Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A very long post about WONDERFUL POST!!!

Today has been a VERY good day!

It had a frustrating start when my gazillion phone calls to the local Royal Mail sorting office went unanswered and my visit to the local post office resulted in me discovering that first class mail can now take from 4 - 9 days and they wouldn't consider an item missing until 15 days had elapsed!

But finally, around 12.30, the postie arrived - with a parcel!!!!!

Not one of the three UK ones though!

This one had come all the way from Leanne in Australia (who is my official swap partner!) - and was posted a day later than the 3 local ones!!!!

Look what was inside

The most gorgeous quilt in these gorgeous colours - and I love the saying!

And the back is almost as beautiful - I wish I could display both sides at once

She also included these lovely goodies

the card is one of Leanne's own photographs - I can never get over the fact that these are the normal garden birds in Australia!

There was a lovely message and saying inside the card too

Thank you so much Leanne - I absolutely love my quilt - your stitching is so incredibly neat and the colours are so happy! I must get your quilt started - I know what I want to do but actually achieving it is the scary part!

The fact that this parcel had come all the way from Australia in less time than my three UK ones prompted me to go down the whole Customer Services line with Royal Mail even though all their recorded messages told me I had to fill in a form and they wouldn't consider an item lost until it had been missing for 15 days! I persisted until I finally got through to a real live person, explained the problem, explained that I had a friend in the village who was also waiting for a large number of parcels posted last week, and was immediately put through to the local sorting office (who I had been trying to phone all morning!) and the really helpful man there found my parcels one of my friend's and said they would be with me within 2 hours!

Persistence clearly pays off!

Because 2 hours later look what arrived

All three of my missing parcels!

The first one was from Barbara at Ring a Rosie and contained the lovely wool that I had won in her "Name the Ted" competition

Isn't it gorgeous? I don't know which one to play with first!

Thank you so much Barbara - it is a really kind gift, especially as you had two winners!!

The second parcel contained my wonderful mini quilt from Anne

I knew what style of quilt it was going to be because Anne had already told me it would be one of her heart quilts but I wasn't expecting it to be this gorgeous - I just love all the colours and those beautiful little buttons and the different white on white prints in the background!

It is so neatly stitched and the different fabrics on the hearts are really lovely! Thank you so much Anne - I love it!

The final parcel was from my lovely Lesley-friend

beautifully wrapped in this gorgeous green tweed and some very pretty GING-GUM tissue paper!

And my quilt isn't purple with orange Yaks on like Lesley threatened - in fact it is absolutely gorgeous!
It has my allotment in the middle complete with one of Lesley's chickens-to-be and is made up with some of Lesley's very favourite new fabrics! Thank you so much for using your special things in my quilt.
and I love the recycled pocket on the back - that made me laugh!

Lesley was also very naughty because she included all these wonderful goodies

fabrics and felted blanket pieces, ribbons, a very silly card and the very very wonderful tortoise that she needle felted recently!

Look at his gorgeous little face
Lesley you are an absolute star! Thank you so very, very much!

And here are my new quilts up on the wall

Doesn't it look fantastic?

This is what it looks like as I come down the stairs

I am so pleased I came up with this idea!

Thank you again to all my wonderful bloggy friends!

Lucy x

P.S you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see my owls as there is no way I could match up to the wonderful creations that have arrived today!


periwinkle said...

Well your post was definately worth waiting for,even if you did have to hassle the PO, those quilts are lovely. Aren't Leannes photos just gorgeous.. we got post off her today too. I hope the sun comes back also.
Lisa x

Lesley said...

At last!!! I'm so glad you are blessed with persistence!

My quilt looks a bit lary next to all those lovely subtle ones - bit like me I suppose!

Your quilt wall is really filling up now and is looking gorgeous.

Kajsa received her quilt today too! In Finland! Not just up North!

Glad you liked the card ;)


nicolette said...

Wow your quilt wall is going to be fabulous! Do you really receive a mini quilt from every participant?
UK postal services... I did send a package on December 1st to arrive back in Holland on January 17th... I had to send it again. From that day on I only send packages by registered mail.

anne bebbington said...

Love the layout of Leanne's quilt - short and wide - novel but very effective

Karol-Ann said...

Wonderful quilts! Love the pocket on the back! Your wall is going to look amazing. How many quilts will you receive? (Sorry I've only just started reading your blog so not quite with the programme LOL)

ps the scary thing about the PO is, if you hadn't persisted they might have been RTS'd!!!

