Monday, 27 October 2008

And there's more!

This new "dog" of mine earnt me a lovely card.............

And this is not just any card.

This is a bona-fide, custom-designed, totally original, rather wacky, Trashy Office Donkey card!
(just humour me and try to read that like the M&S food adverts ok?)

It is so fab

and it even has a picture of my new "dog" inside!

Thanks so much Trashy - it made me laugh out loud - I just wish I could take it to work with me, but I don't think I know them well enough for that!

And for those doubting Thomas' out there - I have to say that it was definitely me, Mrs Locket who tidied the sewing table - and it isn't tidy because I haven't been crafting. It is tidy SO I could craft!

Looky here - my new go-to-work-and-carry-all-my-new-files-while-still-looking-smart-with-my-new-posh-coat-bag!

made out of two of my friend's jumpers that I boiled to death. I'm not showing you any close ups because it is all rather winky-wonky - I don't think my sewing machine was very pleased with me after I made it sew through such thick materials and I made it rather quickly yesterday afternoon (after tidying the table). But I'm rather pleased with how it looks and it has some useful pockets in the lining.

But if I hadn't tidied my table I wouldn't have been able to do it - so there!

And I also started this stitchery yesterday using the free wee wonderfuls pattern. I tried using a hoop but I just can't get used to it so went back to scrunching the fabric and wadding up in my hands as I sewed.

And I'll leave you today with a photo of Dot's lucky stone necklace (that I made when I was about 13), and the lovely fabrics Lesley gave me for my birthday that I plan to use for my file cover.

Lucy x

P.S. Edited to add: you are very lucky to have seen the necklace as it has now broken! Dot is desperately trying to re-thread it on "the authentic original wool" but I don't think it will work!


Katy said...

I still don't believe it was you that tidied that desk. I would like to see photographic evidence of you tidying please.

Doesn't poor Dot get dragged down to the ground carrying that heap of rocks round her neck?

trashalou said...

Loving that fabric from Missus Moog there Locket. Plus that is one very fabulous bag for carrying very important work to and from your habitation of employment.

Hope this second week settles into something more like normal.

Kitty said...

Fab bag - it's not winky wonky, it's just lovely. Trash's card is wonderful - she needs to go into donkey card production.

Sorry to hear about the necklace :-( Hope Dot manages to fix it.


Lesley said...

Ok - I'm here - third!

What I said about Charlie P making cards now also applies to Mrs Trash.
Cards in your shops please you two!!

I can't wait to see what you do with that fabric. I'd forgotten how gorgeous it is and am now wondering why I didn't buy me any!

Now I shall take my leave and use some of my 'child free' day :)


Lesley said...

by the way - great bag!

Michelle said...

love the card it's so sweet...and very clever felting...i would like to try that one day...

Michaela said...

I'm with you Katy, I remain one of the Doubting Thomases. Your profile has you down as an 'untidy mummy' for your occupation, looks like you might have to change that description!

Yes please too to Trashy and Charlie. I need cards like that! Make more, sell them and get very rich!

dottycookie said...

Lovely bag! I do like a Wee Wonderfuls stitchette, but I didn't realise there were free ones - off to have a peek.

wonderwoman said...

absolutely love your bag - its a great colour!!
shame about the necklace!
trashy is priceless, her card is just brilliant - just what you need to send you on you way to work!!!
hope all going well



Zannah said...

Great bag - not not at all winky-wonky - I love the colour

monda-loves said...

wow - you have also fallen foul to the shrunken jumper! What a pretty bag.
Hope the new dog is going well :o)


summerfete said...

love the wee wonderful stitching, its such a great blog, I might have to go and have a looky!
lovely fabrics used for the crochet roll!


Rachelmp said...

I'm glad you still have time for sewing and tidying and blogging! Cute bag, card and fabric!

monkee maker said...

So glad to read that the new dog/job is working out for you you, and you have some stylish new accessories to carry important work type stuff .... like lunch .... and snacks ....

Fabulous cards from Charlie and Trashy too.


Karol-Ann said...

I haven't got enough fingers (and toes) to count how many of my things have been broken since I have had kids (and a husband!!). Just as well they are just things...

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely work bag, very pretty and I love your congrats on your new dog! card:)
Twiggy x

Kaz said...

Lucy I am so sorry I have missed so much of your blog. I love your bag, and wonky is good ;)

The dog is brill. Hope you're enjoying it.

Kaz xx

Jane said...

Lovely bag Lucy but Trashy's card is brilliant. Jane x

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