Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Alfie!

The youngest Locket is no longer a new baby Locket but is now a fully grown 1 year old and this auspicious occasion could not be ignored if presents could be bought and cards written by the other little Lockets!
Fred and Daisy Locket even announced that they couldn't possibly go out for the next adventure in their history project as we had to stay at home and play with Alfie ALL DAY! 
(why that involved Fred spending most of the day on the new Super Mario Karts Wii game is something I haven't yet worked out!)

We did get some more of the history project written and cut and stuck in the scrap books
but unfortunately most of the Lockets are feeling a bit manky with some headachy virus so nothing is being done for very long at a time.

My lovely Round House Socks are making me very happy
and Daisy and Fred invented a fantastic new score-keeping system

for their game of cricket 
at Granny and Grandpa Biscuit's house earlier in the week. 

And this weekend, inspired by Ali's recent post, I have been teaching the children (and Mr Locket!) how to play Rummy - the card game that wiled away far too many hours when I was at university! 

Hopefully the children will be updating their history blog too before long so do pop over if you have the time - they love having visitors!


Posy Linda said...

Always enjoy reading of the Lockets. Happy birthday wishes to sweet bunny locket, Alfie!

periwinkle said...

happy birthday Alfie and I'm still very envious of " The Biscuits" garden... I was just reading another blog and they are at about the same stage of socks that you are

Jan said...

What a lovely garden to play cricket in ,great way to score ,your Kids have a good imagination which is excellent ,I have only ever made one sock !! Jan xx,

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Alfie! I'm very impressed with the little Lockets and all their activity - we seem to have been mostly playing on Club Penguin so far ...

Ali said...

Isn't the Biscuits' garden gorgeous - I'd forgotten what green grass looked like!
Happy Birthday Alfie-bunny.

I was too busy playing Risk at University for cards - we were obsessed!

joanie said...

I can't believe Alfie is already 1 ! My they grow up so quickly don't they?
Happy birthday Alfie and I hope all the Lockets are feeling better soon.

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Alfie! Those socks are gorgeous, Mrs Locket. That looks like a lovely garden at Grandparents Biscuit's house. Your children are so industrious ... how do you do it?! x

brigette said...

great fun going on in locketville!!!
love those socks!!!!

julie said...

belated happy birthday Alfie Locket! I hope the headachy virus goes quickly and you can all get on with having fun!

Helen said...

Happy birthday!!! I used to play rummy too!! It must be our age, the fabulous 30 someting genaration!! Love Helen xx