Sunday, 1 March 2009

This weekend in the Locket household

It has been a busy weekend chez Locket but first I thought I'd show you a sweet photo of Daisy and Fred happily reading their new books......................

and then once we'd started playing Bob Marley to them!!!!

Methinks they don't appreciate Reggae!

On Saturday Dot's school choir were performing at music festival type thingy at another school. We were told to go to North Shields which is about half an hour away by car through the Tyne Tunnel. Oh good, I thought, I can go to Ring-a-Rosie to get some more sock wool while we're there. We duly arrived at the school as directed and were mildly perplexed that it was locked and ours was the only choir there - but I think most of us just assumed that we were the most concientious.

Not so. Unfortunately we were at the correctly named school but in TOTALLY THE WRONG LOCATION!! Dot's school had made a mistake and told us to go to St Jo Bloggs School, North Shields, when we really needed to be at St Jo Bloggs, BLAYDON - a further 30-40 minutes away! So Dot and I gathered two of her friends whose parents had dropped them off and gone and drove off to the new location.

So no sock wool shopping for me then :o(

But fortunately the second school was right next to IKEA so on the way home we popped in to refuel the girls with hotdogs and I spotted this fabulous green canvas in the fabric section.

Aha! I thought. That will go nicely on my little wooden sofa with my Amy Butler cushions. (And it does)

It also goes very well with my lovely bird fabric so here are the three cushions I've made this afternoon for the blue sofa.

(they actually look better in real life - less of a stark contrast between the pattern and the plain)

I also finished sock No.4 and very nearly understood Kitchener Stitch!!!!! It isn't perfect but it's better than any other toe I've done.

Meanwhile in Locketland, while Dot and I were being musical, Daisy and Fred were earning pocket money by cleaning out my greenhouse ready for the new season of seed sowing. And they did a really fantastic job with all my pots neatly stacked and all the rubbish and accumulated grot of a winter of neglect cleared away.

Fred even decorated the birdbath - apparently they hope that as Magpies like shiny things they will come to visit.

Then after doing their exercises this morning

they decided to earn some more pocket money by cleaning the car

and got busy with the soap and cloths

or so we thought...........................
ok, so Fred scrubbed the car with his coat sleeve and Daisy used a Bob the Builder flannel!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend too!

Lucy x

P.S. Dot was also busy cooking double chocolate muffins and flapjack and helping cook roast chicken for supper this evening - she's a star!


Annie said...

What a busy weekend you had Lucy - your kids ave lovely smiles and look like such happy kids, Have a great week.

Gina said...

That sounds like a wonderful mad weekend!

Kitty said...

Are we supposed to be seeing fabric, cushions and socks? If so, I can't. This could be because (a) I'm suffering some sort of visual problem, or (b) they haven't uploaded. The other explanation is that they're not supposed to be there at all and I have completely misunderstood. It wouldn't be the first time!

That looks like a lovely busy family weekend!


quinn said...

Very impressive!

hmmm. Perhaps I *should* have children after all....


Thimbleanna said...

Boy Lucy -- what a great job you've done to have three littl Lockets who love to help! Those pillows look fantastic -- I can't believe you just whipped them up so fast! Well Done!

est said...

the cushions are pretty!!

wonderwoman said...

do you think Fred and Daisy could just pop down here and do my greenhouse! they made such a fantastic job of yours - my car's a weeny bit muddy too!
love your sock - am just about to start my first one and join the sockstartitis club! just waiting for a really easy pattern!


Moogsmum said...

Good to see those Little Lockets are earning their keep! Thye did a grand job on the greenhouse.

I love your cushions! The birdy fabric looks gorgeous with that green - how lucky that Ikea happened to be in the right place!!

Lovely sockage too. Very pretty colours. Hope you manage to get that sock wool!


Marie said...

Can't beat a bit of child labour I say. The cushions and sock look yummy. Grrrr about the school though, some numpty needs a good telling off this morning for that little mishap.

Glad you had a good weekend.


Rachael Rabbit said...

I love the green borders on those cushions!

Rachel said...

Ooh, those cushions look fab, love the green border. Your sock looks great too, really pretty colours. (By the way, there's a good vid tutorial for kitschener stitch on, although that toe looks fine to me!)

Suzie Sews said...

Oh lovely weekend, I think the weather had had us creative types getting our stuff done. Love the response to your music, I totally relate to this.
As for those cushions, just lovely....

Jane said...

Finally i can see you, I couldn't see you page yesterday. Lovely cushions, love the lockets reaction to Bob Marley. Jane x

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely stuff, can you send your gang round here please, my greenhouse is a disgrace.
twiggy x

marit said...

You have a bunch of adorable kids!
Lovely cushions too:-)

joanie said...

Fantastic! Love those cushions and what luck being next to Ikea, if it was me there'd have been a danger of lost children while grabbing bargains.