Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wednesday was a funny old day. .

I gave a Moo card to one of the mums in the schoolyard because she had asked me what kind of things I did.
Then I went to call on one of my sewing friends on the way home and we arranged to go fabric shopping in the afternoon.
Then I called into the local estate agents where I work part-time (literally just around the corner from my house) to see my friends there.
While I was chatting to them my mobile rang - it was Clare, the mum I had given the moo card too. She had gone straight back and looked at my blog and loved everything on it and wanted me to make something for her baby daughter!
As I was still at the shops I went straight round to her house for a cuppa (she lives opposite our old house!)
We were chatting about the sort of things I could do and she mentioned that she had a bag of newborn baby clothes and would love something made out of them - now I didn't call myself Lucy Locket Recycled Her Pocket for no reason, what I would love to do as part of my craft "business"(!) is make things for people out of their children's clothes. I even approached a publisher with a book proposal based on this theme earlier in the year - they didn't want it :-(
So we both very excitedly went through the bag of clothes picking out some gorgeous items to make into a patchwork quilt. It is going to be challenging but great fun so I left her house on a high.

Then I called back into work to speak to my boss. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to work semi-full-time for a week and a half and I loved it. I have worked there for 3 years in a part-time capacity but my hours had gone down to every other Saturday morning. After working the proper hours I didn't feel I could go back to this very part time role much as I loved the job and as the housing market is pretty bad at the moment with interest rates etc, Linda and I decided that it was better if we called it a day. It was my idea but I still burst into tears! I love the girls I work with and my boss and her husband. It is a real family firm. But I think I will always hope there will be more work when there isn't going to be. So now I need to move on. I don't really like change though!!!

But then, I got 3 commissions for craft things before I even left the office! Linda wants two wallets and Joanne wants me to make a little rag doll with her friend's baby's name and "first christmas" embroidered on the hem of the dress.

And then I got to go shopping with Kerry and bought loads of new fabric for bags and wallets and a new dress and cardigan!

So it was a day of great "ups" and huge "downs"!

Yesterday was more stable! It was freezing cold and pretty wet but Alison and I went up to the allotments and picked bags full of beans, courgettes, pumpkins and marrows and then had a cooking marathon in my kitchen as Alison's hob has died and she is waiting until her new kitchen is fitted before replacing it. We took it in turns to make vast quantities of courgette soup then treated ourselves (and our children) to some homemade chocolate crispy cakes!

As for today, well I already felt fairly flat as I was walking back from school (it is cold, drizzly and windy) so I called in to see my friends at (ex)work, saw some files in my in-tray and burst into tears! What a complete and utter wally I am!

So I thought I would come home and spill it all out onto my blog (sorry everyone) then I am going to have a quick tidy up and get on with some fun creativity! I think I am going to need to make myself a wall-chart to keep up with all the different orders that are coming in. (I also have 3 cushions to make, some blanket orders in the pipeline, a different sized wallet to work out (thanks Trashalou - I'll be in touch soon) and a baby sampler to design).

Sorry for the long post - now I need to choose some nice photos to make it less gloomy!


Lesley said...

Really sorry to hear about your job Lucy. Maybe it was meant to happen and with all of those commissions it seems like your life is taking a new direction. I'm sure that publisher will kick themselves when you do your book and make a fortune ;-) I was made redundant in April and it takes a while but, apart from the money, I don't miss it a bit now. Take care and, by the way, I am most impressed with those courgettes of yours :-)

QuiltingFitzy said...

Ok girlfriend, hitch up your big girl panties and get to it. Looks like you have a craft business to run!

As one door closes, another opportunity is at your feet. This is a great chance!

Juliann in WA said...

My goodness you are a busy gal. And with young ones still in school - I bet there is some new adventure right around the corner waiting for you. The photos are lovely by the way.

Ally said...

Big girl's pants or not - there are plenty of opportunities out there and you can go get yourself your new part time job and do your crafting, as well as typing memoirs! Read first chapter and know there is more on its way for you to type so no time for job or crafty things now.

Could do with some of your courgette soup for tea tonight as have a friend of Em's round for tea who is half veggie so I guess the pork chops I got out won't do!!

Etsy shop now looks good - well done (that killed me- I'm not going to hear the end of that one).

Buy the way my wallet looks good with all the credit cards in it!

Lucy Locket said...

Don't you just LOVE getting praise from your big sister! (however begrudgingly given!!!) Thanks Ally - you're right - I won't let you forget that one. Anyway why weren't you on MSN this morning when I wanted to talk to you?? Anyway if you think that was the first chapter of the memoirs you're wrong that was a chapter-fraction! God help me with the rest! Lucy x

Thimbleanna said...

You're on your way now! Just keep doing happy fun stuff (and putting one food in front of the other) and you'll soon be having more fun than you know! XOXO.

Jenny said...

When a door closes a window opens. Sorry you have to go through this change but I'm sure it will lead to great things. Sew on:0)

French Knots said...

When I was made redundant earlier this year I found it was the people I missed most ( well the money too :)!) You need to give yourself time to adjust, it took me months but I've never been happier than I am now.
Hope your Etsy shop is a great success, I'm sure it will be as your work is lovely.

Monkee Maker said...

Sorry to read of your sad news :( and happy to read of your good news :)

At least you'll have more time to create a crafting empire - sounds like you're already on the way!

I don't think the weather helped at all today either - really a S.A.D kind of day.

weirdbunny said...

Have you posted your recipe on courgette soup? If not would you ? We seem to have a zillion courgettes in the garden too ! ~ love Julia x

Leanne said...

Hi Lucy,
Sorry to hear about your job, I'm sure there is something new waiting just around the corner.