Tuesday, 26 August 2008

another mini quilt!

I was really excited the other day when this huge parcel of goodies arrived from Stephanie at HoneyBee!

Stephanie is one of my mini-quilt swapees so I knew there would be something beautiful inside as her work is so amazing but look how many parcels I found

lovely allotment-y fabrics for each of the children as well as some pieces for me which the little Lockets want me to help them make into an allotment quilt

great selvedges and jumbo ric-rac

the most fantastic mini-pin-cushion that sits in the top of your cotton reel (and was put to use immediately!)

and this incredible quilt

Thank you so much Stephanie - I love it all, especially the quilt which is so intricately pieced - I don't know how you have the patience and neatness - it's amazing!

I'm just sorry it has taken me a few days to blog about it - but you can blame Dot for that - getting ready for 11th birthdays and weekends at Granny and Grandpa Dog's takes a lot of doing - but I will leave you with a gorgeous photo of my gorgeous girl celebrating

You'll have to come back next time to see what I made for her - the final thing only got finished this morning after spending 8 hours working on it!


silverpebble said...

What a parcel of magic from Stephanie - I LOVE those allotment-themed fabrics - so thoughtful of Stephanie - and what a great idea to make an allotment quilt. You could all snuggle under it in your shed while you cooked up your tasty veg!

That photo is just lovely - looks as though you captured a really special moment there.

Emma x

silverpebble said...

By the way that intricate little quilt is stunning!

Gina said...

Fabulous parcel from Stephanie - one very talented lady. That mini quilt is incredible. Love the photo of Dot. She looks like she is having so much fun and doesn't she look grown up! (and beautiful)

Katy said...

blimey Nora - what a massive parcel of gorgeousness!!!!

Miss D looks very happy on her birthday - 11 eh? Big school awaits (SCARY!!!)

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun idea -- an allotment quilt -- just perfect! I love Stephanie's quilt -- it's going to look great on your mini-quilt wall. And the pic of the birthday girl is just magic!

periwinkle said...

lovely goodies and I think an allotment quilt is a great idea.. the mini quilt was just gorgeous. Dot looks so happy - fantastic pic
lisa x

the pesky bombolino said...

Happy Birthday Dot! Eleven is a good age to be, I hope you enjoy it x

JuliaB said...

oooh you lucky devil! I must say I did love that allotment quilt! x

MelMel said...

Hello...i'm new here...nice to meet you all!

Wow...amazing gift parcel...how kind of her!
The quilt is very lovely....i love them...but have no time to make one!

I am so pleased to have joined the world of blogging....so many great ppl to get to know!
If your passing pop in and see my blog!xxxx

wonderwoman said...

what a stunning quilt - you are a lucky girl. and the fabrics are lovely, can't wait to see the quilt from that little lot. the birthday pic is great - best pics are almost always the spontaneous ones!


Jennie said...

bah how did I get so far behind... apparently very easily!!
The mini quilt from Trashy is hilarious! The allotment themed fabric is gorgeous. Your allotment is fabulous too! I love your shed!!!
Children must run into the sea fully clothed.. it is the law.
and Happy happy birthday to Dot!!
*and breath*

quiltdude said...

Wow look at Dot, how grown up does she look!? Love the hair cut, very very smart. Happy Birthday from all the mini quilties xxx
Gorgeous quilt parcel too.
X Clare

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Dot Locket!!!!!! She looks very grown-up and ladylike in that photo :)

Your parcel from Stephanie is wonderful and I'm in awe of all the work that's gone in to that beautiful quilt!


p.s. can't breath - just seen Mamma Mia :)

corry said...

Wow, what an amazing little quilt! Do you have an empty space left on your wall to hang this beauty? If you don't, I know a nice wall!

trashalou said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Dot et al celebrating. I love it!

great haul there Missus. Looking forward to seeing the allotment quilt.

Rachelmp said...

Happy birthday Dot! What a beautiful photo Lucy. Great mini quilt and gifts - just love that jumbo ricrac too

Blossom said...

oh such loverlyness!!!!!!!;)

That teeny quilt is quite divine!!!!

nothing like goodies in the mail is there?

our shabby cottage said...

What a wonderful quilt to add to the collection! No need to paint the wall for a makeover!

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Dot - what a gorgeous photo!

Lovely lovely quilt and fabric goodness - your house must be overflowing!