Monday, 8 September 2008

I'm stuck

I've hurt my wrist more and it's very ouchy so I'm feeling sorry for myself again because i can't craft, I can't type (except with one finger) so I will only be leaving short messages where I can on your blogs -your comments pages will be slightly saner for a while at least, and i have to use the mouse with my left hand which is all wrong!

And as for the housework.....................that's what has got me in this mess in the first place!

I decided that my wrist was hurting because the keyboard and mouse tray on our mahoosive computer cupboard had broken off so you had to use the mouse at a funny angle putting strain on my wrist.

Cue my bright idea to get a cheap new computer table with functioning shelf.

Not such a bad idea I hear you say.

Ah, maybe not if it hadn't meant completely rearranging the dining room furniture including three huge bookcases (and their contents) and the mahoosive computer cupboard with all my craft stuff in!

Now I did delegate do it was a full Team Locket experience. And I even gave everyone special job titles with badges and responsibilities:

Naturally I was the SUPERVISOR (but I didn't just stand around watching everyone and actually did most of the shifting and carrying myself - hence the wrist problem)

Mr Locket was the DOGSBODY which mostly involved going to Argos to buy the new computer table, then build it and generally do loads of stuff - particularly rescuing me whenever I got myself stuck in the middle of moving some large piece of furniture!

Dorothy was the CATERING MANAGER and made lunch - cheese and tomato spirals (yum), double chocolate muffins (double yum) and salad nicoise for supper as well as providing the rest of us with drinks and going to the local shop for various cooking ingredients.

Daisy was the CLEANING AND SORTING ENGINEER because she absolutely loves dusting and washing things and organising where they should be.

And Fred was the RELOCATION OFFICER because I told him he had the muscles in the family and was the best one to help move all the books and boxes of craft stuff around!

Everyone worked really hard and the room looks loads better - except for my poor sewing table (which I had completely cleared last week) - everything that didn't have an obvious place to go was just dumped on top :( It's going to take ages to sort again but not today because today ?I'm resting my poorly little arm!!!

Flip it took a long time to type all that with one finger! I only meant to do a short post to explain why I wasn't going to be posting for a bit - I think I went wrong somewhere!!!

The next post will be about some of the lovely things that have been arriving through my letter box lately.

But as this has been a photo-free post so far I thought I would leave you with this view of Fred that I spotted in the background of a photo of Dot

it says a lot about that boy!


Katy said...


Gina said...

Do you think someone somewhere is telling you to take it easy and rest! I'm with Katy.... put your feet up! Love that picture of Fred!

April said...

TAke it easy Lucy - and getr well soon

April xx

Leanne said...

Take care of the wrist Lucy...can I borrow Daisy I have dust that is inches deep. You need to do my husbands supervisors coarse he manages to organise everybody else and doesn't lift a finger.

julia said...

Boys, I just love 'em! Now put your feet up, lift your cuppa using your other hand and CHILL OUT for at bit - that's an order!
Julia xx

French Knots said...

Time to sit and relax then, take it easy Mrs L!

silverpebble said...

Lay down the mouse, park the bottom, lift up the chocolate. Enjoy. Love the delegation system you had going there - excellent. Salad Nicoise is rather fancy and marvellous for an eleven year old! xxxxx

Lesley said...

It must be hurting 'cos you're not even picking up the phone!!!
Most impressed with your organisation of Team Locket but most of all I'm impressed with Dot's culinary brilliance!
Now, after you've answered the phone to me, go and sit down and rest your arm :)

Esther said...

sorry to hear your wrist is still hurting - and LOVE the use of the word 'mahoosive' thought I was the only one who said that! Great picture of your son - cheeky little monkey :o)

Chloe said...

See, housework is EVIL!
Evil I tell you.

Simone said...

That is a cheeky little monkey you have there! I like the fact that you delegated the responsibilities. It is nice to have a team of 'willing'? helpers!

Working Mom Knits said...

