Monday, 8 June 2009

Such a lovely book

I was recently asked to review a cookbook and was rather anxious as I waited for it to arrive.

What if I didn't like it?

Now I know the whole point of a review is that you say what you really think of something but I was worried how I'd manage if I couldn't find positive things to say.

Well I needn't have worried.

I can honestly say that this

The Abel & Cole Cookbook Paperback

is one of the NICEST COOKBOOKS I have ever seen.

And when I let my mum look at it she nearly didn't give it back!

(At least that's solved what to buy her for her birthday)

But why do I like it so much?

Is it because of the gorgeous photography?

(this is my most favourite picture of all - don't you love it?)

Yes, that's one of the reasons.

Is it the delicious recipes?
like "Garlicky Broad Bean Salad", or "Rhubarb Bread and Butter Pudding", or "Roasted Squash and Wild Rocket Risotto"

Yes. I love it for that reason too.

Is it the way the book is laid out by season?
So that you can easily see what to use with vegetables when they are fresh and available (either from an organic box scheme, farmer's market or your own allotment)

Yup. I love it because of that too - especially as it has lots of innovative recipes and ideas for using purple sprouting broccoli which is one of the lovely surprises each Spring.

Or is it because it is so darn funny?
"Health Warning: this recipe only works with English Strawberries in June. Do not attempt in February as the lack of taste may induce clinical depression."

and cheeky?

and irreverant?
(by cooking standards that is)

Yes, I think that's what I love most!

But, I guess it's all of those reasons combined.

A really cool book.

And you can get it for only £5 if you live in their delivery area and buy it from here or you can get it here. You can also look at some examples of their recipes here.

Have a look. I think you'll be impressed.


Katy said...

a fiver? I'm off!!!

Moogsmum said...

Oh cool - what lovely photos! I may have to get me one for bedtime reading.

I think you did a grand reviewy job Sprocket :-)


dottycookie said...

And yet again I feel terribly sorry for myself - A&C don't deliver here. Grrrr.

Gina said...

I recently tried to see if A & C would deliver here... but not yet. The book however looks like a must have! And a bargain at only a fiver.

trashalou said...

That 'ment mixer? Is it pooing olives or capers?

Ali said...

A fiver - there must be some mistake! I feel and A and C order coming on...

Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful!!! Available in Australia?? I'd buy about 4 or 5 copies!!!

wonderwoman said...

have to get that - brilliant value!


Jenny said...

It certainly looks like a keeper to me-one can never have enough cookbooks especially one as lovely as that

vivi said...

this book looks great!
my daughter and i will try the headbands, will let you know, thanks for the link!
vivi from argentina

rachelmp said...

Beautiful photos.. might even tempt me to cook

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, I found a recipe that I want to try already. That truck and pea picture is Fantastic!!!

joanie said...

Looks amazing - thanks for showing us Lucy, you're a giver! At five pounds it's a steal too :)

Vanessa said...

What a great idea, great for us with a vegie patch. I love cookbooks that you can just sit down and read and admire the pictures. I might check out what postage to Australia would be for that book!

Michaela said...

Looks great - have you cooked anything from it yet? I'd be very tempted to try the cement mixer and peas (surely they are peas Trashy, not capers) Excellent way of making pea soup!

picciolo said...

that sounds great, I'll have to go and look for that!
: )

Helen said...

Oh Lucy that book does look good. Now you know cooking is not my strong point, but I am tempted by the pictures!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Wow, that looks great!
Twiggy x

Leanne said...

I bought a cook book the other day not only for the recipes but for the great photos.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

What a lovely book. Even a non cook like me loves it. I now have it listed on my must haves for the future. Cool stuff!