Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lovely post and the new "dog"

Well I seem to be coping with the new "dog" - although it was a bit of a shock when I sat down at my desk for the first time and suddenly realised that I actually had to learn a new job! Until that moment all I had thought about was the logistics of actually getting there - childcare, clothes, transport etc.

I must have written about 30 pages of notes which I am in the process of typing up - I'm going to treat myself and make a patchwork cover for a ring binder with a special pocket for my notepad so that I have something pretty to look at and nice fabrics to stroke if I get too stressed!

I've finally managed to upload the photos of some lovely post that I received a little while ago.

First of all a totally unexpected and really beautiful mini-quilt from Kitty!

complete with it's own tiny ladybird! I didn't spot it at first until Dot pointed it out.

Kitty also included some fab ladybird felt and froggy fabric for the little Lockets and a bag of chocolate eclairs but I can't photograph them coz they are ALL GONE!

Thank you so much Kitty - it was such a lovely surprise!

Another fabby piece of post was this card from Charlie.

I had commissioned it for my parents after seeing some of Charlie's sketches - isn't it just brilliant?

Which reminds me that I forgot to show you the crochet hook roll that I made for Charlie a while ago so here it is!

I used some of my most favourite fabrics and made the ties from a tape-measure - making sure I used 21 inches to match Charlie's age.

But I will leave you today with a photo of the fruits of my labours today - my sewing table!!! A massive improvement on this.


Katy said...

oh good lordy - look at that table!!!!! Are you sure it's yours?

What fab post you've got - lucky lady!
So glad to hear the new dog is going well. Is the new tidy Locket due to having a proper desk and being a working lady? (but not the sort that stand on street corners)

April said...

gosh, how lovely and tidy!

April xx

Jodie said...

New dogs can be so stressful, try to take it easy and not be too hard on yourself. You'll figure it all out - just give yourself some time.

Blossom said... many lovely things..
Glad the new dog is going well.

keep us posted!!!

dottycookie said...

Good lord woman, you're on a tidying roll! And clever old Charlie.

Glad to hear the dog is doing well - just make sure you're firm and let it know who's boss ;-)

Kitty said...

So pleased to hear the new dog is ok - you're so organised, you'll have it under full control in no time at all. And your work colleagues will want you to make them patchwork-covered ring binders too.

Glad the quilt arrived ok - can I pinch the photo, only I forgot to take one before I sent it. DOH! (I put the teeny ladybird on for your little Lockets - so glad Dot spotted it).

Charlie's artwork is so brilliant - she is one talented blogger.

Take care. x

Michaela said...

That's hilarious about the patchwork folder - bet you spend all your time making that instead of re-reading all your notes. I speak from experience there - I spent all my time at college knitting and not revising (hope you fare better than I did!)

Is that really your sewing table? What happened? Did the tidying up fairies come while you were at work?

trasha said...

You know it is a tidy sewing table b/c you haven't been anywhere near it this week, right?

Either that or those little Lockets have a secret plan to make your life easier....

Karol-Ann said...

Wow! Neat! I hope that it gets messy again soon! (As in, I hope you get some time to be crafty soon!)

Charlie P said...

Hooray! Sounds like you're enjoying the new dog. Did you buy new pencils and a new pencil case and a nice new notebook? Stationery buying is the best bit about starting a new school year/job!
I'm amazed by Kitty's super-neat quilting and the sweet little ladybird :)

...oh and I take it from the streak of PVA that (as predicted) my special pink pritt stick did not do the job it promised to do! I should write them a letter of complaint ;)

Michelle said...

Looks like I'm not the only person that cleaned their work area this weekend! Congrats... on both the cleaned sewing table and on your package you received!! :)

est said...

lol! that's a real improvement! well done on the table.

Gina said...

Pleased the new dog is going well Lucy. Some lovely goodies in the post but most impressive was that table. Will it stay that way?

Simone said...

It seems that this new job has a new organised Lucy!

Marie said...

Glad the new "dog" is coming along nicely. Have you thought of a name for it yet? ;)

I'm jealous of your sewing table. My craft table looks not unlike your "before" photo - only with a couple of extra inches of crafty crap on top. *sigh*

I've been making a notetaker for work for about the last 8 months. I still haven't gotten around to it. Mostly the probably being, I'm at work to often to get it done!

Hope you can read your own handwriting for typing up those notes :)


Lesley said...

Wow Locket - that is one gorgeous sewing table! I do hope you're not going to mess it up with any of that silly sewing fact you should frame it!

That's some gorgeous bloggy pal post too. I love Kitty's mini-quilt and the little ladybird is fab. I really think Charlie should make a series of Pigeon cards for us all to buy. Did Grandpa Locket like his card?

As my brain is not working I'm going to move away from the computer now that I've done my duty and left you a comment :)


corry said...

Wow, what a proper desk and what a beautiful suprise you've got from Kitty!

nicky said...

Love the card of Charlies, she is so clever isn't she? Great post, at least it wasn't all bills.

Christina said...

I love the quilt hanging behind. Always wanted to try a DWedding ring quilt, someday.