Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Now I could show you photos of all the housework that needs doing in Locketland but instead here are a few things that have been making me happy today.

Turning the heel of my second Helter Skelter sock while having a coffee with a friend (sorry, I forgot to photograph the coffee or the friend or the knitting until I got home)

Finding the photos Dot took of the pancake mix she made and evidence of me getting up early enough in the morning to cook them for everyone yesterday - they were the most succesful we've ever had.

Sorting the next batch of crochet squares for my blanket - only about another 20 to go.

Spending time on my blanket today while watching a repeat of Hugh's Veg Heroes.

Tidying up the colourful pile of quilts and blankets by the sofa - unfortunately they don't always look this neat and are normally scattered across the room.

Straightening my little toadstool collection.

Feeling very proud of Dot's growing knitting skills - pop over to her blog if you get the chance to see what she has been up to.

Watching the snow fall while having a cup of tea with a friend and feeling pleased that I've remembered to phone for a new delivery of coal today.

Admiring my shiny clean running shoes after their thorough scrubbing on Monday following a very muddy run.

And secretly hoping that running club tonight will be cancelled because of the snow - it's just soooo cold!

What has been making you happy today?


julie said...

Ha, I was watching that episode of veg heros too! Watching that along with bunny knitting, a warm fire on a dingy cold day and nibbling a couple of peanut butter cups has made me happy today. Your socks are fab and Dot's knitting is very impressive x

Quinn said...

Lovely knitting and crocheting going on there, Lucy! I especially like the knitted square with the dashes of alternating color, in the bottom row :)

Today I've been forcing myself to tackle a couple of tasks that, despite my sincere (if reluctant) efforts have each been forced to a grinding halt. Taking a little bloggy-break and hoping the weak sunlight will melt some of the frozen snow that still has my car anchored right to the wheelwells.

Glad I came far, your blog has been making me happy today! :)

Annie said...

While you were happy I was sleeping...but today I'm going to garden with kids at school, and the thought of that makes me happy. It's a teachers strike day and there will only be 3 classes.

dottycookie said...

An open fire, a big pot of stew and the prospect of some tiny crochet are making me happy. Lovely to see what you're up to - and congrats on still running!

Mitzi said...

Seems like a great way to spend your day to me.

WendyBee said...

You have accomplished so much today. I love your perspective.

mrspao said...

Squeee! You have an old Singer that looks like mine - I love it :) What a wonderful collection of things you've been doing. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, you have a running club? That would make running so much more fun! Looks like you've been good and busy. The socks look beautiful, as do the grannies. And it's good if your beautiful quilts aren't always in a neat pile -- it means they're loved!

Leanne said...

Lots of lovely crafty stuff going on in the Locket house. Here it is hot I even managed to fit a swim in.

Moogsmum said...

You're right, Locket - Dot's knitting skills are awesome! What a wonderful collection of squares and how lovely that she's working on her very own future heirloom :o)

I love the colours of your crochet squares too but really musn't let myself get sucked in....I've parked my granny stripe blanket again and refuse to start anything else (crochetwise) until that's done!

Right this minute I'm happy because it's half term at last, I'm in bed with the laptop catching up on blog reading - pretty perfect :o)

Mind you, naggy Minx keeps popping in to nag/ question me about exactly what we're doing today and in what order! I'd better cherish every single second of this 'lie-in'!


Little House By The Sea said...

Hi, nice to see your blogging again. I am struggling to keep mine going, seem to have lost my crafting and blogging mojo. I hope that you are all keeping well.
Sarah x