Monday, 27 January 2014

My rainbow hexie obsession

Oh the pictures in this post make me so happy!
From the little piles on the side of the sofa

to the work in progress as I sit by the fire in the kitchen stitching while Mr Locket works on the computer

to the rainbow gloriousness of all the colours together

and the growing collection of flowers

This is such a happy project! Inspired by all the new blogs I have been reading from Crazy Mom Quilts to Quilt-it and Stitched in Color and Blue Elephant Stitches and specifically by this quilt here and also this one (although that's now another rainbow quilt I need to make!!)


BIG sister Ally said...

Take it you've not been to work today. Enjoy xx

French Knots said...

I'm loving hexies at the moment too, I've been making some tiny ones and am working on a clock design.
Don't they look wonderful all stacked up together, full of possibilities! xx

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy -- it looks like you're on a roll. Those photos are beautiful -- so colorful and happy!

driftwood said...

truly gorgeous, and I had fun visiting all the links!