Friday, 15 November 2013

Good Week - Bad Week

Last week was really good.

Lots of lovely things happened.

It was our 19th wedding anniversary and the children spent 3 hours cooking us a gorgeous surprise meal with lots of delicious dishes that didn't blow my diet and were still super tasty.

They had gone to the shop and bought us flowers and had also made little flags for the nationality of each dish - it was so lovely.

Then we started getting some work done on the house.

Our super next door neighbour Malcolm laid new flooring in the hall and sitting room and a stone hearth in our fireplace that had previously been concrete with holes at the corners.  Our previous stripped wooden floors were nice in theory but in reality they were draughty, dirty, broken and patched, holey and access for slugs to get in the house - nice.

Our new laminate floors are so much easier to keep clean and the house already feels warmer :o)  and amazingly the children have taken an interest in cleaning them too!

Daisy now has a part time job cleaning (or "bleaning" as she used to call it when she was tiny) for us - although we have set the maximum she can earn to £12 a week or she would clean us out - literally!

And the other really lovely thing that happened last week was a surprise parcel of gorgeousness from Missus Moog to make me smile.

 Beautiful, beautiful handspun Shetland wool (which I am currently knitting into a hitchhiker scarf).

A gorgeous flower brooch that I wear everyday.

And most excitingly, my very own draw-string bag for my fair isle knitting!

Isn't it fantastic?  I love it so much - and it was all such a surprise.

This week has been less good.

I've had to work every day - normally I do a rotation of two days one week and three the next which is positively civilised - but this week it's been pretty much full time.  Now I love my job, but I would much rather be at home knitting!

And then today poor Mr Locket got scammed by some computer hacker people so we are having to fix all of that. :o( Not a good day.

Hopefully from Saturday things will improve.  It's Mr Locket's 50th birthday on Monday so this weekend we are going up to the Scottish Borders for a night at a B and B in Jedburgh.  The B and B is on a farm and looks lovely.  We have managed to book a room that has an adjacent room for the children and I think we are going to be the only guests - and the owner is going to bake Mr L a birthday cake for when we arrive!

Then on Monday Mr Locket has a rare day off for his birthday and we will then be able to reveal his secret birthday surprise that we have been working on for the last few weeks - I'm looking forward to being able to spoil him as he's one of those men who never buys anything for himself.

So I will be back next week with happy news again. xx


Moogsmum said...

Sorry about all the sucky stuff with the computer, Locket - these scammers are wicked :(

So glad you like your goodies and I must say, now that I've seen how that wool is knitting up I want it back!! Not really but I'm so pleased with how it's looking :)

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend away, many congratulations on 19 years of wedded bliss and a big Happy Birthday to Mr Locket!


p.s. floors are looking fab!!

itsjustperi said...

Lucy, you look absolutely amazing and so happy. Mr L doesn't look anywhere near 50 and a big congratulations on 19 years .

driftwood said...

happy anniversary Lucy, and wishing Mr Locket a very happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful weekend away x
computer hackers are just plain mean, hope it's all sorted out now x

Plum Cox said...

Hope it's all good news for next week. What a lovely looking meal your children cooked - very thoughtful. Congrats on the anniversary and birthday wishes to your DH.
Happy stitching!

Gina said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary... don't you look amazing! Happy birthday to Mr Locket... really hope you have a fab w/e away and can forget about the horrid stuff!

Leanne said...

That moogs mum is a gem, and I agree with her I would want that wool back seeing it looks so beautiful knitted up. Bummer about the scammers may they contract a human virus and be VERY unwell. Have a wonderful weekend away and wishing Mr locket a happy 50th.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, that Mrs. Moog sure is a keeper. Looks like a lovely parcel. Happy Belated Anniversary -- your children have done such a wonderful job of celebrating. I can't wait to hear about the birthday surprise.

And jeepers Mrs. Locket -- you're wasting away to teeny weeny -- you look fabulous!!!

Twiggy said...

Blimey Mrs L, the two of you look so youthful. Congrats on the anniversary and the lovely children who made your dinner !!
Have a lovely break and Happy Birthday to Mr L.
Twiggy x