Thursday, 28 February 2013

It's not working

Mr Locket had confirmation yesterday that the firm he works for is going to close down soon.

He's an archaeologist.  Jobs like that don't come up very often.

The crochet and chocolate aren't working at making things feel better.

Especially as the crochet isn't working either.

I looked again at the joined together squares and compared them with my first blanket.  They are all wonky and distorted from the joining.

So I unravelled them all.

Then I decided that any way of joining them with their white edging was going to look squiffy.

So I unravelled all the edging as well.

They don't look like tiles anymore.

And I can't decide how I want to finish them.

Should they have a white granny border?

Should I edge them with the grey?

(these are just the squares I'd already made that had grey as their outer border - if I edged them there would be another round)

Should I just join them together as they are and then have a white border round the whole blanket?

Or should I just give up on it for a bit and go and knit some socks for my friend's birthday instead?  And drink wine.  And eat more chocolate.


dottycookie said...

I think wine and chocolate, otherwise you are going to end up associating your blanket with sad feelings and hard memories.

I am *so* sorry about Mr Locket's job. Mr DC was made redundant a few years back and it just sucks. I wish there was something I could do to help. I am thinking of you, though. Hugs.

julie said...

Oh Lucy, I'm so sorry about Mr Locket's bad news. Sorry too about your blanket angst - I'm not yet happy with the joining on my latest blanket either - it's the fiddliest bit insn't it?

I think wine and chocolate sound like a good solution and hopefully there will be a silver lining a little way down the road xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your husband's job. You never know though maybe it will end up being one of those lovely stories where in the end something new and and wonderful results from what seemed like something awful. I really hope so. In the meantime wine and chocolate sound like an appropriate next step. If you really want opinions I would just join them as they are and then add a border all around. It will look beautiful whatever you choose.

Annie said...

Oh Lucy I was just going "oh" with every continuing photo. Don't pull out any more!!! Come to aus and live near me and you can teach me to knit socks.

Daisie said...

Life is just shitty sometimes and usually to the nicest people. Having lived through shit and come out the other side, there usually is a reason - it just takes a while to become clear. I hope the weeks/months ahead are as kind to you all as they can be. Keep drinking xx

driftwood said...

oh so sorry to hear about Mr Locket's job. and the blanket woes. it will be lovely, I like the white granny border.

willywagtail said...

Sorry about your hubby and the stress you must both be under. Go and knit socks and drink wine and eat chocolate and when you are ready come back and edge them in white. Nobody will notice the wonkiness (much) while they are using it and it will look crisp and clean. Cherrie

Ali said...

I'm so sorry - redundancy absolutely sucks. We were there not so many moons ago and I know how hard it is.. Wine and choccy seem appropriate responses. Hugs .

Life is a bit like your blanket - sometimes it's not clear how it is all going to come together, but in the end you know some way will make itself apparent and you will treasure the end result. Lets hope it is soon.

Jodie said...

Lucy, you are amazing - all that work..I would have just ironed the life out of it to make it flat. We have been through the redundancy stuff and its not fun. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Gina said...

No clever suggestions for your blanket but just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you all. We went through the same last year. Have a little wine and chocolate... but not too much... you don't want to unravel all the good dieting work!

dragonfly said...

Oh, love, that is horrid news. Hoping you all find a way through this tough patch xxx

mrspao said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husband's job. There is too much bad news going around at the moment and I will keep you in my prayers as I know how difficult it is to find something new in this environment. I hope that he will be able to find something new quickly and that it isn't too disruptive to your family life.

Can I suggest trying to block your squares before you sew them up. That should give you a chance to make them all uniform size etc by stretching the yarn and making it conform to a straight size. I was never much of a blocker before but I am now a convert. Do message me if you would like help.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

I'm very sorry for these bad news. I hope he finds a new job soon.
Definitely, wine and chocolate is a good option.

Mitzi said...

Definitely more wine and chocolate... Leave the edging to a later date crafting never turns out right when you have other pressing things on your mind. So more chocolate and wine until you feel more settled and then go back to the crafting.

Plum Cox said...

What horrid news for you and your DH - I'm so sorry. Fingers crossed that you come out the other side OK, even if everything looks a bit shaky at the moment. As for your blanket, I thought that it looked completely charming as it was, so clearly I can't live up to your high standards! It does look super with the grey, though..... I agree with the others who say just put it to one side for the moment, though. Something requiring no decisions would be a good choice, and yes, wine and chocolate! Big hugs to you all.

Twiggy said...

Sorry to hear about Mr Locket's job
:( the same happened to Mr Twigs last year and he has thankfully just started a new one.(He has a very specialised job too).
Keeping everything crossed for you.
Twiggy x

Quinn said...

Oh dear, Lucy! I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Locket's firm closing, and I hope something even better will soon come along. I know firsthand how nerve-wracking the job situation can be. Good that you have each other for support and cheer!

On the blanket, could you try blocking the squares as you go, but not thinking too much about how to connect them right away? If they are blocked to size I bet they will start looking like mosaic tiles again.

Will be thinking of you! xoxo

Sreekala said...

Dearest Lucy,
I know everything seems overwhelming when something unpleasant happens. I too thought that the blanket looked so crisp and good.

I hope and pray that Mr. Locket will soon find a better job.

trash said...

Oh feckitty bugger Locket. Presumably you have dialled back on the wine a little since posting this?

loulee said...

Wine and chocolate sounds like a must. Have you tried the join as you go method for your crochet?