Monday, 18 August 2008

sweet and innocent things

I thought you might all appreciate some simple and innocent things to look at in this post to help you recover from Trashy's quilt............................

so here we have some lovely onions drying in my allotment shed - don't they look good?

I was chatting to Emma on my mobile whilst tidying my shed and she asked if it was a "pretty shed" so I explained how it had been derelict when we took on the allotment

and how I had rebuilt it with help from my allotment friends out of recycled fascia boards and bits of plastic

(photo from last August - look! Blue sky! AND dry grass patches!)

"so no bunting then?"

Nope, none at all, but look at my lovely tidy gardening tools

I do love my shed!

And while we are on the subject of allotments I thought I'd show you my favourite photo so far this year

It's not clever but the subject matter is gorgeous and I love how it all looks!

So Daisy leads me nicely on to my next part of the post........................

this parcel that arrived chez Locket this afternoon

a package full of goodness from our wonderful friend Gina

Not only was there a special parcel for Daisy containing a fantastic sock creature to thank her for designing the mini-quilt I made for Gina

(Millie Boggle was the name the children and I came up with in Gina's competition a while a go and it transpires that this young lady already has a taste for wine so she has come to the right place - as long as she doesn't drink too much of it!)

but also presents for all three little locket-y ladybirds so Dorothy and Fred wouldn't feel left out!

Here is a sample of the goodies inside each parcel - how kind and lovely! Gina also included old fashioned fruit lollies - the kind where they have the picture of the fruit in the middle - but they were gobbled too quickly for me to photograph them but I did get a lick of Daisy's as it was my favourite orange flavour!

Thank you so much Gina, the children were all delighted - especially as they had just come home from a two night sleep over at Granny and Grandpa Dog's house and were inevitably feeling a bit flat.

So......................... talking about Granny and Grandpa Dog (my mum and dad, named "Dog" by Dot when she was a baby because she always got excited about there being a dog at their house - as opposed to Granny and Grandpa Biscuit, where she got, um, well, biscuits) leads me very neatly into my next sweet and innocent photos

sneaky peeks of Emma's Russian Doll Swap gift from me

and Rachel's mini quilt - that I had time to stitch a bit more of because the children were having their sleepover

and yes, they do both look a bit similar (what you can see of them anyway) but that's because I really liked the colour/fabric combinations when I tried them out the first time and so used them again!

And the other thing that talking about my mum and dad leads on to is

new sock wool for my mummy bought from Barbara's gorgeous shop Ring-a-Rosie.

But I couldn't go through to Barbara's shop without arranging to meet up with Clare and the girls could I?

So we had a lovely time walking along the beach collecting pebbles for a silverpebble and watching the waves............................

all except for Fred

- who decided that throwing stones at the sea wasn't good enough

he had to run in after them...................FULLY DRESSED!

Meanwhile this friend of mine keeps dropping me sneaky hints about the things she has been making and buying lately for "somebody's" birthday............................ I can't wait!


quiltdude said...

Nice, calming post. No sniggers at all from this one ;)
The shed looks fab, I can see how it would be easy to spend hours there.
Very nice parcel goodies and the mini quilts are coming along nicelt too.
Shame we ate the ice dreams way too quickly to photograph again!
X Clare

quiltdude said...

I meant ice creams not dreams although they were dreamy.
X Clare
I'm half asleep!

French Knots said...

What a lovely tidy shed, do you have radio and dechchair too? I'd love a shed on my allotment, the best hope I have of getting one is building it out of the 3 tons of lego we seem to have!

Karol-Ann said...

Your shed looks wonderful! Such lovely photos.. You do get nice mail too!

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Allotment pictures -- I love allotment pictures, especially when they're sprinkled with the adorable little Lockets. And now I have shed envy! Love your sneaky peeks -- can't wait to see them all. I love the fabrics! And what else did you want Fred to do with all that water? He's one smart boy!

Gina said...

Oh Lucy - I love your shed! The picture of the onions hanging up and the allotment pictures are just perfect. Looks like some lovely stitching going on there too. Pleased the little Lockets enjoyed their parcel.
Gina x

wonderwoman said...

oh lucy i love your shed! our onions are still in the garden as it has been so wet i have not gotten round to sorting them out! your stitchery and quilt look lovely and what lovely gifts from gina, lucky girl you!

