Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dotty Locket's Birthday

So my lovely Dorothy is now 11 - incredible!

And she's off to big school next week!!!

When asked what she wanted for her birthday she said

"Um, books please!..............................................then if you need any other ideas I'd quite like some books ......................and if anyone else asks then books would be good! ............................. how about books? And if you're really not sure what to get then I'd love some books!"

What a sensible girl!

Can't think who she takes after!

Her wish was my command

a jolly good stash of books from various members of the family and more books bought with birthday tokens from friends - should keep her quiet for a while (hopefully!) and then I get to read them all!

She also got some artsy crafty things from us, beautiful clothes from Granny and Grandpa Dog (and a book!)
(one of Dot's new dresses and a new dress for Daisy too - doesn't mum and dad's garden look lovely?)

and lovely cooking things from Granny and Grandpa Biscuit

including this gorgeous cookery book as recommended by Clare - the recipes are fab!

as well as an MP3 player full of great music
(that I REALLY want for myself) from Ally and co and lots of other lovely things from family and friends.

One of her absolute treasures is this Phoenix Trader Recipe Box from my friend Jane - Dot has been busily transferring her favourite recipes onto cards to put in it. She's becoming a really good cook.

So far she has received 5 home made presents.

(Fred looking rather strange here!)

The best being this gorgeous collaged picture by Daisy and Fred made out of old Country Living magazines (I really enjoyed helping them with this and Dot was banished to the kitchen to cook us scones and cakes so she didn't see what we were up to!)

I made her this butterfly from the Melly and Me pattern Blossom - such a fun thing to make

and then kitted her out with new things for school:
a patchwork pencil case with my very first inserted zippy pocket (wonky but functional!)

a co-ordinating wallet for her dinner money, bus pass, library ticket etc

and the piece de resistance.................................... a new school bag

(because she was worried that her old one would be too "bright and cheerful" for secondary school with her all black uniform!)

I loved sourcing the fabrics for this one and putting it together even if it did take 8 hours and still needs "tweaking" with some decorative red buttons for the front flap and a few more rows of top-stitching to make it super-strong (once I've replaced all the snapped sewing machine needles!)

(it's not really wonky - well not that much anyway! - it's just the way the flap has been put over)

It's fully reversible so she can have a "bright and cheerful" side too and has a gazillion different pockets (more zips - thanks to this tutorial over at U-handbag)

and pencil holders etc (the Russian doll bit in the next photo)

It has an extra wide strap but it can easily be folded over to make it narrower and it is nice and thick so it shouldn't cut into her shoulders - no matter how many books she puts in it!

Hopefully it will be sober enough to be "suitable" for secondary school but funky enough to pass muster with her peers (who will probably have designer labels instead of homemade!)

I've never found it easy to fit in with "the crowd" and I know Dot feels "different" too sometimes - what I would like her to be able to feel is "original" and "individual" instead.

I still need to make her a matching pencil roll and a P.E. bag - hopefully using this tutorial, and at the same time I am pootling away with some more mini-quilts. I started this one

originally for Sally-Ann who sent me this gorgeous Camper-van quilt. This caravan was going to be my "alternative camper-van" and is from this fantastic book by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that as the owner of the fabulous Daisy, Sally-Ann would probably prefer a real camper van quilt so I have started something different for her. So if any of my remaining mini-quilt-swapees fancy a flower-power caravan quilt then just let me know - it will look a lot nicer when it is finished I promise! (and I'll even iron it too!!!)

And if you've got to the end of this mammoth post then you clearly deserve a medal - so go and ask Trashy who she has put in charge of medal-making cos I haven't got any!


Gina said...

A very happy bithday Dot - what a lot of wonderful presents although the best ones are the homemade ones. I just love that pencil case. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being unique and individual. Too many children feel they ought to fit in with the crowd but its the individuals who are special!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Dotty Locket!! :) Great stash of pressies there. I love the school bag.

And you've timed this blog post perfectly because I still need to make a PE bag for DD so now I don't have to go trawling google for a pattern. Nice one Mrs Locket :)


Thimbleanna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Dot!!! What a fabulous birthday for a fabulous girl. I LOVE that she wants books! Your goodies are fantastic Lucy and that bag looks like it will be just perfect for school. Hopefully all the designer girls will be green with envy! LOVE the pic of your three angels -- they're all so adorable!!!

monkee maker said...

Happy Birthday to The Biggest Little Locket! And good luck next week at secondary school, I'm sure you'll be taking orders from your schoolmates, wanting a fabulous bag like yours .... I know I do!


trashalou said...

Lovely looking presents there Dottie Locket, Princess C-W is a tad jealous of them thar books. Loving the bag too. And OH! MY! STARS! It's reversible! Very clever work there Missus Locket Pocket.

Also fabulous words too Missus Locket. Philosophy to live by.

dottycookie said...

Oh it does sound like a wonderful birthday! I think her new bag is particularly lovely, but then what do know?!

I think perhaps my little ones could do with new PE bags too. Hmmmm ...

French Knots said...

Happy Birthday Miss D, what super presents!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Dot!! What fabulous presents. Most wise choosing books and those presents you made are gorgeous, Lucy!!

I'm just as happy as Marie as I have a PE bag to sort out for Minx and you've provided the perfect link :)


nicolette said...

Happy Birthday Little Miss Locket! What a fun post to read and what a clever girl that Dottie Locket!

Working Mom Knits said...

