Thursday, 27 September 2007

I feel a bit of a fraud.....

.........everyone is being so lovely about my job - but I really was only a Saturday girl every other week - I just wanted it to be more. It had great potential - lovely people, interesting houses, loads of people-contact and I got to do clever computer stuff - I had set up some spreadsheets with graphs and pie-charts to analysis customer feedback and towards the end had got to play on the computerised floorplan drawing thingy! I love learning new things especially clever technology! Realistically though, I have three small children, can only work until 3pm and have no childcare to cover the school holidays, so I'm not very employable really!

Anyway - on to my craft empire instead then! A friend has just phoned (whilst I was typing this) and has ordered two wallets without even having seen them!

Monkee Maker did a meme type thing the other day and sent out a general invitation to people to take it up. I complained to her that I couldn't do it without a proper invitation, so she wrote back to say I was formally invited to take part so here goes:
Four jobs I've had ......
Part-time florist (well inexperienced flower girl really!)
Tutor in Roman History with the Open University
Four places I've lived ......
In a little village near Andover in Hampshire until I was 17
Newcastle (University days)
Near Sunderland
(so, very South England, and then all North-East England!)
Four places I've been on holiday .......
A tiny island on the West Coast of Scotland (honeymoon)
The Cotswolds
The Lake District
Four favourite foods .......
Mum and Dad's fabulous roasts
Takeaway curry!
Allotment picnics
Courgette soup (because I have to like the stuff - there's loads of it!)
Four places I would rather be right now .......
Well, as I am blog-addicted, I quite like it here......
At my sewing machine
Watching a film with long-suffering-husband and doing some hand sewing
At the allotment with the whole family and our friends (not now though - it's freezing!)

So feel free to take up the baton and post about yourselves. I think we are all nosy enough to want to know more about each others lives!

Thanks for all your kind comments about the job-stuff. I'll be fine and it's not like I've had a huge drop in income to cope with. My work friends are still all just round the corner and my boss did check I would still "come in and be a pain in the proverbial!"


Yummers! said...

I am so impressed... a lecturer on Roman History. WOW!!! Is Roman History a hobby? Passion? My husband is very knowledgeable on Roman wars, battles, and armies, etc. Me... I'm just making pilowcases these days. Just starting Halloween cases for my girls. Do they celebrate Halloween in the UK?? I've been wondering about that.
May life be good to you, Lucy.

Lesley said...

We went to a tiny island off the West Coast of Scotland for our honeymoon too - Seil, near Oban - it was beautiful. I'd love to take the kids to Scotland next year.
I was also a florist!
I haven't actually lectured in Roman History though -yet.
Glad to hear the door is still open for you to harrass your work colleagues xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow - your life has been going through a lot of changes!! But as every door closes another opens and it almost looks like that is starting to happen with all of these crafting orders! Good luck in deciding what the next chapter holds!!!

est said...

wow!! it's so great to hear that you got a lot of orders! yup another new chapter in yr life, certainly a fun one!:)

trashalou said...

Roman History? My nine y.o. will be so excited. Her best and favourite programme is Time Team and has been since she was two.

Monkee Maker said...

No wait. Are you ill? Or just busy with that crafting empire? Your message was so brief and to the point. And you even said please!

Ok, as you were so polite I may show and tell tomorrow.

And I too am impressed with your previous tutoring post; bet I can guess which is your favourite job out of the list of four though!

Lissa Jane said...

Lucy Locket
My dad is from Newcastle, Tyne & Wear actually I think its called, moved to Sunny Newcastle Australia! all the 'lations are still o'er in ol' blighty.. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too! I love your ccupation in your 'details'.. 'Untidy Mummy'.. thats me! LOL I tell everyone I am a unDomesticated Goddess..