Simone said...

You have such a well-organised shed! No room for a quilting wall though! The allotment looks really great and you have done well considering the weather we have been having. Love the sock monkey, far superior than my feeble attempt!

silverpebble said...

Your shed IS pretty, you fibber -that photo of the onions is straight out of Country Living. I'm afraid I get excited about peeling paint, rusty nails and terracotta flower pots etc. There may be just a little TOO much of that kind of thing at our house. Your shed is all the more magic having been built back together from bits a bobs.

That sneak peek has got me very excited indeed - so many lovely fabrics that are right up my street! And for me!!!!!

silverpebble said...

That's bits AND bobs - trying to type gently so as not to wake tiny pebble.

Oops, she woke anyway!

BTW that pic of Daisy and the cornflowers and veg beds is GORGEOUS.

Working Mom Knits said...

I'd say that shed is very pretty indeed - even without bunting : ) And the onion picture looks like a painting!

Sal said...

I love your shed! And as for those onions!!;-)

em said...

your shed is great and tidy but what about ur house?
the photos r fab.i ony hav 1 non-used piece of ladybird paper
cya soon
em xxx

em said...

your shed is great and tidy but what about ur house?
the photos r fab.i ony hav 1 non-used piece of ladybird paper
cya soon
em xxx

Charlie P said...'s no good...all I can see in my head is the image of that donkey...*shudder*

periwinkle said...

i bet you are glad your onions are hanging there otherwise they'd be swimming away in this weather!! Have you made socks before - lovely wool, I keep meaning to give them a go but still haven't picked up the courage :-)
lisa x

Rachelmp said...

Hi Lucy

What a great post. Love the shed and especially wet Fred! and look a mini quilt for me - yay

Leanne said...

Lovely post the photos of the onions hanging. Glad to see Fred is all boy it wouldn't be a visit to the beach without getting soaked.

Sinta said...

What a lovely looking allotment. And I love the colour of your shed! My red onions all bolted this year, so no storing. Just Red Onion marmalade. Your crafts are really nice too :) Found this via Google Reader, will be back for more!

Jane said...

Beautiful onions and your shed looks brilliant and beautifully tidy. Lovely crafty gifts too. Jane x

hens teeth said...

Really enjoyed reading your post ~ wonderful allotment and lovely to see your children enjoying the outdoors.
Thank you for your comments and research. I do so hope that they lived out their lives together.

eileen said...

I know I'm like three days late posting a comment. Those onions hanging on the shed are gorgeous! Everything from the allotment is beautiful. I'm alway so glad I found your blog.. you show such neat stuff.

Vale said...

Hi Lucy, your shed is so nice! Also your blog is wonderful, so funny but so warm, at the same time! You have a lively - lovely family! I will be happy if you come and see my blog. It's in Italian, but I've the babel fish for the English transalation. I know... the fish makes terrific translation, but it's better than nothing! I'm thinking about translating my posts by myself...
See you soon!

dottycookie said...

Oh Lucy, I have missed you while I've been away. Your posts make me laugh and smile so much!

Lesley said...

Your shed is quite quite lovely Mrs Locket - and so very tidy too!!

Your goodies from Gina are fab - she really does do the very best sock monsters :)

Very nice sneaky peaks and beachy photos but the photo of Daisy Locket has to be my favourite.

By the way - got you some more bits for your pressie :)


Katy said...

Daisy is absolutely gorgeous, isn't she? (as are all the little lockets)
Loving the sneaky peeks - the colours are beautiful, I just can't wait to see it all. How far gone are you with the mammoth mini quilt undertaking?

ps hope the birthday girl had a good time at the weekend, mine did - it was GREAT weather, wasn't it?!

Jane said...

I have nominated you for an award please visit my blog to collect your award Jane x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


Heleen said...

Lucy, I love the onion picture! And you have a georgious shed!
Your pictures look great!

JuliaB said...

Oh lordy, why doesn't my allotment look as nice as that? I want it too .. but, it won't!! x