Do you need the international loan of a wrist brace? Say the word and it will be in the mail TODAY!!

ps: love Fred's pic!

anne bebbington said...

Life has a strange way of telling you to slow down and rest - listen to it - you can always browse other blogs carefully with your other hand - we won't mind if you can't comment - but you need to be gentle on yourself before you do yourself a permanent mischief

Kitty said...

Awww, Lucy, you poor thing :-( If you strapped your arm up in a sling, do you think it would help? I'm sure one of us could run you up a fabulous Amy Butler sling?!

I agree with everyone else - you have to rest. I know it's maddening, but just take some time out and sit and read or something.

Hope you feel much betterer very soon. ((((hugs)))) xx

PS: NOW you tell me that Fred is a fab 'relocation manager'. Tsk - I could've done with him!

Thimbleanna said...

That Fred is cute as ever. I hope your wrist gets better quickly -- we can't have blogland without our frequent Locket updates!

Angela said...

Great picture of Fred. Boys always know how to enjoy themselves and where the biggest, wetest puddle is.
Take some time out and rest your wrist enjoy a few films now the children have gone back to school.
Hope you feel better soon.

Greedy Nan said...

Poor you! How did you manage to type all that with one finger? It either took ages or you delegated and it should have been the latter. Try and get some frankincense essential oil and bathe the wrist [or even your whole body] in the fragranced water. Even if it does the wrist no good, it will make you feel great. Feel better soon.

Michaela said...

Well that must surely teach you never to even think about housework again! Someone once gave me a great tip - use a hairdryer to blow the top layer of dust off and use furniture polish like air freshener. Everyone will think you've cleaned up and be none the wiser. Try and rest up with the wrist - love the idea of an Amy Butler sling, I'd go for it Kitty!

JuliaB said...

Oh dear, I do feel sorry for you butyou do need to rest! Hope you feel better soon! xx

dottycookie said...

Lucy, step away from the keyboard! Red wine and no dusting should do the trick; trust me, I'm a doctor (well, PhD but surely that's the same difference ;-)

Seriously, have you seen someone about it? Take care.

marit said...

Great photo of Fred- and well done on the Locket team for all this organizing! Now you sit down and rest:-)

trasha said...

Gosh Locket, everyone is being very nice aren't they? Of course what they really mean is 'Silly Moo! You would think she would know to sit and rest if her arm hurts! ;-)

wonderwoman said...

so sorry to hear your wrist is still hurting - i think there might be a clue there - rest it! get the family to do the housework for a few days - it'll make them appreciate you all the more!!
lots of hugs and hope you are soon back crafting.

p.s - d. day tomorrow!


Jodie said...

Great photo - now go and rest!

Kylie said...

That would have taken you ages to type. Hoping that it improves for you soon as I know that I women without craft will go nuts in no time! (well i would anyway) as for typing with one hand - that is th only way i seem to do it at the moment - i either have mr 7 months having a feed or miss 3 having a cuddle

est said...

oh my! you really need to gulp a whole cup of wine then straight to your bed and rest! lol

monkee maker said...

Well you seem to have trained the little Lockets well .... surely one of them can type your blog posts for you; another can take and upload photos. And the last one can bring you tea and cake while you rest your wrist.

Problem solved!


Charlie P said...

Poor arm :(
Would a pigeon make it better?
Would a trip to the Fat Quarters this week help? I can drive to spare your wrist :D

alice c said...

I haven't visited your blog before but I just wanted to let you know that I agree whole-heartedly with your comment on Domesticali. You may only have one finger at the moment but you put it right on the spot!

Alison Boon said...

I want you to look in the dictionary at the word rest and see if it applies. Also the word short. Get better soon.
Great post though. Glad I'm not the only one who gives my kids labels. During the holidays we have an Events Manger, a Weather girl and a Vehicle Inspector.

nicolette said...

You sure can type a whole lot with one finger!

Take it easy, Mrs Locket!

corry said...

Take it easy Lucy, now you have lots of time to read books! I'll hope your wrist feels better soon!