Saturday, 21 March 2009

A busy week

On Monday I had a double treat:

First I went to the Lovely Helen's gorgeous home to help her with her blog.

Unfortunately Typepad is totally different to Blogger and there was also a problem with photo editing so even after two hours of trying we didn't manage to create the photo link that Helen wanted on the side of her blog page. Fortunately I had a brainwave in the evening and a long and hilarious phone call ended with success!

Helen is extremely generous and even though I hadn't been able to help her in the morning she insisted that I take some goodies home from her fabulous studio shop

look at my treats!

She also gave me eggs from the gorgeous chickens!

And before I left I fell totally and utterly in love with the most surprising thing.......................... a cat!

I'm really not a cat fan - probably largely due to growing up with lots of chickens and ducks that were frequently killed by neighbours' cats. The other reason cats and I don't normally "click" is because they are so independent and off-hand! I'm far more like an over-exuberant Springer Spaniel puppy wanting everyone to love me so I can never understand how cats can be so aloof!

But Gucci was a totally different kind of kitty! He practically wrapped himself round my neck like a furry scarf and even curled his tail round my arm as I was holding him as if to hug me just that bit more. I would happily have taken him home with me!

Unfortunately I took a little more "cat" away with me than Mum and Dad's puppy could cope with! Because my second treat was a visit to my lovely parents for lunch. Poor Milly was totally driven mad by the cat smells on my clothes and had to go in another room!

On Tuesday my friend Jane came round and we spent the day sewing.

This is the bag I am currently working on

Then in the evening I went to the local "Stitch and Bitch" meeting with Patti and did some more sock knitting.

As the meeting is held in a Borders bookshop with a Paperchase franchise, I accidentally bought myself this beautiful folder

Who could resist these patchwork owls????

The eagle-eyed among you may also have spotted a matching pencil tin next to my computer in the "tidy sewing desk" photo on my last post. Um, I accidentally bought it last weekend on my way home from IKEA.

On Wednesday I was at work in the morning then popped to the allotment in the afternoon.

Dot's guitar teacher came round at 5 but unfortunately Dot had come home from school feeling poorly and had gone to bed so Fred had the guitar lesson instead!

Shame the guitar was bigger than him!!!

After a mad dash to have supper and get changed I then went 10 pin bowling with my work colleagues.

I had a really good time with them all and ended up feeling VERY proud of myself as I was the only one from the Nautical Faculty to win a prize!

My very own Crumb Hoover!!!

So why did I win this luxury?

Because, out of about 40+ people, I got the lowest score of all!

Now my philosophy is that anyone can be good at bowling, and it's easy to be a winner, but it takes someone REALLY special to be as truly bad as me!

On Thursday I was at work all day - made slightly more complicated by the fact that my childminder's toddler was poorly so she couldn't have Daisy and Fred - but we got round that by me starting work late and Mr Locket taking the afternoon off.

As it turned out, it was quite fortunate that Mr Locket was off as my posh black boots broke and I was wandering around with a massive gape where the zip had split and my very bright pink sock on show! Mr L came to the rescue and brought me a change of boots in my lunch break!

In the evening I was back out again, this time for my usual Thursday night "sewing group" (where none of us ever get round to sewing any more). It was even more fun as it was one of the girls' birthdays so we had yummy food and lots of gorgeous presents were given.

Then on Friday it was back to work again.

Sorry, that's probably an incredibly boring account of a not-really-all-that-busy-week by most people's standards, but it was busy to me!

Thank goodness it's the weekend now!


quinn said...

"Boring" - are you joking? You get out a lot more than I do!

I'm so glad you've met a cat you could "click" with. Enjoying cats is like being able to see another color, I think.

Love Helen's bunnies with the jinglebell feet :)

French Knots said...

Phew! Sounds busy to me!If I make it to knitting on a Thursday evening I think I've got a good social life.
Love the owl folder, I've not been in Paperchase for ages, will have to have a nosy.

trashalou said...

Ooo! O went to paperchase today Locket. We must be twinnies!

JuliaB said...

What a naughty paperchase folder, jumping in your bag like that and stowing away while you weren't looking! x

Helen Charlton said...

It doesn't sound like me at all!!
Gucci's giant picture is very scary!!!! He's followed me round the garden today, nose into everything, driving me mad!!
Helen x x

Kitty said...

Boring? Blimey Mrs L, how could that much busy-ness be boring? Hope Dot is feeling much better now, and that Fred will continue to practice his chords!


Gina said...

You are NEVER boring! What a busy week. I do rather like that folder.

Lina said...

Not at all boring. If that's not a busy week, I'd hate to find out what is!

wonderwoman said...

your posts are certainly never boring and that was one hellava week!


Annie said...

Loving the pictures Lucy - my eyes are a bit sore tonight to read, but recovering well. I am heading back to school tomorrow, and driving again, so it is all going to plan. Loving no glasses.

Suzie Sews said...

busy little bee you.... lovely to hear of your adventures. Have a super weekend and hope your babes spoil you....

Jane said...

Wow! that was a very busy week. sounds like a lot of fun too. I'm with you on the bowling. Jane x

Natasha said...

Wow that is soooo not boring! I dream of having weeks like those. Instead my husband has been partying in Chile for the week and I am home alone with the kids. Not fair.

periwinkle said...

I love those little dangly legs on the bunnies , will you be going to the new stitch and bitch ?
Lisa x

silverpebble said...

That sounds alike a very hectic week to me Lucy - and certainly not boring. Hope Dot is better. That crumb hoover is hilarious and those are very sweet owl accessories!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a super busy week!! Oops about the boots though! Lucky for Mr L hey?! Just gotten back from Nundle - Girls Day In The Country... awesome time! Spent way too much money on stuff I want but don't need! Rosie and Leanne were the designers for the weekend.... beautiful!! Had a great time! Now I have to get back to reality and do some cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking... the list goes on!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Not boring at all!! Love the bag you’re making!

Mistea said...

Toon much goodness to be boring. I am liking the baggy you are working on, and all the pretties you have in your week. Enjoy!!

Thimbleanna said...

What cute goodies you got from Helen! After that busy week, you certainly need them! Oh, and I was never a cat person either, but when you meet a cool one, you can't help yourself!

Michaela said...

I'll bet you a chocolate cake that you could beat me at bowling! We took the boys and my mother in law last week and I got well and truly beaten. I knocked so few skittles down that we tried for a refund!

(Loving the 'pair' of socks from the other day!)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I just found you over on Dutchcomforts you are in the UK...I just looked over on Helens blog..her shop is amazing.. well done for helping her too!

Kellie said...

The fabric in the bag ....
that folder ..... & those pencils ... I want them all! Very cute!

Kaz said...

Wow well that's a busy week for me!! SOme lovely goodies you've treated yourself to and been given.

Sounds like you;ve been having loads of fun. Hope the Lockets feel better soon.


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Nothing boring about the life of a busy mom! Looks like the little lockets had a good time at the sea. Had to laugh at the broken boot and hot pink sock!

est said...

so many lovely loot you've got! :)

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Lucy Locket
Thank you for poppy by my little blog, it was so nice of you to leave a comment.

I must just say, I love the photo of Fred folding your fabric on your previous post. I like the look of concentration and the sticky out tongue! teehee!

love Fi x

Anonymous said...