Monday, 6 October 2008


I don't know if you've noticed how nice I've been to you all lately?

I haven't subjected you to a Lucy Locket to-do-list for ages!!!!!

But as the chaos in the house is building up to truly embarrassing proportions I reckon it's about time I did something about it - and how better to tackle this humungous task than with an equally humungous list?

My VERY BIG SISTER Ally always says I should break things down into manageable bits like "pick 10 things up and put them away" so I will do a 10 point list for today.

  1. wash up
  2. put washing on
  3. make toad-in-the-hole batter, peel spuds and find veg for the children's supper
  4. quickly tidy sitting room (it will take DAYS to make it look decent!!!)
  5. finish finding homes for the books displaced during the big dining room rearrangement
  6. tidy sewing table
  7. empty middle part of the was-a-computer-cupboard-but-now-full-of-sewing-stuff cupboard
  8. try to fix the collapsed shelf in the aforementioned cupboard that gave way under the weight of all my lovely Australian craft magazines
  9. design and cut out a simple doggy softy for my friend's gorgeous little girl
  10. iron a few clothes (I know! It's amazing! Because I never, ever, ever iron clothes - but I've got some nice new ones that would look so much better ironed so I may have to break the habit of a life time!)
  11. collect fabric from closing down shop
  12. post parcel to Jodie and Annie
  13. hoover Daisy and Fred's bedroom because we can finally see the floor again!
  14. tidy hall and hoover hall and stairs
  15. waste hours reading all your lovely blogs instead of tidying
  16. compulsively check my newly updated blog for comments again losing valuable tidying time
  17. contact the delivery office to get them to send me my parcel again
  18. do a sneaky extra layer of papier mache on Dot's model because it looks like it is never going to harden
  19. wish I was sewing instead
  20. work on my CV
  21. Ring up for some job application forms and maybe ring some temping agencies too
  22. help the children make some chocolate crispie cakes after school
  23. swear (silently) a lot because the internet won't connect so I can publish this post

Ok, so that's slightly more than 10 - but then think how good it will look if I actually get some of it done!!!

Today's post has been illustrated by Daisy Locket - love her new style!

And before I go I need to show you two presents that arrived in the post recently:

First of all my gorgeous notetaker that I won on Nicolette's recent giveaway by guessing that she was going to make a rainbow hexagon quilt

I put it to use immediately - I just love the fabrics and the pockets are really useful!

I hope you appreciate how I colour co-ordinated the pens to match the fabric! Thanks so much Nicolette - I love it!

And then this arrived from my lovely Lesley-friend

apparently I may at times want to smack the author but there is loads of jolly good common sense in there too! So maybe I will be able to lose 3 stone before the Country Living Fair after all!!!!

But I'll leave you today with this photo of Fred enjoying some corn on the cob fresh from the allotment!

Lucy x

P.S. Wish me luck for my interview.......................!


Marie said...

Good luck for your interview!

I wish my To-Do list were that short! LOL. Trying to post mine would probably bring blogger to a stand still!


April said...

Good luck - sure you will do fine. My To Do list goes on for days.....

April xx

French Knots said...

Good luck for your interview - how could they not take on such an organised, list making, note taking expert?!
I only put about 4 things on my to do list each day out of the dozens of things I should do because otherwise I think 'the list is too long so I wont do any of them!'

Charlie P said...

Good luck for your interview! Where is it for?
If you've read this comment then you can safely say that you've completed number 16 on the list :)
It looks like you've got a budding artist in the family too!

p.s. 007 sends love and a big "COO" to Lofty

the pesky bombolino said...

That to-do list would keep me busy for a whole month!
The illustrations are fab btw.

Karol-Ann said...

Go get 'em girl!!!
I love that you too do not iron!! I only iron crafty stuff if I need to. It's not in my contract and 'he' can send me back if he doesn't like it!!!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

First of all Good Luck with your interview!
Your to do list looks sooo much like mine. I swear I spent a good four hours this morning trying to find a floor or at least a pathway into my 6 year old girls bedroom. I did clear a little space in that time, I found it under a trillion socks, I kid you not! If only that was the one thing on my list, now I am seriously behind and way too tired to move away from the computer to do anything more houseworky ( oh OK I know it is nearly 11pm but folding clothes doesn't make noise..I could be doing housework).
Oh well at least I have given you something to read...have a truly scrumptious day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

maria said...

Good luck with the interview.
I find it reassuring to see that other people have lots of stuff that needs doing particularly when it comes to housework as I always imagine that everyone else has tidy homes. I've spent ages cleaning the kitchen this morning and I hate to think that I'll just mess it up again when I make tea. No food for us tonight then!

Lina said...

I'm only commenting to help feed your need for no 16!! He he! Good luck with the interview!

Josie said...

to-lists, ermm I write one for the start of the new year.....and in the spirit of recycling, it will be used again for next year!
Josie x

quinn said...

Knock 'em dead on your interview!

(Gosh, if I wrote that list first thing in the morning, it would be enough to send me back under the covers! You go, girl!)

Katy said...

good luck, good luck!!!!
I am in love with your notebook thingy. It's fab. Does you make you immensely organised? If so I think I need one!
I couldn't even look at the list, I got upset by the sheer size.

Katy said...

oh, bugger. Forgot - marvellous illustrations, very talented young artist, I believe!!!!

Michaela said...

Good luck with the interview. Fingers and everything crossed.

I'm loving your list - bit like my summer one was - hope you manage more of it than I did! Ironing? Lucy no, no, no. You know it is so bad for your health!

Jane said...

Good luck with your interview and your list of to dos. Jane x

Kitty said...

Good luck for your interview!

I need to take issue with one of the items on your 'to do' list:

"waste hours reading all your lovely blogs instead of tidying"

WASTE hours? No, no, no Lucy Locket! Reading blogs is health-giving and therefore never a waste!

Daisy's illustrations are brilliant. x

Cele said...

Wow you grew corn !!!!
How amazing.
We have just planted over winter beans, onions and garlic.
Still laughing about the 3 stone weightloss plan before the country living fair

Ally said...

Well that is a stupid list. Totally not manageable.

Well I am your big sister and of course I always know best.

Just think when you get this new job you'll have to fit all your to do lists either before work or after!!!



Thimbleanna said...

You grow corn at the allotment??? How cool! I agree with the assessment of French Women Don't Get Fat -- there are a few good recipes too -- mind you, just a few -- recipes with tons of cream and butter are generally much better!

Lesley said...

15, 16 and 23 should be easy!!

I haven't written a to-do list for ages but now I've seen your mahoosive list I'm too scared to even try!!

I'll keep everything crossed for the interview :)

Glad you like the book - I hope folk don't think I was being horrible sending it to you...after all, it was the result of a number of phone calls....I don't make a habit of sending my friends books to help them tackle their excess baggage!

Miss Daisy has done a wonderful job of illustrating today's blog :)


Gina said...

Silly list Lucy... I always think a three point list much more manageable and the first point always has to be something you've already done so you can tick something off straight away! Good luck with the interview and I love the illustrations by Daisy.
Gina x

Anonymous said...