Sarahs Home said...

I am glad that your parcels have turned up.... I love the quilt wall, I want one now...LOL....
Take care, shall we meet for coffee soon?

Sarah x

quiltdude said...

Finally.......but well worth the wait. I love all your new quilts, the allotment stitchery is lovely, the hearts are delicious and the bright one is very happy, and together they are looking fab. I'm growing more and more green with every quilt that arrives.
But where is the wool? the picture is not there..or is my pc playing up?
Clare xx

Simone said...

What an absolute delight. The wall is filling up nicely. Are you sure you have enough space for all the quilts you are awaiting?!!!

monda-loves said...

LLP - can I call you that? Today I kind of wish I was you with all that quilty gooddness going on. I have just about finished up sewing mine for my swap partner (will make a start on yours after my holiday) and I've bound it too! Please don't panic about getting mine done - in fact I'll be happy if you leave me till last, then I won't feel so bad about keeping you waiting.

I love Moogsmum's mini quilt - so cute that little allotment.


Leanne said...

I am so glad all your post arrived. I love the idea of the recycled pocket Lesley is such a clever girl. Your wall is looking fantastic. X Leanne

Patti said...

your quilt wall is getting wonderfuller by the day. Love it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for chasing my pink parcel for me. I've been cuddling the yarn all evening as evil hubby watched a scary film (28 weeks later - eeek!, but it did have Bobby Carlyle in it)

Thank you again - I'm still watching you, even though I don't always comment

Jodie said...

What a great post about post!!! I love all your mini quilts - no way could i pick a favourite. The wall looks great and you are not even half way!

Blossom said...

Well done on harrassing the post office!!
and your goodies are all just tooo gorgeous for words!!!The mini quilts are wonderful!!
I esp the skein of wool.....mmmmm yummy!!!

Kitty said...

So glad your parcels arrived today - so did those wireless controllers I was waiting for! That quilt wall of yours is starting to look really special, no wonder you're pleased. x

Charlie P said...

WOW! look at that quilt wall! why didn't I think of organising a quilt swap? I love the little fuzzy felt tortoise from Lesley :)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy! What a fabulously lucky girl you are. And well deserved, I might add. Your little wall quilt is looking fantastic -- I'm so glad it's turned out to be such a great idea. I'll bet the kids just love it too, don't they?

est said...

those quilts are so lovely!! what a beautiful day to start by walking down the stairs! :)

Rachelmp said...

Lucy, its looking fantastic! I can't believe what everyone is up to - just amazing!

Gina said...

Well it was certainly worth waiting for Lucy - they all look absolutely amazing and are making me more and more nervous about sending mine.

twiggypeasticks said...

ohhh lovely parcels, your quilt wall is looking great
Twiggy x

Hedgehog said...

These look fantastic - your collection is really growing!

Katy said...

wow wow wow wow and wow again. I need to come up with a fabulous idea too (slinks off thinking..)

April said...

You see - persistence does pay off!

I love that heart quilt and the tortoise is cute too

April xx

trashalou said...

oh locket! Having a crisis of confidence now. I don't suppose you would reconsider - I'm still open to the idea of a canvas.....

Jennie said...

WOOOO!! fabulous parcels (even if they did take their sweet time!!)
I love your wall, it's looking so fantastic!

upstateLisa said...

Well, aren't you just the luckiest!!!! I love Leanne's quilt for you. How do you hang your little quilts?

hilde said...

Wow, so many wonderful and beautiful goodies! Lucky you!

Andrea said...

Hurray - I've been waiting for those parcels along with you - lol ! Our postmen are rubbish. What lovely quilts though. I'd be happy to do a swap with you - I'm getting addicted to mini quilts lately.

Stina said...

You are such a brilliant person...a clever idea right through!!
The mini quilts are just wonderful!!

Journeying said...

How wonderful!!! You received some absolutely fabulous quilts and have more on the way, you lucky girl! I'm so happy I found your blog (and from your links and comments a bunch of other marvelously creative folks I'll be visiting!)and got to see these lovely little quilts. And I browsed backwards a bit and love the conversation about and pictures of your allotment, having fallen in love with them when across the pond.

May Kristin said...

This looks great! Lovely quilts for a lovely lady! I really look forward to see the whole wall decorated with mini-quilts!

Lina said...

Oh my goodness what fabulous treasures!