Saturday, 7 March 2009

Thanks to the wonderful Kitty we now have a fabulous linky-buttony-thingummy that you can put on your blogs to invite friends to the Easter meet up - the more the merrier in my opinion!!

So far we have quite a few fab friends hoping to come out to play:

Emma Pebble
Julia B
Jane from Sew Create it
and even my BOSSY BIG SISTER!!!!!

(I hope I haven't missed anyone off)

So, if you want to invite more people just email me for the html code for Kitty's fab badge and stick it on your blog! Unless you can work out how to take it straight from the page (if you do know could you tell me too!!!)

Lucy x


trashalou said...

OOO! How exciting!! Promise no-one is really a seven foot tall Scotsman with kidnapping proclivities and handy line in steel restraints???

Kitty said...

You didn't put yourself on the list, Lucy!

I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Trash turned out to be a 7 foot tall Scotsman with a nifty kilt and sporran. She would look SO good in tartan. Might she toss a caber or two whilst we watched?

Seriously though - can you imagine any horrible man daft enough to take ALL of us on?!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm sooo excited...I was up at 6:15 this morning I was that excited! (How sad I'm I!) Been looking a maps, planning my route...and even looking at B&B's as I might make it into a two day event and take the kids to Oxford...

I forgot to say I'm all for the Secret Easter Bunny swap and eggs for the kids. I've already been shopping for fabric today! I've got lots of ideas of what I could make!

Jodie said...

Oh man ! We are sure to hear about this on the news aren't we???

Charlie P said...

Oooooooh! The picnic sounds so exciting!!!!!!! I would absolutely love to come but 9 hours in a train is a bit too much for one day...especially in the Easter holidays when I should be revising. Can we have a summer picnic too, please?!?!?

marit said...

Oh dang- I'm all occupied with those woolballs at Easter- expecting a bunch of new little ones! (Totally apart from the fact that I'm in a totally different country...maybe I should get out the boat and sail across- we've done it before: so don't be afraid of that 7feet tall Scotsman, when you really should be looking out for Norwegian vikings!)
Joking aside: HAVE FUN!!! And please tell us about it;-D

Kellie said...

Oh, I want to come! :(
NO fair!!!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Uh-huh. Rub it in! What a great list you have there -- I'm soooo jealous! Not to mention confused -- why did I think Trashy was in AU??? Or is she and you're going to parade her picture around???

Michaela said...

I am away. Bugger, damn and blast.

katelnorth said...

we are thinking about possibly coming. It may be a little far for us, so I don't want to commit. Also, not sure my schedule for the holidays.

katelnorth said...

Hmm, it's less far than I thought (after some google mapping). OK, put us down as a probably. I think it's a fab idea and am sure it would be super fun. Now to think of a giftie to make :)

julie said...

Thanks so much for the invite Lucy. Amy and I would love to come and we really look forward to meeting everyone. See you there!