Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sometimes trash is good for you!!!!

Especially when it is trash with a capital T!

Not only does this mad woman ring me up and make me snort my tea down the phone, she also sends fantastic parcels - of the birthday present and Raiders of the Box variety and I have been lucky enough to receive both in the last couple of weeks.

I'm going to apologise first though for the quality of my photos - there's something wrong with my camera and it keeps taking very dodgy shots but I'm not techno enough to work out what the problem is so you will have to just put up with it I'm afraid!

First up is the fabulous Raiders of the Box parcel - it actually arrived on my birthday and I was very excited thinking the HUGE parcel was going to be ALL FOR ME but then I realised what it was and got even more excited as I ripped it open to see what was inside!

It was full of lots of lovely goodies and these are the three I chose - some beautiful floral fabric, two pieces of the most amazingly embroidered linen and a flower crochet kit - the yarn is almost like string and I can't wait to have a play with it!

Not long after this excitement another Trashy parcel arrived - this time containing my birthday present - all wrapped up inside this beautiful tin

and look at all the amazing stuff inside!

Fab old buttons, fabrics, a gorgeous cupcake candle that I have to keep reminding the children not to eat, a heart balloon and a pretty flowery heart, a very funny card (and even funnier envelope!!!), a little doggy cushion and some brilliant Penguin pencils that I had been coveting!

But the thing that made me laugh out loud was this notepad

That's just sooooooooooooooooooooo me! I didn't realise it was a recognised condition! I had to ring Trashy immediately and I think I forgot to thank her for all the other lovely things because I was laughing so hard!!!

Trash - you are a complete star! Your Raiders of the Box swap is fantastic and my birthday goodies are just amazing - thank you so much!

And in wrist news, it's still hurting but apparently if I take ibuprofen for a week and rest then it may well get better!!! (isn't it great when one of your best friends is a GP?) It is still driving me crazy that I can't craft and I'm getting really sick of one handed typing (in fact I have cheated on this and used both but am going to stop very quickly!)

So I'm still struggling to reply to comments but I hope to back on top form soon but I'll leave you with a most depressing photograph

my sewing table after the massive weekend reorganisation - the really depressing thing is that even if I could move it all there is nowhere for everything to go! And to add insult to injury (literally) I had spent a whole day last week clearing it! Will I ever be able to do any sewing?


Lesley said...

Oh my word missus - you need to cover that sewing table with a pretty throw a.s.a.p to stop it torturing you while your wrist recovers!!

I love the fabric you chose in the Raider's box and your birthday goodies from Trashy are fab! I love that notepad - very you :)


Gina said...

Don't look at that table until you are fully recovered! What a lot of lovely goodies... I can't wait for Raiders of the Box to arrive here!

Katy said...

The box arrived at mine, I took photos, I thought I had uploaded them onto the 'puter - they have GONE. I am soooo grumpy.
Fab birthday goodies, that Trash is an excellent person!

wonderwoman said...

i have to tell you that my sewing table looks like that, what with all the upheaval lately - will soon post some pics on a new post when i have uploaded them!
what a lucky girl to get two parcels and such lovely goodies - trashy is a true star!


keep resting that wrist.x

Bumpkin Bears said...

It was such fun reading this post, love all those goodies you got in the post - gosh I wish I got things like that, I only seem to get bills ;) Catherine x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Lucy, you poor dear! Take all that sewing "stuff" and throw it under your bed and don't look again LOL. Or hey -- how 'bout a little crafty storage corner at the allotment shed???

minimon said...

...I never thought that there is anyone who has got such a chaos on his table like me! You are not alone :-)

Kitty said...

If I lived nearer I'd come and help ... I am now an EXPERT at finding places for things that have no place!

Glad to hear you're on the mend - take it easy and don't try to rush back to doing things that will go 'ouch'!

Can't wait for that box swap to land at my place - so exciting.


Karol-Ann said...

I was just about to comment that if it was me, I'd just throw a sheet over it, but I see many think the same. You need to rest, so out of sight, out of mind may be the answer.
At least you have lovely goodies to distract you!!

kathleen said...

That is pretty much what my dining room looks like all the time! I have piles of fabric all over the place with nowhere to put anything yet hubby has a whole room full of boxes packed with junk from when he moved into the house 10 years ago!? How is that fair?

Jenny said...

The postie must have a well worn track to your letterbox! You have got some lovely goodies for sure-lucky duck! I hope your wrist gets better soon-it is hard to be patient when you have lots you want to do-at least the pile on your desk is not going anywhere and can wait patiently until you are all mended!

Jodie said...

he he, the actual sewing machine bed has nothing on it - you can still sew. Survival of the fittest - things will eventually just fall to the floor- and once there...well at least they can't fall any further!

trashalou said...

Well, you are very welcome there Missus. I am glad you like it.

So excited about THE BOX doing the rounds. It is terrifically exciting to think that everything I put in it has gone (I think).

(err... the doggy cushion thing? It's meant to be a pincushion. I'm just saying is doesn't have to be)

est said...

oh gosh! that pic was depressing enough! lol
get well soon!

silverpebble said...

Yikes, step AWAY from the table - nothing to see here - Lesley's plan of a pretty throw is a great one - OR, you can pretend it's a very interesting 'installation' in manner of that Emin woman. Don't go near it until poorly wrist is better ( and you are much fortified by our mutual friend - you know who).

Such swappy trashy goodness - LOVE that fabric and linen - hmm, might have to back and have another look. That tin is delish and ...well, just so much of it.

periwinkle said...

Lovely presents you got there.. I agree that you should put something over your sewing table so you can't see it until your wrist is better -
lisa x

Anonymous said...

Great package!! You must have had fun opening that all up! Hope you can be sewing in some form of organisation soon!!

Leanne said...

I'm with Lesley a lovely throw and forget the mess your choices from the box.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love your goodies.... the tin is too dear. Now about that sewing table, mine is worse, and I am not reorganizing with a bag wrist!Enjoy your birthday goodies.

Greedy Nan said...

Glad you are feeling betterer than you did and now able to type again. So what's wrong with your sewing table then? Looks fine to me. It's WIP after all. How can you possibly be in creative mode if everything around you is perfect - that looks as though you have finished! You really did get some glorious gifts for your special day. What lovely friends you have.
Keep taking the tablets [I do] and you'll be right as rain [I'm not] sooner than you know it.

Sue Wild said...

pleased you had a good burthday, nice to have goodies, especially unexpected ones.

I can sympathise with you over the sewing table. With a move to Yorkshire from Dorset coming soon I am constantly sorting out and trying to get rid, but it does not work!! The more you sort the more discoveries are made and you just can't get rid of anything!

Best wishes and belated birthday greetings from

Annie said...

Looks like lots of interesting things on that sewing table. Rest that wrist and enjoy all your new books you got for your birthday.

Laurie said...

Hey that looks familiar; have you sneaked into my sewing room? Good luck digging out.