Saturday, 10 May 2008

Pesky postal service!!!!

My three lovely parcels didn't arrive today either which is a bit unfair because I know that Barbara posted me some scrummy wool first class on Wednesday and Lesley and Anne both sent me a mini-quilt first class on Thursday!

Boo Hiss to the postie! (well not him personally cos he's nice but to the person/s behind the disappearance of my goodies!)

Perhaps Monday will be a luckier day - but I hope one of my neighbours is in because I am off to Clare's house to be taught how to crochet little critters! I can't wait!

The other good news is that Fred's "nest" worked its magic and two woodpigeons came along to investigate, much to his delight

and one of them gave it a very thorough inspection

On the crafty front I am pleased to say that I have finished another birthday present this time for one of Fred's friends

and a bag for someone else to give the birthday boy

kindly modelled by the gorgeous Fred

And finally the following creations have been added to the shelves of my little shop - how I wish I could have a real-life shop to play in!!!

Hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you all.

Lucy x

P.S. And this is

Can you please all go HERE and tell this young lady that she has NO RIGHT to a bloggy break - she provides a highly valuable PUBLIC SERVICE and should remain committed to her job!


Kitty said...

Pigeons are funny aren't they? They tend to build the most incompetent nests going. I've witnessed big fat pigeons sitting on what looks like nothing more than half a dozen twigs criss-crossed over themselves, on a flimsy branch. It's a wonder any baby pigeons get to survive at all. Well done to Fred - hope he's pleased.

Lovely makes there Mrs L-P - I must get making again.


Simone said...

Lots of crafting goodness as usual. I am disappointed that your packages didn't arrive as I can't wait to see your next batch of quilt arrivals!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope your parcels arrive soon, it's sooooo frustrating when you'r waiting for exciting stuff and all that appears is junk mail and bills - boo!!!
You've been a busy bee, I love the jolly sock monkey and lovely bag and the little cute things for your Etsy shop
Twiggy x

Blossom said...

awwwwww I love the pigeons checking our the nest!!!
Reminds me on DD no 2 after watching a winnie the pooh movie....took herself outside to make Eeyore a house out of sticks....very cute!!!!

Your birthday goodies are lovely.....I'm sure the birthday boy will love them!!!

Sal said...

How do you find the time for all of this lovely crafting? It's amazing stuff! Sal;-)

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

We must have the worst postal sevice in the UK. Michaela has received her parcel. Enjoy the rest of the weekend (I've got to go to work today).

Barbara x

Stine said...

Cute pix of the birds. I imagine Fred was pleased.

Your b-day bag is grand. I'm sure Daniel will really enjoy it.

I did leave a message to the Monkee Missus. Who does she think she is for cripes sake? Leaving us alllll in the lurch with no monkee madness in the near future. Just because she wants a break? oh, then again, maybe she is a bit tired with all her wonderful work on alllll those wonderful long blogs. Maybe we should let her rest for a bit, then maybe she will miss us and come back to us! (Please!!)

All you little wallets and bags are way cute. Keep up the good work.

Lesley said...

Fred obviously has a way with birds as those pigeons seem VERY interested in that fabulous nest :)

I'm not going to winge about the postman again - I'll do it tomorrow if he doesn't bring your parcel!!

Great crafty stuff happenin' there Missus - waft a bit my way please as it's all dried up!!

periwinkle said...

I think the post is up the spout ! Our post has been getting delivered anytime up until 4pm last week!! Milo is fine thanks, think he's just going through a bit of a clumsy stage,
Lisa x

Leanne said...

Love the pigeon hope he moves in. Fred is a much more obliging model than Gemma.

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Wow you have been busy!(Nothing new there then!)

Love the pigeons - aren't they fab?!

Hope you have a wicked day with Clare


Kaz said...

Lol, lol and lol at your comment about MM.

Wow to the pigeons having a good nosey, how lovely for Fred.

You have made some fab goodies again - I hope your parcels have arrived now, don't forget to blog them I wanna see what you got!!