Saturday, 20 June 2009

Happy Families (Part 2)

Hello there! My name's Hattie and I'm a Kinder Girl.

Sumtimes Lucy says I be's bossy but that's only cos my little brother and sister always be's naughty and silly which makes me be crossy.

This is my sister Mattie.

She's smallerer than me.

And this is my brother Ollie.

He's very smaller and very silly.

We all live at Lucy Locket's house and our bestest friends are the Little Lockets, Dorothy, Daisy and Fred.

But Jodie (she's the really clever lady what lives a verrrrry long way under the ground from here) she said that if you wanted to make us invite us to stay then you HAD to make us clothes cos we don't like being nudey.

So we don't like this photo and we told off Lucy Locket.

And said her had to give us "our clothes back RIGHT NOW!"

So she did.

This is me in my favourite dressy with owlies on. I like owlys cos they be cleverer like me.

And Mattie likes her birdy dressy.

But I don't know why, cos birdies don't be as cleverer as owlies.

And this is Ollies outfit for when he be's good and goes to play at the seee-side, only he HAS to wear his hat so he doesn't get sunburnted cos Jodie says so.

Mattie and Me is happy cos our dresses do turny-roundy and be pretty on the OTHER side too!

But it's not fair.

Cos Ollie has TWO dressy-uppy outfits so he be's Robin Hood

(but Fred be's a silly sausage and doesn't know where he putted Ollie's robin hood belt and quiver!)

AND he be's a pirate!

But that's just cos he's a silly boy.

And he kept wriggling when Lucy was trying to take the photos so they went all fuzzy-wuzzy.

But do you know what?

What's even worserer not fair!

Mattie and Ollie be's lucky and have pyjamas too!

But Lucy hasn't made ME any pyjamas.

No she hasn't.

Even though she's made founded a whole new Kinder Girl called Tilly for her friend Janice and she's made her a dressy AND pyjamas.

So I be's cross. And I've told Lucy Locket that she HAS TO MAKE ME SOME JAMMIES NOW!

And I've even chosed the fabrics for my Jammies

even though Lucy said she wasn't sharing these with ANYBODY!!!!

Hee hee hee!


trashalou said...

Crocodiles Locket? Who knew you were so bloodthirsty??
you totally need to make some jammies for that poor wee girl.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Isn't there some government department to whom Hattie can report such misdemeanours like non-pyjama making?? Surely there is.

But the kiddies are super cute. Especially with reversible cute sun frocks!

JuliaB said...

Heheee! Looks like you're having lots of fun there!! x

dottycookie said...

I think someone needs tio give Hattie the Childline number so she can report the pyjamaless state forthwith.

Wish I had a reversible sundress ... actually even an irreversible one would be nice. Sigh.

twiggypeasticks said...

Very cute indeed!
Twiggy x

Jodie said...

Hello, My name is jodie and you made me giggle all through my cup of tea !

Jo in TAS said...

Poor Hattie, she's feeling neglected, better get a wriggle on and make those jammies!!
Love all their outfits and the fabrics are sooo cute!!

iru said...

hehe..this is so cute! lovely job=)

Jan said...

Crikey, Lucy, that visit you made down under the ground to Jodie in Ballarat has definitely turned your brain -or something... Your new family is just gorgeous, but isn't leaving just one little possum without jimjams a tad unfair? Good mummies aren't supposed to play favourites, after all. What WILL you come up with next? LOL

rachelmp said...

Wow Lucy! You have done an amazing job with the kinder girls (and the magoo's. Just love them!

Sarahs Home said...


Sarah x

Cass said...

Wow these are great. We have two lovely kindergarten girls at our house that Jodie made but I'm not game enough to make my own yet.

Sarah said...

They are just too cute for words!

Annie said...

I want some jamies out of that yummy fabric. What a lot of goodness to love there. I am going to invite a little girl and maybe even a little boy to come and stay at my house during the holidays that are not very far away.

Kitty said...

I can't resist popping in to say what a fabtastic post Mrs L-P - those are wonderful little people, and this is a wonderful not so little post. xxx

periwinkle said...

my you have been busy Mrs Locket, but you definately have to make the poor girl some pj's

wonderwoman said...

goodness you have been busy - and your family keeps on growing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these new house guests are more than a little demanding of you, Lucy! Maybe Hattie needs to be happy for what she's got... and not worry what everyone else is doing!!! ;) CUTE!

Helen said...


Marie said...

Gad dang it Mrs Locket. Now you've made me accidently go over to Jodie's esty shop and buy this pattern. Quite inconsiderate of you I think. It's not like I need more projects after all.

(clearly when my DH asks I'll be blaming "That Locket woman" again ;))


Leanne said...

I wish you would stop this Lucy.....I am trying very hard to resist buying Jodie's pattern but you are making it very hard.

Renee said...

ahh! they are so cute! Love the Peter Pan costume!

Allison said...

THose are ADORABLE! I especially love the pirate since we are all things boy around our house. Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Your family sounds wonderful!and your Kinder kids are just too cute! I too love Jodie's pattern.
Keep coming with the stories too, you really made my day