Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sock wool, eggs and cats - hmm, interesting mixture

I've had a lovely day today. After taking the children to school I popped into Sunderland to meet Lisa and little Gabriel at the museum for a cuppa. We then caught the bus to Lisa's VERY local wool shop which has the most amazing bargains! There is a branch of the same shop nearer to me but the one near Lisa is the main shop so they carry all the stock - and what a lot of stock there was!

They were selling Regia sock yarn for £1.20 a ball - normally it costs over £4. So naturally I had to buy a lot (even though I bought a lot last autumn when they had it in at this price)

And naturally I had to ring Moogsmum and see which colours she would like me to get for her (even though she bought a lot last autumn when they had it in at this price!)

But that's not all I got.

Not even slightly!

I bought some fabulous Rowan kits (that I can't show you yet unfortunately as they are a secret) - but the discount was truly INCREDIBLE! Lisa had originally bought 2 for me as I wasn't sure I would get to the shop in time but I also managed to buy another today!

I bought this Kaffe Fasset fat quarter for the grand sum of.............


This Kid-silk haze scarf kit, complete with needles came to the princely sum of...............


And I also got these leather slipper sock bases, and special latex gel for the bottoms of socks

and these super, short metal needles which will be perfect for the Little Lockets.

So it was an incredibly successful shopping trip!

And guess what?

They have a website!!!

What makes the day even better is that both Fred and Daisy did really well in their Easter Egg competition at school!

Fred won with this version of The Stegg (The Stig)

and Daisy was a runner up with her Dippy Egg and Soldiers

And so that Dot isn't left out, here are the fantastically mad cat brooch and finger puppet that she made for one of her best friends' birthday presents last week

So, that's why this is a post of sock wool, eggs and cats!


Heleen said...

Love the wool you found!

dottycookie said...

Locket, I do decalre you're even naughtier in the stash enhancement stakes than I am!

wonderwoman said...

wow lots of bargains - i am drooling at the KSH - what a bargain!!


periwinkle said...

what can I say :-) and an even bigger :-))) for the little lockets eggs and puppets. Oh and Gabe has been talking about his friend Lucy and new Ben 10 socks all afternoon ...

Gina said...

What fantastic bargains! I love all the children's "makes" but the Dippy Egg and soldiers did make me laugh!

Jan said...

I love the childrens models,talented kids you have ,Kaffe Facet for 50p gosh you lucky girl Jan xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a terrible shopping trip!! ;) I can just imagine your excitement at the bargains before you!! Trust Lisa to be in on the act too! ;)

twiggypeasticks said...

The Stegg - tee hee that made me and Mr Twigs laugh :) Love the wool but the fabric is lush and what a bargain. Have a great Easter Mrs locket and the Locket crew.
twiggy x

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman -- that's an amazing sale!!! Congrats to the kids on the cute eggs!

Vale said...

Everything is wonderful, how the same!
I wish you Happy Easter, a bug hug to you and your family!
PS: I found the pie recipe!!! If you want to see the result, come to my blog (at the end of the blog, there is the english summary^_^)

Jodie said...

an eggstra good post all round ...

ladydi said...

Ooooh - gotta love the yarn stash enhancement. And needles for the little Lockets, who are now knitters? Nice!

Moogsmum said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....look at my lovely wool!! Thank you for picking it all up for me Locket - especially as I really needed a lot more sock wool ;o)

Well done to the Little Lockets on their eggy wins. Glad to see we've cleaned up on the easter egg competitions this year - and about time too! My two took some convincing to enter their competition but were very glad they did :o)

I love Dot's handiwork too - I bet her friend will love her gifts.