Monday, 1 October 2007

It's sunny!

The weather here for the last couple of days has been really sunny and a little bit cold - just how I like it! Unfortuately we spent most of the weekend tidying the little monsters' bedroom. Fred and Daisy share the largest room but 99% of the time the floor is completely covered by at least a foot deep of clutter, clothes, books, toys, discarded drawings etc. It drives us completely demented and every couple of months we spend a whole weekend (at least) tidying it. We have resorted to having proper locks on the toy cupboards so they have to ask to get things out - which of course than can, on the proviso they have put away whatever else they had been playing with. Unfortunately they have been known to find the keys...........(this is a photo from halfway through the last major tidy-up! I wasn't exaggerating was I?)

A sensible, grown up mummy would be able to keep on top of the mess and never let it get to horror status but that's not me! Much as I would love to be organised and tidy and super-mummy-like it just doesn't seem to happen. I think I get distracted by all the boring things like sewing and gardening, seeing friends and blogging - and the fun stuff like housework just gets missed! What should I do?
You'd never think these little darlings could make such a mess!

So, having spent the weekend tidying upstairs, downstairs is now completely horrendous. I managed to stall tackling it by about an hour by calling in to see my lovely friend Helen for a cup of tea (and some toast!) but the chaos was still here waiting for me!

Now, a sensible, grown up mummy would probably tackle it in little bits until it was done. Have I done this? No. I have decided to completely rearrange the sitting room and dining room (all one large area) - except for my lovely sewing end which just needs tidying a little bit. So the furniture is pretty much all in the middle of the room. The floor is covered with the clean laundry that needs to be put away, the odd socks that need sorting, the children's toys that they have left lying around and the books that fell from the huge bookcase that I moved backwards and forwards between the two "rooms" before deciding where to put it - without removing any of the books first!

Well, never mind, only three hours to go before I have to pick up the children - but then again I have to the kitchen to tackle, the supper to prepare and a chocolate courgette cake and blackberry and apple crumble to make - and that is before I start on my craft orders.

Before I go, I was tagged by Leanne to do this meme:

7 honest things about myself
  1. I'm really very untidy! (Had you guessed?)
  2. I have a super tidy person inside me dying to get out - I can be really ultra organised (sometimes)
  3. I'm the youngest of 5 children
  4. I studied for a PhD in Roman politics, part-time for 5 years, but unfortunately did not manage to complete it before life, money, family etc took over - it is all still there 3/4s finished in my wardrobe upstairs :(
  5. I only had 6 months of sewing lessons at school and was never taught to type but these are the skills that I now use to make money
  6. My lovely husband is an archaeologist and as Agatha Christie apparently said "the good thing about being married to an archaeologist is, the older you get, the more interested in you they become!"
  7. I was a newspaper-delivery-girl for two weeks when I was pregnant with Daisy and used to push the heavy weekend papers around in Dorothy's buggy!
I now have to tag 7 people so here they are
Monkee Maker - Kerry,
Lesley - Moogsmum,
Hannah - gently tiptoe,
Julia - weirdbunny,
Sarah - a stitch in time,
Jo - Frenchknots
and Anna - Thimbleanna

So I'm sorry there are no lovely fabricy-crafty-pretty photos on here - I hate it when blogs are all words and now eye-candy! When I find a clear surface I will try to do something creative and post a photo of it soon! Lucy x


de vliegende koe said...

Hi Lucy, good to read about your 7 honoust things. They are wonderful and very honoust! I can relate to no. 1 (I’m not good at tidying up too!)
and how wonderful you find yourself a husband who will appreciate your aging!

sarah said...

Roman Politics- wow- that sounds like a very specific subject.
Thanks for tagging me; my number 1 honest statement would be that I hardly ever do memes, and when I do I'm usually six months late! My number two thing would be that I also get upset if I'm not tagged (I'm awkward I know!)- so thanks, you've saved me from sulking for a few days!

Lesley said...

Don't your children tidy up as they go along then? I thought all children did that...
Sorry, drifted off into a daydream there! You'll be pleased to know you are not alone - no sooner does one room look halfway decent in this house than all the others deteriorate into total chaos.
Have fun chasing your tail, girl and thanks for the tag - I think ;-)

Monkee Maker said...


I don't think you got the memo ..... I HATE meme's!! (although I enjoyed yours) I can never think of anything to say!

