Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All change

I finished my job at Newcastle University yesterday - where I had been working as a secretary for the last 7 months to cover Maternity Leave - and while I will miss all the students and my colleagues, I won't actually miss the job itself - too many meetings and minutes and agendae for my liking! ;o)

I received some lovely presents including this HUGE box of chocolates

and flowers from my colleagues in the office

and this whizzy coffee machine from two of the lovely lecturers

who also took me out for lunch at this restaurant - really delicious oriental food - my favourite kind of meal with lots of different tastes to try.

But I was absolutely stunned when my lovely knitting friend/student, Maura, arrived with a present from all the students and I opened it to discover this box

Hmmm, that bird looks familiar, I thought

then I turned it over and saw a message saying "Lucy's Locket"

but even then I didn't guess that this beauty would be inside

My very own Lucy's Locket made by the lovely Emma Pebble!!

I have been wanting one of these ever since Emma first posted about them but didn't dream I would get one.

But clever Maura had remembered a conversation we had had back in February when she had asked me what I would most like for Valentine's Day from Mr Locket and I had replied that what I would MOST want was one of Emma's lockets but that I would probably get a CD instead. So when the students had a collection for me Maura decided to make my wishes come true! And I am so delighted that she did - and amazed that she and Emma managed to keep it secret for so long!

I also received this beautiful Chinese lipstick case as one of the students had wanted me to have something from her home country.

And lots of the students sent me really lovely emails saying how much they would miss me and how much they had appreciated my help which was really rewarding. Although I had only been in the post for 7 months I started at the same time as this batch of students so everything had been new for us all.

They were such a lovely group - from a really broad range of nationalities - and I will miss getting to know them all.

But for now I am on holiday until my new job starts so in the next post I will tell you what I plan to do with all this free time! ;o)


Gina said...

Lucky Lucy Locket! All the presents are lovely but that locket is beautiful.

dottycookie said...

Oh Lucy, I am not at all surprised you received such fabulous gifts - how could the staff and students fail to have fallen for you?! Hugely well deserved (and I am so glad you're done there and can start the exciting new dog soon :-)

wonderwoman said...

o wow Lucy, what some amazing gifts and the locket is just gorgeous!


Jan said...

What a lucky Lucy Locket you are .proving how much you mean to these people ,Cant wait to hear about your next venture Jan xx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh -- Mrs. Locket -- that locket gift is just perfect! Well, all of them are -- and they prove just how well loved you are -- everywhere!!!

quinn said...

What an impression you made in seven short months! And what lovely colleagues and students, to take such care to let you know it!

My goodness. I'd leave my job tomorrow just for that box of chocolates ;)

Looking forward to New Workplace Adventures Of Lucy Locket!

Jodie said...

You must be an awesome secretary Lucy - what a lot of love !!!!

silverpebble said...

Glad you've got your locket, in your pocket, Locket. Hmm, sorry, just slept over at Miss P's first sleepover. Not much sleep x

silverpebble said...

BTW, hurray for the new job, chocolates, oh and sunshine, and now I need more tea

Ali said...

Aren't they the sweetest? And Emma's locket is just so perfect for you.

Jane said...

Your gifts are beautiful Lucy, it is lovely to be appreciated by eveyone you work for. Good luckwith your new job. Jane

ladydi said...

Chocolates, flowers, and lots of goodies! They love you as much as we do. :>} We have a gal retiring after 25 years; this post tells me we need to do more than a card. ;0)

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts Lucy - I've been left Newcastle University for 3 years now but all of the people I worked with there were lovely - I still miss them but I don't miss the travel or all of the red tape. I'm much happier now in the little teeny tiny office where I work - which I can walk to - and it is so informal compared to the Uni.

I hope you are equally happy in your new job - enjoy your time off before your new adventure begins - and your locket is gorgeous and such a precious gift :0)

monda-loves said...

wow, wow and wow! You must have made a very positive impression in your 7 months Mrs L. You have some very nice and thoughtful gifts there.
My last day is next Friday, but I doubt I'll get an Emma Pebble locket!

Enjoy your break before your new dog!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

They must have liked got some lovely leaving gifts! You will be missed I'm sure.

periwinkle said...

wow Lucy , you are going to be missed big style. Those are some awesome presents and the locket - ahhhh

Anonymous said...

Aww.... so nice! It's seriously nice to be appreciated! We appreciate that you're not working for a bit and you'll be able to blog more and more!! ;)

Maura said...

:) So glad to have been able to make you so happy! It's truly well-deserved. You're going to be a really hard act to follow for the past/future CCC+ secretary.

French Knots said...

What lovely gifts and that locket is perfect Mrs Locket!
They obviously liked you a lot, no surprise there!xx

twiggypeasticks said...

ooo what lovely gifts
Twiggy x

Moogsmum said...

At last - I can see your photos of your yummy gifts -stoopid computer wasn't letting me see last time I tried!

What a wonderful array of presents - they really did appreciate you :o)

Of course, the one I'm most envious of is that stunning Mrs Pebble Locket - you Lucky Locket you!!


joanie said...

Wow! You clearly impressed all your colleagues at your job. What fabulous pressies they all gave you to depart with. Best of luck at your new job too.

Chakatoria said...

Great work! Can't wait to read more from you.