Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Can't think of a title

I haven't got a title for this post as it is just a collection of "stuff" from this week.

I think I'm definitely going to go for the Amy Butler patchwork cushions on the sofa - they look so nice and "Spring-y" in the window - so I'll just have to make some different cushions for the blue sofa.

I cut out the squares for my Amy Butler quilt so that I could see what fabric scraps I'd have left over for other things. By the way, these fabrics were the ones I got from Mr Locket for Christmas (ok, he had a bit of help choosing them) and they are listed in my favourite Etsy items if you are interested in the design/colour details. I got 14 fat quarters and they are lasting very well with the addition (on the cushions) of some pieces I bought locally from her Midwest Modern Range.

this is the layout for the centre of the quilt (each block is 6 inches square) - very simple - but I just love the way the fabrics combine and merge into each other so I don't think they need much fussing with. But I want to add a border - probably about 4 inches wide before I add the binding. So it's back to you guys again:

Should I use white? Or should I used one of the prints? If so, do you think it should be this one?

I like the colour and I like the fact that it is a fairly "unobtrusive" print compared to some of the other bolder patterns.

What do you think?

I haven't done any other sewing yet this week but I have been busy with my knitting when I've had the chance. This is how far I have got with my sock (because I had to unravel the heel flap bit because I'd read the wrong number of stitches on the pattern - whoops!)

I just love the colours in this wool - I have to admit that I have tweaked the photo a bit in Picasa so it probably shouldn't be this bright - but it's so very pretty!!!

While I am typing this, Dot is sitting behind me having her guitar lessons. I love this half hour on a Wednesday (this is the second) because her teacher plays her loads of music both on his mp3 and on his guitar (he's very good) and he has found out the kind of music we all listen too so I'm listening in to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and all sorts of good stuff. He is also SO positive and full of praise for how Dot is playing - a really good teacher.

Meanwhile I can hear some muffled giggles from the hall which on investigation turn out to be these two reprobates

sitting at the top of the stairs while "playing schools" and trying very hard to be good so they get to stay and listen to the guitar lesson too!


Thimbleanna said...

Look how cute the cherubs look!!! I love your Amy Butler quilt and I'd definitely vote for the print that you picked out. It's going to be LOVELY!!!

trashalou said...

I think all white may be a bit stark (and we all know what a design guru I am!) but will that pattern tie everything together?

This doesn't mean I don't love it because I do, I'm just asking is all.....

Kaz said...

HI Lucy, I think that is going to look absolutely gorgeous!!

Just having a peruse of your blog and you've been so busy!!

Kaz xx

silverpebble said...

Such lovely Amy Butler magic - delicious combinations there Lucy.

That sock yarn - just yummy - there are so many gorge yarns around aren't there? It's a whole new world for me.

Those magic Locket monkeys at the top of the stairs - hee!

Moogsmum said...

Definately go for the patterned border. I love the way all the patterns work together.

I love your sock yarn - wotisit???

Your two monkeys look absolutely full of mischief :-)


Gina said...

The fabrics for the quilt look gorgeous - definitely like the pattern for the border! I love those socks!

Michaela said...

I would have said a double border myself. The inner one being plain green and the outer one the patterned fabric you've already got. Not white though, I'm with trashy - too stark.

Word veri today = sadish. Might cry now.

Jackie said...

I'm with Michaela, plain first then patterned.
And i love the time when your kids play music you like. My son used to come and sit with me in the sewing room and play James Taylor and the like.

quinn said...

I'd try a solid border of the darkest color in the squares - is it a true black or dark browns? Can't tell for sure on the monitor.

By the way, I want to come live at your house. Would you mind? :)

Natasha said...

Definitely use the print for the binding!

Can I come over and hang out during guitar time too?

Anonymous said...

Love the AB fabrics your using in your quilt & the layout is very punchy. I would suggest a simple one coloured border [def not white] from the blocks you're already using..brown, green or blue would really make the design POP!!

monkee maker said...

Wow, much busyness going on at yours recently .... the gardening, cooking, sock knitting, upholstering, music lessons, not to mention teacher training!!

I don't feel qualified to give an opinion on your quilt dilemma, not be a quiltist myself, but I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look fab!


Helen Charlton said...

It looks like you've don a lot to me!!!! Have a lovely weekend Lucy.
Love Helen

wonderwoman said...

quilt is looking lovely Lucy and i love the patterned border. love Bob Marley!


Jane said...

i wondered if a border in plain blue to match the beautiful chrysanth flowers might be good. White wouldn't look right. Lovely sock Lucy. Wow you've been busy. Jane x

janjan said...

I love Daisy Chain too. You could try one of the pink patterned fabrics in the Daisy Chain range. It would give the quilt a bit of an edge!