Saturday, 22 September 2007

Melly and Me and Moo's

I was very excited on Thursday because my Moo cards arrived!

I had been out craft shopping first thing in the morning after dropping the children off at school and spent far more than I had expected on all sorts of things - zips, press studs, interfacing, and ....... other things! It all added up unfortunately but I was pleased to see that my local craft shop had increased it's fleece stock for the winter - it is quite hard to make my blankets during the summer and I had to order the cream fleece for the elephant blanket from Ebay.
I had rushed back from shopping so that I would be here in time for the postman just in case the cards arrived and didn't fit through the door but it turned out that he had been early and they were small enough to be posted! Hooray!
Isn't the little box lovely?
and aren't the cards fab?

Certain photos haven't turned out as well as I had hoped but that means I will know which sort to choose for next time. They really do seem to be excellent value and I have already parted with a few! I think I may have to keep some for myself though!

Then today a parcel arrived from Melly and Me - I love their designs - which I frantically opened before going to work! They are having a SALE in their etsy shop at the moment and I have been eyeing up Rosie's quilt cards for a while so I bought a few packs. They had also said they would include a free gift if you bought two or more items but as I had only bought cards I didn't expect anything - but look at the gorgeous pincushion that arrived! I had even thought of buying one of them but thought LSH wouldn't talk to me if I spent any more money! There was also a lovely letter from them - I'm so delighted!

I need to get back down to some sewing now. Dorothy and I tried to go over to the Fat Quarters for a sewing session this afternoon but we were stuck on the motorway in solid traffic so I had to call Kim and cancel unfortunately. I will have to put in an online order next week for the things I would have bought and need to do some sewing this evening to make up for what we missed!

But first I'd better cook LSH something for supper as he has looked after the children all day while I was at work and out with Dot and cooked their tea, washed up, blitzed the kitchen and generally been an all-out Supermum-type-husband - where would I be without him? I can tell you, with a lot less time for crafting, that's where!

I told you he was tolerant and long-suffering didn't I? Well now you know it's true!


Monkee Maker said...

Men. They come in handy sometimes, don't they?

Fab moo cards, and isn't that little box so cute?! (and recyclable - hurrah!)

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Look at all the goodies you've got! That pincushion is adorable -- as are your moo cards. I'm thinking about ordering stickers of TheFirstChild and SweetiePie just for a little fun stocking stuffer and maybe I'll get moo cards then too. Give SuperMumHubby a big hug for us for taking such good care of you! XOXO

Monkee Maker said...

Please please please consider this an invitation. Please!

Did I sound needy then?

piecemaker said...

Hi Lucy, those Moo cards look fun,I didnt realise you could get them here, I thought they were an Aussie thing.You have been blogging like crazy!! Fab pincushion,love the big button.We will have to meet up at FQ's sometime, thanks for your comments.xxxHelen

de vliegende koe said...

Lovely Moo-cards! The parcels from MellyandMe are always such a treat, specially packed with ribbons and cards matching and what a nice gesture to send you the wonderful pin-cushion! Enjoy everything!

Fiona said...

I want some Moo Cards! I've been 'considering' them for ages but need to upload more pictures to Flickr first. Yours look great.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the cards arrived in one piece!!! And glad also that you like the pin cushion!! And what fab moo cards - arent they just too much fun!!! Now you have to learn the hard part - giving them away!! They are so hard to part with.