Sunday, 23 September 2007

Plot Shots

We popped up to the allotment this morning to pick some courgettes to make soup for lunch - I had armfuls of them!
I took some more photos to show how it is looking now - fairly scruffy and tired looking really (and no I'm not referring to LSH here!!!!)

Some of the pumpkins are doing really well although the leaves are beginning to get mildew and die back. The photos are of one of my Turk's Turbans - although it still needs to turn orangey-red and green - what an ugly fruit! The smaller pumpkins are Jack be Little - I'm not sure when to pick them! The chrysanthemums were given to me as seedlings by my lovely friend Ron who has a plot a few down from ours and the sunflower is from a ridiculously cheap packet of seeds - 19p!

Finally, to show new life, here are some of the seedlings I have coming through - a kind of winter mustard I think but I can't remember what I sowed where!

By the way, I have added two of my wallets to my Etsy shop - tell me what you think - have I done it right?


Lesley said...

Not only a lovely sewing room but an allotment too! Your veggies look great. I love your sunflower - they are so cheerful at this time of year.
I've checked out your shop and your wallets are beautiful. Love your stuff :-)

Leanne said...

Hey the allotment looks great. I just love sunflowers. If they were in my garden, as they die off you can leave the heads out and the parrots come and eat the seeds.

Yummers! said...

I feel so bad that I missed several of your posts. But, I did get to read them all... just now... and that was fun too. I love your Moo cards! They are GREAT! I also love your sewing area. What a wonderful window to look out while you sew through the different seasons. I should sew today... I'm dying to make Christmas pillowcases for everyone. But I need to go to a quilt store in town to get instructions... she uses 3 fabrics for each and has a tricky way of turning them.
Thanks for all the sharing you've done... love it!

de vliegende koe said...

You did well with the Etsy-shop! I wish you good luck with selling your handmade items! I love courgettes and the allotment looks really great!

Thimbleanna said...

I can't give you any advice on your etsy shop, but I sure love seeing your allotment! It's fun to see it as the seasons change. Up next -- when all the vines have died and then -- a snow covered allotment??? LOL!

rosie said...

the wallets look terrific! I just love the russian doll fabric!

Monkee Maker said...

Lucy. Dearest Lucy. I just can't keep it up. Much as I'd love to, really I would (as I think we both know). But this love affair with daily blogging has got to come to an end.

Soon :)

Your wallets look fab and I love what you've done with the mildew on your post.

hannah said...

Your allotments look cool now, it is ages since I saw a long shot of them (shame on me not visiting often enough I am sure!), how fun to grow pumpkins. I bought cress seeds today, not much good am I, thats about my lot!!! oh, and I have blogged (thanks for visiting and hinting I should be back)- blog break is over !!!!!

est said...

hi lucy! i can type with my right hand now! but my thumb still on leave! :) thanks for yr well wishes. its getting alot better :)