Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Far too many photos - but you're getting them anyway!

This is an extremely photo-heavy post and I don't really have that much to say (which will probably make a very pleasant surprise!) but I apologise now for a total lack of cohesion in what I have to show you today.

First of all I am going to have a shameless, last-ditch attempt to win some Geek-by-proxy points in Lesley's competition before it closes.

Young Fred Locket
(pretending to be a chicken at Granny and Grandpa's house in this photo)
was desperate for it to be his turn to make "Halloween Biscuits" at school, so he came up with a plan, and a rather geeky plan it was too (for a 6 year old anyway). He decided he'd make a chart with the days until Halloween across the top and the children in his class down the side. That way he could cross each child off as they had their turn to cook and would be able to see when it was getting closer to his turn! (so cute!)

Amazingly his turn came round far sooner than he expected so he is now just using his chart to count the days until Halloween! But in the meantime he had to ring his Granny Dog and tell her that you use golden syrup in biscuits!?!

Meanwhile Daisy Locket was off school poorly for a few days last week and decided she needed to make the most of her time spent lying on the sofa by sewing some shoes for Beatrix (her mahoosive rag doll).

We used the Heather Bailey Bitty Booties pattern and, with very little help once I'd shown her the stitches, this is what she produced

and here is young Beatrix proudly modelling them

Daisy went back to school today and the little shoes have gone too so she can show them to her teacher and her friends.

In doll related news, Fred's "Adam Friend" doll went through the wash the other day but I was rather shocked to find him like this

and even more concerned when I went back out later to see this

The poor kid! But I bet these cruelties paled into insignificance when I chucked him in the tumble dryer a couple of hours later!

Moving swiftly on to:

a rather depressing shot of the allotment

a very pretty butterfly in mum and dad's garden (have you noticed how much fewer there seem to be this year?)

and finally the real reason for this whole post

Mum and Dad's new puppy Milly!

She's totally adorable! Only 9 weeks old and so good. I wish we could have brought her home with us!

P.S. did you notice Daisy's lovely new socks, just finished by Granny Dog?


Katy said...

super duper socks! Love them!
I like photo heavy posts, so thank you very much!

Simone said...

The little puppy is so sweet! The socks are great. Lovely colours. I like Fred's countdown to cookie making calender too!

trashalou said...

Oh Locket! A baby!! How absolutely beeyootiful she is :-)

Glad litle Dotty Locket is feeling better.

Thimbleanna said...

A new Locket cousin! Or is that Aunt? Sibling to you? LOL! She's adorable! DO you put golden syrup into biscuits? I've only discovered golden syrup through blogging (and flapjacks!) so I'm always looking for fun recipes to use it in. Oh! And did I tell you I found digestives in the grocery store a few weeks ago (I probably did and have forgotten!) -- I was SO excited and immediately thought of you. Definitely not like our graham crackers, but close!

Never a dull moment in the Locket household!

Gina said...

That little baby dog is so cute... just like a baby Barley! Love all the photos - I cope with pictures better than words!

Kitty said...

Awwww, cute pup! The kids will want to go and visit all the time!

Daisy's socks are great - as are Fred's biscuits. No.1 has Food Tech this week - she's using golden syrup in a biscuit recipe too!


wonderwoman said...

what a lovely little puppy - don't blame you for taking loads of pics! my garden looks way past its best now - full of weeds!
those little shoes are gorgeous - what a clever girl she is - a chip off the old block - well not old - but you know what i mean, in the nicest possible way!


Lesley said...

A great photo heavy post Locket!

I love Daisy's little shoes. She's done a great job on them :)

Little Milly is very pretty and sooo cuddly. I imagine she won't won't be short of hugs when the little Lockets visit.

As for Fred Locket's chart - marvellous hereditary geekage there - going to pop 14 last minute points on to your score....


Jen said...

The booties are gorgeous, as is Milly. I'm slyly grinning as I type this. I remember when our lab pups where that age - your parents are in for one hell of a ride. They are truly beautiful dogs but soooooooooooooo bold!

em said...

awww millie has grown loads she looks so cute and big in a small way lol. fred and daisy look like they were having fun, where was dot?
luv em xxxxxx<---an extra x 4 millie, make sure u give it to her from me, lol

dottycookie said...

I'm glad Daisy is feeling better now. I'm sure the puppy must help to cheer her up!

And we all knew you were a geek inside anyway ;-)

Carin said...

What a sweet puppy!

est said...

milly is so cute!! and the socks are great too!

monkee maker said...

Oh oh .... how long before we hear the patter of four little feet in the Locket household, I wonder??

Pester Power can be very persuading ....


Chloe said...

Ahhhh little puppy!
She is gorgeous.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Oooh, Oooh ... random observation ... Is that a Per Una cardigan hanging inside out on your washing line? If it is, I;ve got the pink one!

Haa haa!

Hoomungus rag-dollie and cute puppy too!

Lynette Anderson said...

Hugo sends a woof to Milly, he says its not that long since he was as cute as that. I remember his sharp little teeth though! OUCH!

nicolette said...

I love to see puppies!! And socks. And kids that are on the mend! Happy weekend!

Annie said...

What do you mean nothing much to say - I love all the incidental talk and that puppy is soooooo cute. We had a lab years ago. They are lovely pets. Loved seeing the long shot of your allotment. Just do little sections at a time and you will have it back in shape in no time. Your Mum's garden looks a lovely place to explore...and finally, I would love to come and visit you one day in UK.

Alison Boon said...

Milly looks so sweet. Daisy did a great job on those shoes.

mellyandrosie said...

I just love Adam friend handing on the line - too cute for words! I have been trying to get the Magoos working for me after your suggestion but they are cheeky little fellas!

Michelle said...

hi just popped over from ric rac...love your tutorial on the gocco...you made it sound less complicated than others i have looked at...great blog...

Kellie said...

Hi! What a huge baby your parents have there and so very adorable too!!! The more photos the better I always say! Thanks so much for dropping by and taking a look around my place ... I'm flattered! :) Hope to see you again!
PS I always love it when blogger askes me to choose an identity ... tonight I choose Wonder Woman (gee my husband will be pleased!!!)

2paw said...

I am afraid everything else went completely out of my mind when I saw Milly!! How gorgeous!!! I clicked through from RicRac!! What a lovely blog you have - and an allotment!!!