Monday, 13 January 2014

The next obsession is coming

Thank you all so much for the overwhelmingly lovely comments on my last post - I've been beaming from ear to ear!

I've found that since I have overcome the real OCD that was making me ill,  I am actually much more aware of the milder "obsessional" trends in my attitude to my hobbies.  When I get passionate about something it is really all I want to do and think about - whether it is running, or knitting, or sewing, or gardening (and very occasionally housework!)

I would love to be able to multi-task but it just doesn't seem to happen although I am managing to keep running while being obsessed with knitting although it is hard to drag myself outside in the cold when my instincts are to sit by the fire and knit! The two hobbies seem to be totally opposed!

Since the middle of last year I have been fascinated by fair isle knitting and have bought loads of books and patterns and have knitted a fair few projects too including three pairs of the same tortoise and hare mittens as Christmas presents which started getting a bit boring I have to admit!

I've found that I prefer traditional fair isle to picture colourwork as I like the rhythm of the stitches 2,3,2,4,2, etc rather than having to keep looking at the pattern to see what to do next.  So I don't mind that I am on the third pair of these mittens - especially as they are dk so much quicker to knit!

Even Dot has been converted to the new fair isle frenzy and has knitted herself and Daisy a pair of mittens too - I never cease to be amazed at how quickly she can pick up a new knitting technique with very little advice from me.

Dot's mitts for Daisy

My Christmas presents included the Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool to knit this hat by Kate Davies and also her kit for the Toatie Hottie mini hot water bottle (Mr Locket may have had some strong advice on present choosing here!)

But the family are always aware that my passions will change again and Dot teases me about what might come next.

After many months of doing no sewing at all a new book purchase last week seems to be having a big influence.................more details next time!


Gina said...

This makes me want to pick up Fairisle knitting again. I made a sleeveless sweater years ago... in 4 ply!

dottycookie said...

I've never mastered fairisle - mine ends up loopy and the tension goes wonky. Yours is really lovely. Wow.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful Lucy! I would love to make more fair isle projects -- after I work through my pile of current yarn LOL. I REALLY want to get my stash whittled down a bit so it doesn't get out of control like my fabric. Your mitts (and Dot's too) are beautiful!!!

Leanne said...

Your mittens are lovely amazingly I have been knitting recently ...... Madness seeing it is so hot. Nothing as intricate as your mittens. Well done to Dot.

driftwood said...

gorgeous. truly beyond me. even the thumbs on plain mittens terrify me....

Quinn said...

I love the title of this post - how well I know the feeling of excitement as the massive wave of a new interest is about to sweep me along with it!
Your colorwork is just beautiful - and apparently the skill is genetically transferred. :)

BIG sister Ally said...

Thank you for my tortoise mittens. I love them and have worn them every day taking Sherlock for his walks