Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My latest crafty creations

Apart from the mini-quilts that I obviously can't show you (2 finished and 7 in progress, the other 13 still to think about!) I have been busy making more birthday presents.

I knew I had a party for Daisy to go to tomorrow so I planned on making her friend a bag but then Fred was invited to the same party as the younger sister is in his class (both girls joined the schools recently) I spoke to them the other day at pick-up time and Jessica told me her favourite colours were pink and purple and Eleisha said hers were yellow and orange (and pink too but I didn't think that would make a very nice combination!)

This is my two smallest smalls modelling the bags for me - how cute?

Eleisha's favourite animal was a monkey and Jessica's a dog

When I was trying to think of how to do a monkey's face I'm afraid I shamelessly had a peek at Monkee Maker's sold items in her shop - sorry MM, I was desperate!!! I'm quite pleased with the resulting face but it is no way near as good as the MM originals!

And finally, here are my little owls, created after my amigurumi crochet lesson from Clare on Monday - it definitely gets easier. The pattern is from here and I have just bought myself a copy so I can make some more and I also bought this pattern - how gorgeous are they?

Having spent half the day tidying the pig-sty that is my house and the other half (and a bit) chained to my sewing machine I am off now to watch telly and start my next crochet project, but I will leave you with news of an award I was given today by my super-lovely-imaginary-but-very-very-real-and-wonderful-friend Lesley

Well Lesley, you definitely make me laugh - all the time! But as for me making you laugh - I'm never quite sure if it is laughing because I'm strange or because humorous - I rather suspect the former! Anyway, having you as my imaginary friend is fantastic!

I'm not going to pass this on to individuals but to all my bloggy friends - thank you for entertaining me on a regular basis with your creations, your stories and your humour.

Lucy x


Lesley said...

Those bags are gorgeous Locket!! I'm amazed you not only sewed two beautiful bags but also de-pigstyed the house!

Your little owls are fab! Gotta have a go at amigurumi!


Carol Van Rooy said...

Those bags are wonderful. I love how you put the lettering together.

quiltdude said...

I love the bags, what a thoughtful and personal present.
Owls are looking fab, you've definately cracked it. Can't wait to see the next batch.


dottycookie said...

I love the bags Lucy! You clever so-and-so!

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

What can I say - I love your bags and your owlies. You've been so busy AND cleaned the house. I'm so pleased that the wool finally arrived, and since you're obviously a genius in time management, I'm looking forward to seeing what materialises!! (No pressure, tomorrow will do!!) :)

Barbara x

Rachael Rabbit said...

I LOVE those bags - what a lovely idea.

periwinkle said...

You pick things up so quick- the owls are so cute! I wish I was just getting out of bed at 7.30am too unfortunately for us Baby G wants to be up earlier!! Are you going to be giving us a bag tutorial?
Lisa x

Leanne said...

Great bags Lucy.... you are getting more clever every day. I love the little owls the only thing I have croquet is the basket to Rosalie's messenger bird and that was a challenge.

Kaz said...

I've just caught up with your blog after a few days AWOL and I can't believe how much has gone on at yours! You can crochet now, love those owls - I am so jealous as I want so much to learn.

All those quilts are fab and look so good on the wall. I shall be returning more regularly again to see it fill up.


trashalou said...

Looooocketttttt!!! I was just sitting in my little house the other day thinking 'oh yes, animal applique onto bags - that's a good idea!' And then I peek over through your front windows (nice ironing pile by the way) to see you have alreadyt done it! Sheesh.

Sal said...

Oooh! Fabulous bags!
I bought some bags for our next craft morning..thought we could do applique or embroidery. But I do love the maybe... !
;-) Sal

Kitty said...

Gorgeous bags - that's the denim ones, not the bloggers we all know and love ;-)

Fabulous owls too - you've definitely got the knack of crocheting then?!


Sonnja said...

The bags are lovely!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn

Gina said...

Super bags - what lucky friends to receive those. Love the owls too Lucy... very clever, not sure I'd have the patience. You definitely deserved the award!(for being funny ha ha not funny peculiar!)

laura said...

What a great idee,about the birthday present.
Bad the girls love showing of the bags.
regards Laura

pink-petal-designs said...

Love those bags!! your owls are great too, i have been trying to learn how to do this too and last night i bought the same pattern of the dolls and gave it one more try, i think i can do it a bit now.
Sarah x

marit said...

Great bags and really cute owls:-)

Alison Boon said...

So many fabulous goodies. I love the owls. clever you.

Rachelmp said...

The bags are really great Lucy! You should be very pleased with them x

Charlie P said...

Love the bags! I never usually go near orange and yellow but may have to in future- it's a great combination.
A round of applause for mastering the pesky magic loop and making those fab owlies. I can't wait to see your russian doll either...not to mention the 29 quilts :D

Jennie said...

The bags are fantastic. What lovely presents. The little owls are gorgeous too.

Yummers! said...

The bags are adorable!! I bet the kids loved their having their names on them! You could open an etsy shop with custom orders for the bags and probably make a million.

Suzie Sews said...

ita all so cute!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lucy,

Loving those bags, what a brilliant idea to sew people's names on them .... think I may nick that idea to stop my pesky kids nicking my stuff!

(although obviously the monkey bag is my fave ;)

I'm also very jealous of your crocheting skills ... really need to get busy with a hook again and try out some of that ami ... ari ... crochet toy making!