Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hello! It's me again!

And I'm sooper happy cos I got Jim-Jams!

And they do turny-roundy!

But Lucy said that just because my Jim-Jams did turny-roundy it didn't mean that I had to do it too and that I was being a bit of a pumpkin. But that's just silly cos my jim-jams be bluey not orange!

But I said I liked doing turny-roundy so there!

And do you know what we gotted to do yesterday?

No? Shall I tell you then?

We gotted to go out on a 'naventure!

Firsty we went on a loooooooooooooooooong journey all the way to Katie's house because she was having people round to play in her shed all day.

But Katie's shed isn't like Lucy's shed at the lotamunt.

No it's not.

It's a sooper-dooper shed with lots of pretties in it

and I wanted to stay and play in there ALL day.

But Lucy said NO, and that we had to have our pickernick

so we sat in Katie's garden to have our lunchtime but Ollie and Mattie be'd silly billies and climbed on Katie's willow archy thingummy which grows over her bathy (cos Katie has a bathy in the garden!) and I told them to "Get Down Right Now".

And then we went to see Katie's Treehouse

but it was a bit scary for me and Mattie and Ollie because it was very too bigger for us so we had to be carried up and then Lucy said we couldn't bouncy on the bed so that made us sad.

Dorothy and Daisy and Fred told us all about the otherer time they came to see Katie and they helped make the bed in the treehousey and put a pebble under the mattress to see if the lady who was going to stay there was a princess.

(Dinky Little Daisy and Fred May 2007)

And Lucy bought lots of lovely things from Katie's shed but she says she's going to show you them a nutther day because she wants me to tell you about going to see her Mummy and Daddy on the way home from Katie's house.

Only it wasn't really "on the way home" and she and Mr Locket did drive and drive and drive but it was very pretty out of the window and I only sleeped for a little bit.

And Lucy's Mummy and Daddy's garden is VERY pretty so Lucy tooked lots of photos of their flowers

and then she took some photos of the naughty Little Lockets too

and Fred be's laughing cos he sneaked up on Grandpa Dog when he was snoozelling and whispered "Chocolate" to make him wake up and he did!

The End.


Gina said...

I'd like to play all day in a shed like that! Great PJs by the way!

quinn said...

I worked all weekend, AND it rained, so I especially appreciate sharing your colorful outing! What a lovely garden your parents have created...and look, there they are enjoying it!
Lovely parents, too :)

I don't always "embiggen" photos on blogs, but this time I did - every one!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, I'm sure glad to see little Hattie finally got her jammies. She and her little friends are cuties. And it looks like they've had a grand and wonderful adventure over the weekend. And how thoughtful they were to share their adventures with the little Lockets!

katie said...

.....and Lucy told Katie all about this special thingy called Google Reader or sumthing and Katie says that she is very very grateful becos now she will have millions more hours to spend making more yummy things for her shed instead of checking for bloggers who are still fast asleep. Katie has a big old smiley face on all day long now and loves Lucy a lot!

French Knots said...

Can I go and live in the shed with all the pretties?? And be allowed to sleep sometimes so I have the energy to play with them!

wonderwoman said...

wow, thats a shed and a half - i could definitely stay in there all day!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I especially like the 'chocolate wake up call'!!! Poor Grandpa!!!

est said...

what a fun day for all of you! all yr softies are so adorable! it must be fun sewing little dresses n shirts n pants for them! cute! :)

ladydi said...

A fan letter to Miss Locket herself, admiring your small quilt in Mrs. Bighead's sewing room. Nice! I love small quilts, and yours are gorgeous.

Helen said...

I love the shed, how exciting. I have always wanted a tree house too. Little lockets look very happy, what a lovely day!!

Moogsmum said...

Aww - Locket, I love those dollies!!! Glad to see Hattie got her pj's after waiting so very patiently.

Off now for a rummage in Katie's shed...via your photos! It looks gorgeous and I have a huge case of shed envy!!


joanie said...

So cute! Hattie is gorgeous in her jim-jams. Beautiful place there in Northumberland, looks like it was worth the drive.
And BTW, I'd wake up for chocolate too :)

Jodie said...

You do understand that you are bonkers don't you ????

Michaela said...

That's the best looking shed I've ever seen!

Jackie said...

Oh! THAT Katie!
It was the bath that gave it away.

nicolette said...

You sure had a lovely day out!!

SisterJulia said...

That photo of Katies shed is just WOW!

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

Hehe, this is the CUTEST blog post ever!! xoxo

julie said...

Love the photos of your trip to the famous shed of Katie - it truly is sooper-dooper! And love your story of the turny-roundy jim-jams too!

Kellie said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun!

JuliaB said...

Oooh Lucy, I'm liking your new spotty look. Synchronised with the allotment blog? xx

Charlie P said...

WOW! Looks like fun and that shed is incredible :D
You must have been busy with all that sewing, Mrs. Locket- very impressive!

jabiru said...

What a day on your 'ndventure'! Lovely photos too. Thanks Locket

Jenny said...

Glad she finally got her jammies-lovely Ms Lucy

Anonymous said...