Happy b-day Dottie gal! Being a book-worm myself, I heartily approve of the gift list : )

ps: my b-day is in March if you'd like to make a bag, walet and pencil case for me! I'd be ever so grateful!!!

wonderwoman said...

a very happy birthday dot - what fantastic presents - lucky girl. love all your bags lucy, you have been a busy girl! and its nice to be different!
as for the books, lovely, a girl after my own and my daughter's hearts - we love reading!

Simone said...

Dorothy had loads of wonderful gifts. What a lucky girl she is! Good luck with your new school Dorothy I am sure you will fit in very well. You will look super cool with your designer fabric bag. When I started secondary school (many, many moons ago) I had a huge heavy leather expandable briefcase that was nearly bigger than me! I was totally uncool but that is what we had to have back then. Enjoy your books!

JuliaB said...

Oooh ! Happy 11th birthday to Dot, I hope she had a lovely time. Bit worried about that "cat o 9 tails" book though!!! School bag is FAB! I bet she will be the envy of all the other girls. ! x

quiltdude said...

Didn't she do well! I still can't get over how beautiful and grown up she looks in her black dress, just gorgeous. All those handmade pressies are brilliant, and books, books,'ll not see her for a while!! Give her a big hug from all the quilties.
X Clare

Kathleen said...

Wow, your daughter is a lucky girl receiving those handmade goodies ready for big school. As a keen crafter and a secondary school teacher (who shamefully takes more notice of the styles and build-quality of kid's bags than teaching), I assure you that her friends will be envious! I hope that in 10 years' time when my little girl goes to big school, she will be taking beautiful handmade things too!

Jenny said...

Wow turning 11 is just so cool-look at all those presents!!! I love the collage and the bag-I too bet all the other girls will want one-what a clever mum-Happy Birthday and I hope the new school is fabulous.

silverpebble said...

What gorgeous home-made presents you made for Dot. That bag is fantastic! Loving all those groovy black and white fabrics - and the fact that it's reversible is a marvellous sewey feat in my opinion.

Hmm, it is tough feeling different (been there) but your way of showing her that uniqueness is something to be proud of is fantastic. Tell her she looks gorgeous and wonderfully grown-up (from me!).

Lina said...

Happy birthday! What a great stash of birthday treasures. Good luck at school!

est said...

sorry that my birthday wishes came so late dotty! happy belated birthday!!

Lynette Anderson said...

What a wonderful stash of birthday goodies. I really like the pencil case and think since its time I had a new one maybe I should try and make one myself. Do you use that clear plastic (shower curtain type stuff) for a lining to stop the pens spoiling the fabric?

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Dot, thats a beautiful stack of presents and books you've got. I hope you have a lovely time in the kitchen with the cooking gifts and then you can relax afterwards with a book - heaven! Lucy you are so clever your bag is just soooo groovy funnily enough Em has just been eyeing up a similar bag in one of the library books, for school.

Leanne said...

What a lovely stash of pressies.....I am surprised Dot is only 11 she looks much older. I love the butterfly and the bag you are a very clever mum Mrs Locket.

marit said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Dot! I love that stack of books!!! I never tire of books- and it's really nice to see someone reading! Enjoy:-)
Great bag too-you're clever!

Katy said...

What a fantastic bag! You are a fab mum, aren't you?! I never had designer gear at school, and my G isn't interested in it either. I know from bumping into old school friends - the ones you thought were the cool ones at school are the ones with 23 kids, plainer than flour, miserable as sin and TERRIBLY BADLY DRESSED!!! Dot will be fine, she'll find kindred spirits and.... I have just thought...that bag IS designer, am I not mistaken - those are DESIGNER fabrics, and it's a couture piece, from the house of locket? Oh, DAAAAHHHHLING, you're so chic ;)

dottydesigns said...

ooh that made me sit up and take notice. my name being mentioned, looking forward to my miniquilt!! Happy birthday to dot too, love her new bag. x

twiggypeasticks said...

Happy Birthday Dot. Speaking as someone else who didn't have designer gear(was it invented then :)and felt different, I reckon that being different is cool. You are a very lovely mummy, I love all the stuff you've made for Dot. You also have very beautiful children !
Twiggy x

Di said...

Wow - what an amazingly beautiful selection of gifts!! I hope that Dot had a great birthday!! The one day of the year just for you to be spoiled!!

the pesky bombolino said...

Happy Birthday Dot! What wonderful presents, the collage is so lovely and the bag? She'll be the coolest girl on the block- I want one!

Karol-Ann said...

Happy Bitrthday Dot! I love all the black and white school kit your Mum made for you - just gorgeous!!

Rachelmp said...

Happy birthday Dot! You are so cleaver Lucy. What beautiful presents you have made. Great stack of books too!

GUGAW said...

wow what lovely presents!

Jennie said...

oh wow I am glad Dotty had a lovely birthday. I love love love the things you made for her! I now feel inspired to make Ellie something. I never even though about making her a pencil case for school. I am completely with you on the subject of fitting in. Ellie struggles a lot at school for some reason and I keep telling her she doesn't have to fit in, and that she is original and not one of the herd.
I hope Dot has a lovely time at school and all her peers are jealous of her lovely things.

Just Susan said...

Happy belated birthday to Dot. She is already the envy of one eleven year old girl, mine, who has requested a bookbag like Dot's using some polka dot materials. Did you use a tutorial for the bag? Any tips or pointers. What great gifts, nothing beats homemade. I really enjoy your blog.

Charlie P said...

I've just realised why I didn't spot the owl picture before- I was too distracted by Fred's face! It is a fantastic collage. Very clever :)