Thursday, 22 May 2008

Another mission accomplished

I feel a huge sense of relief today because I have managed to finish the two orders that HAD to be done this week and although I wasn't delighted with the horse picture I am really pleased with this bunny.

The bunny body is sort of my own design in that I drew the pattern pieces free-hand and tried to make her different to other designs I've seen but it is very difficult to know where/when something becomes your own. And there are only a certain number of different ways to do a bunny's ears or arms or feet - at some point they will overlap with someone elses ears, arms or feet!

The dress is definitely not my design - I used the pattern from Rosalie Quinlan's My Dolly Bekkie because it is the most successful doll's dress pattern I have found. I changed it slightly because I was using this little newborn baby dress for the material

and I am really pleased because I have been able to re-use the hem and ruffle,

the pin-tuck bodice, the ribbon, bow and the sleeves.
I even managed to use the back pieces with the button and button-hole and all the interfaced fabric - so it really uses as many of the original features as possible.

The dress fabric is the most adorably soft baby needlecord - it almost feels like velvet and was lovely to work with. The little jacket is made with some Tilda wool felt.

When Daisy found this new bunny she decided she was her Betty Bunny's younger sister so I had lots of plaintive role play along the lines of "don't sell me! I want to stay with my sister!" so here they are together for one last photo-shoot - I know, I'm cruel to separate them but TOUGH!!!!

Isn't it amazing how much better you can feel about things when you make something you are proud of?

Now that the two urgent orders are out of the way I can concentrate on making some of Daisy's birthday presents - but unfortunately I won't be able to show you them until after the date - just wish me luck with getting them done!

The deadline for posting out your mini-quilts is this Saturday (24th May) so please let your swap partner and me know if there will be any delay. I need to make a little confession here, although I hope to get at least 3 of my quilts posted by Saturday, the one for my official swap partner Leanne is not going to be among them as I am trying to do my own design for this one which makes it more tricky - I have told Leanne and she says she doesn't mind - I just hope it will be worth waiting for!!!

I had some very, very exciting post yesterday but unfortunately can't show you the contents because it is a very secret something for Fred's birthday in a couple of weeks so you'll need to be patient (and so will I which is much, much harder!) This envelope may give you a clue as to who it was from


Charlie P said...

That really is a beautiful bunny- I love her little outfit. Good luck for Daisy's birthday presents! we not even get a little clue as to what they might be? Pretty please :)

p.s. I *think* my mini quilt has made it to Australia. Nicky's blog says 'my mini quilt has arrived' so I'm hoping that's mine - just off to post about it on my blog... :D

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh! You're getting mail from a dinosaur!!! The bunny is adorable -- you've done a fantastic job Ms. Locket!!!

MarmaladeKiss said...

Sweet bunnies .. when I was little I had a little white toy like this .. I thought it was a mouse at the time, and called it Mary ... but .. now i'm remembering the ears and thinking maybe it was a rabbit??!!

Simone said...

You are right to be proud of your bunny.

Lesley said...

Your bunny is gorgeous and I love the way you used the baby dress to make a bunny dress! Very clever Mrs Locket:)

I wish you'd stop teasing and show us Fred and Daisy's presents!!


Kaz said...

Oh that bunny is soo gorgeous. I'm not surprised Daisy wanted to keep her! Great usage of the dress too.


Kitty said...

Absolutely gorgeous bunny - you are so clever being able to use the baby dress like that. No wonder you're proud. x

Jane said...

Bunny is gorgeous you are so clever i'm not sure i could have parted bunny from her sister! Your fish and chip supper on the previous post looks delicious. Jane x

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely bunny, you are such a talented lady. Made me giggle about the bunny role play. Whenever I make anything, and I mean anything. Twiglet says you making that for me mummy, ohhhhh thank you :)
Twiggy x

Gina said...

That bunny is absolutely gorgeous - you should be very proud indeed. Good luck with Daisy's pressies... can't wait to see what you've made.
Gina xxx

quiltdude said...

Well done on getting your orders finished, I knew you'd do it. The bunny's are great, I don't know if I could part with.
I wonder what the other parcel might contain? could it be something mahoosive perhaps?

Sal said...

I love you really are very talented!
Hope you have a great weekend ;-)

Rachelmp said...

Very beautiful bunny Lucy!

Anonymous said...

That bunny is gorgeous! I'm really impressed with the way you were able to use the dress and it's detailling! Well done!! You should be really pleased!!

JuicyFig said...

Love the bunny, and know exactly where you are coming from with the design side/ownership aspect - How many variations can there be on a theme like an animal? there is always bound to be overlap, and with a forum like this so many images get into the subconcious it is hard to keep a filter on orrigionality - does that even make sence? hehehe, I don't know! I find origional thought extremely taxing!

Well anyway, it look lovely!


Katy said...

gorgeous bunny, I love her dress. You are so clever.

My mini quilt from Gina arrived this morning - wow, it's fab!!, go see!!!!

periwinkle said...

Lovely bunny, well done with the dress too. I wouldn't have known where to start!
Lisa x

Leanne said...

your bunnies are very the outfits.