Friday, 3 September 2010

Bookworm's Birthday

 So where do you take a complete Bookworm for her 13th birthday?

Does this sign give you a clue?

Or this?

Of course - we took Dot (and the rest of the Lockets) to the wonderful town of Hay on Wye just over the border into Wales.  

Hay is internationally famous for being crammed full of second hand bookshops - I think there are at least 30 - and so it was the obvious place to take Dot to spend her birthday money.

Although our cottage in the Cotswolds was relatively close to Hay it still took us 2 hours in torrential rain and partially flooded roads to get there but fortunately the rain dried up as we arrived in the town so there was nothing to interrupt our shopping spree!

Mr Locket and the littlest Lockets went off on their own adventures leaving Dot and I to play in all the bookshops :o)

and we had fun!  Dot bought 14 new books (to add to the 9 she had already been given for her birthday!) including classic children's literature like the Little Princess and Heidi, two different editions of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales, some Georgette Heyer regency romances and Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn along with Jane Austen's Emma and a recent biography of the author - among others!!!

So, seeing as Dot has inherited her love of books from me and Mr Locket, the next question must surely be: did I buy lots of books?


Did I buy one book?

So what did I buy in this town full of bookshops????

Sock wool of course!



The List Writer said...

Oh, I want my birthday to be JUST LIKE THAT! Except I would be greedy and buy both books and sock wool.

A very Happy Birthday to Dot!

dottycookie said...

Not only would I love to have that birthday now, I would have adored it at 13, and I think I might have to steal the idea for my own little bookworm!

Happy Birthday, Miss Dot!

Twiggy said...

oooo I'm jealous I would love to visit Hay on Wye. Happy Birthday Dot and happy reading.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. What a wonderful way to spend birthday money ... at the book store. I also go across the border to buy books (different border though) from Canada into the U.S.
Bev in BC

Sarahs House said...

Happy Birthday.

S x

Anonymous said...

I called my bookworm (PP no 2) over and she drooled while reading your post.
She thinks she and Dot would get on VERY well indeed!!!
I think she is right!!!

Jan said...

that's what I call a perfect birthday treat. Happy 13th, Dot.

Daisie said...

Oh, I love it in Hay, we have a friend that lived in Ross on Wye and we used to go for a weekend on our motorbike and read books and drink wine in a time BC (before children). We really should go back, the festival weekend is brilliant.

Happy birthday Dot, can't believe you're now officially a teenager ;)


silverpebble said...

Happy Birthday Dot! What a perfect way to spend the day. We all send you birthday wishes, especially Miss P1 who has been asking after you xxx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

We recently did a trip to Hay on Wye...fantastic place!

I did a post about it too if you are interested...

French Knots said...

Happy Birthday! What a great way to spend your birthday, Hay is such a wonderful place to visit.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Dot!

marit said...

Happy Birthday, Dot! That is the way I want to spend my birthdays...books are the best! (although that sock yarn comes in a good second;-D)

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Dottie Locket and happy reading. And happy Knitting Lucy Locket.
Do you live in the north east and if so are you familiar with Barter Books? It poured down and in when we visited there. Haven't been to Hay for years.

Thimbleanna said...

What a fantastic birthday trip! Hay is such a fun place -- looks like you had a great time. Happy Belated Birthday to the little Bookworm!

ladydi said...

It all looks delightful, and I, too, love books. But. . . you forgot to visit the fabric store. ;0)