Monday, 23 February 2009

All quiet!

It is so quiet in the house today now that half term is over - but I'm really not sure that I like it!

We finished off the front garden yesterday so here it is again - this time with added bark, compost and flowers as promised - they just need to grow now.

Dorothy carried on in her role as Catering Manager and made us these delicious chocolate chip cookies from Lucy's recipe and they were delicious.

I finally finished my third sock - and most amazingly I now have a pair! Unfortunately because I knitted the first one so long ago it has changed colour in the wash - but never mind, they nearly match!

(don't worry, I don't really have round feet - I'm just rubbish at taking photos!)

Having finished that sock I was ready (and very willing) to take up Michaela's odd sock challenge for which I am more than qualified. So I merrily cast on sock number 4 in totally different wool to sock number 1 which has been merrily partner-less for over a year and is destined to remain so for the foreseeable future!

I have to say that I REALLY LOVE this wool from Barbara's gorgeous shop. It is so much nicer to knit than the blue stripey (which had a lot of silk in making it very slippery on the needles). I've also cheated and gone up to a set of 2.75mm dpns because my 2.5s were getting really bent and annoying and bamboo is so much nicer to use than metal.

Moving on.........

I now need to ask your advice.

I was really lucky to be given my greatly missed granny's old wooden framed sofa last year and it has now been brought into the house ready for a facelift because the old cushions had been in storage for some time and needed changing.

So I bought some 4 inch foam for the seat and 3 inch for the back. But then I decided it looked too square and modern, so I am going to use two of the bargain feather cushion pads that I bought a while ago.

But how should I cover it/them? I have tried the very plain blue linen effect fabric option but decided that was just too normal for me and so have two new options that I'd like your advice on:

Option 1
Make covers from all the old denim jeans/dresses/pinafores that I have been hoarding - including all the pocket details etc. Ending up with something a bit like the border of this cushion.

Option 2
Make randomy patchworky covers from my stash of pretty fabrics.

Or, to make it more complicated....

Option 3
Do both - one side patchwork denim, one side patchwork pretty.

What do you think???

Edited to add another OR,

taking Trashy's comment into account (which echoes the niggling feeling I'd already been having about the patchwork denim idea), should I use my lovely Amy Butler fabric and cushions, even though I really, really love how the cushions look on my blue sofa???

And finally, too help you get over the stress and pressure of advising me on my cushion covering dilemma, here is a pretty flower picture

P.S. Please feel free to suggest totally different ideas for the sofa if you have a brainwave!


trasha said...

Loving the idea of one side different to the other but concerned that odds and sods of denim may look a little 'patchwork 70s denim waistcoat' - not so nice, huh?

Perhaps two different sides of beautiful fabric along the lines Amy Butler HUGE florals???

btw have you hurt your foot? Word verification today is 'yelimp'.

Moogsmum said...

Ack....she beat me to it!

I'm thinking bold patchworky florals me...but then I would! I think the denim could work too with some lovely floral patchwork on the feather cushions.

Well done on the nearly matching socks :-)

I've made a management decision - instead of getting the sewing machine out I'm going to pick up my neglected sock knitting.


Kelly said...

Amy Butler floral patchwork all the way!

Moogsmum said...

Ooh that looks lovely - yup, design issues solved Locket!


Josie said...

Do both - one side patchwork denim, one side patchwork pretty but make as two separate cushions then you can change them when the other needs washing
Josie x

Anonymous said...

AMY Butler,definitely.


Sarahs Home said...

Really not sure about the denim but think that if you did different things on either side you could flip them ver for a change. I am sure you will come up with a fab idea.

Sarah x

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I'm going with Trashy's idea. If you like those cushions on your other sofa, you have to make more LOL!

Lovely socks -- and when you get the mates done for 1 and 4, you'll be up to 6!

Ali said...

I love the denim idea - how about denim seat with AB back cushions? And how handy to have a pocket for tissues or the remote.

And on another subject, whenever I take sock photos my feet look like bananas. Round is infinitely preferable.

Gina said...

I'm going for the Amy Butler look - those cushions are gorgeous! Love the colour of your new sock yarn.

Kitty said...

I like that picture with the AB cushions on - doesn't it look fab? You could always make some big denim cushions to put on it as well? Or have the denim cushions for your big blue sofa?

Wonderful socks. That Michaela is trying to encourage me to try some 2-needle socks. I'm still scared though. *blush*


Rachel said...

I actually really like that denimy cushion, but the Amy Butler cushions look great too. Oh dear, not much help, am I? Lovely socks, though!

corry said...

I would go for Amy Butler florals..although demin would look great too!

wonderwoman said...

how about denim as the base cushions and the floral ones on top, so to speak? lovely fabrics!
i love your socks - i always wear odd socks as i can never seem to find a pair, so i think when i begin to knit socks i will just continue with the odd theme!


Helen Charlton said...

Lucy, save your Amy Butler fabric!! go for floral patchwork,but whatever you do will look gorgeous it always does.
Helen x

monda-loves said...

Go with Trashy - it looks fab! And you probably need to but some more Amy Butler right? :o)


monda-loves said...

oh, I meant 'buy', not 'but'. Tough day - back at work after 2 weeks off. It's taking it's toll you know!


Loopy said...

Oooo, definitely floral patchwork! I love the idea of patchwork denim, but in that window space floral wins!

Poshyarns said...

Oh Lucy I absolutely love how the Amy Butler fabrics look on that frame and I guess my next choice would be the floral patchwork.

Natasha said...

ooh definitely the Amy Butler.

And well done on the socks. You have reminded me I need to finish my husbands second sock before winter in over!

French Knots said...

Oh yes, Amy all the way!
I'm in a bit of a sock slump at the moment, have been knitting a little jumper out of sock yarn instead!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the idea of a patchwork cover! Lots of options! Love the garden progress!! Looking good! Socks... very cool!! Better run... have to go to the mail box... time to strap the kids in for our 20 minute outing!!

cate said...

Plain denim for the long cushion you sit on - it's possibly harder wearing than the amy butler fabric. For the cushions behind your back: one side the denim pockets, the other side use the Amy Butler fabric. That way you can turn them around for a different look when you feel like it. Keep the already made Amy Butler cuchions on the blue sofa.

lyndyloo said...

I am with Amy Butler - I love her prints. Good luck, I'm sure what ever you do will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Love the Amy Butler cushions...they're def a winner!!..maybe different sides for FUN!!

Michaela said...

Knowing how decisive I am, I'd say 'yes'.

Fabulous work on the sock there. Can't believe that Kitty is trying to wriggle out of making one though!

Cloudy Kate said...

I have to agree about not using the patchwork denim. If you want to consider another alternative, the frame reminds me of what we Yanks used to call "Danish modern" furniture. So I could picture an Ikea big floral, or even a country-ish gingham check, in large scale. Then you can keep the lovely cushions on your couch. And the Ikea fabric is usually a good bargain. Love your front garden, too. Kate in Oregon

twiggypeasticks said...

Amy Butler fabric is fab, BUT being practical Mummy here, denim is sooo hard wearing, would look great with patchwork too. oops that probably doesn't help much.
Twiggy x

Lina said...

No sofa ideas to contribute I'm afraid - just sending you lots of sock love and admiration!

Things Hand Made said...

Craftzine has been shwoing people using tartan blankets or tweed. That might look good, esp if you use a green gordon tartan.