And I never pass them on (they're like chain letters in my book!) so I've already broken the rules before I've even started and therefore really ought to be disqualified. I disqualify myself - there, made it easy for you.


ps. Before you tell me that I passed on those "awards" that's because I felt it my blogging duty to bestow the kindness on someone else after it had been bestowed on me.

I'll shut up now.

.... sorry to fill up your comment box so much :)

Monkee Maker said...

Mmmm, good point well made .... but that was meant to be an 8 item meme and I was hoping that nobody noticed that I only did four.

You and your pesky eagle eyes!!

I'll ponder on it :)

Thimbleanna said...

My dear, you are sadly mistaken if you think your post has no eye-candy -- the pic of your cherubs on the beach is adorable. (I'm very sorry I can't say the same of the first pic -- although it did bring a smile to my face!) Isn't it sad -- the work is never done. My whole house is NEVER all clean at once -- if up is clean, down is not, etc. And I think I don't care anymore! Wheee! Thanks for the tag -- I'll be giving it some thought. Especially for the word "honest"....hmmmmm.

hannah said...

Hiya, thanks for tagging me, and I have to say I am at least as messy as you!!! My kids rooms both look like the one you showed, right now!! I just tidy one room then shut myself in there for a bit, or sometimes I am even worse and just face the other way!! THe worst thing though, is when you are halfway through tidying and then you go off the idea, but you have to carry on, because you have to refind the door to get out!!!

weirdbunny said...

Oh our entire house is at horror status messy. I only ever tidy the lounge when I decide to move the furniture around ! I'll do the 7 honest things later tonight ~ Love Julia x

Clare said...

No 1 is definitely me. You should see this house and especially DD's bedroom. A word of warning, they don't get any tidier as they grow up, in fact they get worse!

Ally said...

Thank goodness I don't have a blog and therefore you can't tag me! Also you know all about me so you would know if I was lying but as you know I always had the most untidiest room when we grew up so I probably beat my nephew and nieces and even my children with untidy bedrooms - somethings never change.

Well, I've read your blog, made a comment and now have the whole week to sit and relax until you remind me again!! ha ha only kidding.

Monkee Maker said...

Luscious Lucy Locket loves 'lliteration loads

Suzie Sews said...

good to read more about you. Love the pics

Monkee Maker said...

Stop showing silly side since sertain schoolkids seek serious sustenance ..... serials!!

Monkee Maker said...

Too tired to tolerate truly testing task today - try to terminate teasing totally.


"Tank" you :)

Lissa Jane said...

I threaten to put pics of my kids rooms on my blog to get them to tidy them up.. and it works!! last huge tidy up, had to get a bobcat in to clear the mess out and mow the carpet before I could vaccuum..*W* why do kids have to have the entire contents of their room on the floor??? Cheeses me off to no end!


julia said...

Thanks for visiting, I'll be adding you to my list if that's ok.

Believe me my kitchen NEVER looks that tidy, only of we're having parties or special visits! I just squash everything into cupboard, behind doors etc. so it look relatively organised!

Nice to read your 7 facts

I'll be back soon!

Julia x

julia said...

Oh, gorgot to say I love the wallets you make, I think I see another addition to my Christmas list coming!

Julia x

Thimbleanna said...

Hey Ms. Lucy -- it's me again! I saw your comment on Leanne's blog that you're going to have to restart your 365 quilt. I'm going to start one -- wanna have your year coincide with mine? I'm starting as of Sept. 29 -- last Saturday. I'll egg you on and MAKE you do it -- or maybe the other way around! LOL!!!

Jodie said...

Hello, What a great blog. I feel like I have just had a catch up with an old friends, whinged about the kids, talked craft, life and I learnt new things about her as well.
You have a great writing style - funny, friendly, I am glad I have found your blog (although technically I suppose you found me first)

Yummers! said...

What a bedroom!! But, I've been there myself. My oldest daughter's carpet was red and no one ever knew it!! The cleaning lady didn't go into the girls' rooms because she couldn't GET IN them.

An archaelogist? All my growing years and into college I wanted to be an archaelogist. And you little Lucy Locket... Roman Politics... wow!! You little smartie.
Have a great week,

Monkee Maker said...

Ok, I'll admit defeat! You won ..... you are the alliteration queen, and I bow down to your supremacy. (It did take you all day though!)

.... of course you know that I'm sat here at 6.15 am desperately trying to come up with another one - but I can't! I just can't! *sob*

Lesley said...

Hi Lucy, I thought tinned food only for harvest festival was bad enough - but money instead - phew I'd better not even get started on that one!
Thanks for your lovely comments. Is that bedroom still nice and tidy?