciting things have happened this week as I was the lucky winner of Gina's first giveaway!  I chose a blue/red mini pincushion pot as my prize and I'm absolutely delighted with what Gina made:

I'm going to keep it on the bookshelf next to the sofa where I always seem to accumulate random pins and needles that end up getting lost.

 Gina also sent some chocolate

that she expects me to share!?!?!?!

some postcards of her fabulous dancing couple

and some stickers for the children

 but the thing that excited and delighted me most of all was this 

Thank you so much Gina - you really have cheered me up loads - I really am overwhelmed that you sent me your gorgeous crochet bunting - I absolutely LOVE IT!

Lots of love, Lucy xxx


trash said...

Lucky, lucky you Locket.

Jan said...

Hey guess what Lucy? I had a parcel from Gina ,and blogged about it today too ,go over and compare ,love the childrens pictures , Jan xx

Posy Linda said...

Lucy, you have received some really lovely things from Gina. I'll have to check her out, sounds too fun to miss. Enjoy your creative gifts!

monda-loves said...

ooh that bunting is fabulous. That would very definitely cheer anyone up.


Annie said...

That bunting is divine. I want to make some!

Jo in TAS said...

Oh Gina is one talented lady, love all the pieces you received. So did you share the chockie?

quinn said...

Lucky Locket!!! Think how the pincushion will make you smile every time you use it, for years and years to come :)

And I am SO impressed with your family's art explorations. I'm going to try to play along with Gina's class as well, now that I've finally got a real day off - tomorrow!

Gina said...

Lucy... all of the drawings are brilliant! I'm quite overwhelmed at how this has taken off around blogland.
Thank you for all the lovely things you have said too!

silverpebble said...

Wow, what a parcel. I can tell you right now, crochet bunting is as good as a glass of wine for smileyness. Well, almost.

So sorry you've been feeling rubbish Mrs L.


dottycookie said...

Oooh, you lucky thing! And I think your drawings are lovely - and at least you had a go, I couldn't even work up the energy to try!

wonderwoman said...

what fantastic gifts - you are very lucky!!!


Jackie said...

Who needs good weather when you get a parcel full of sunshine?

Thimbleanna said...

You lucky, lucky girl! Your sketches all look wonderful. What a fun thing to do with the children!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

wowsers... lucky you... love that bunting so sweet

ladydi said...

Very nice!

joanie said...

Lucy, how wonderful your sketches are. I love that you substituted the pasta to make your own drawing tool and still made the project work. How sweet your winnings are, generous Gina.

Helen said...

Like attracts like . . . . . .

Poshyarns said...

Oh Lucy, the sketches are so good, I think you should be brimming with confidence and what a lovely family project.