Monday, 25 February 2013

Sea glass blanket

I love sea glass and always search for it when I go to the beach.  I have found it in all shades of blue, turquoise and green along with the almost colourless pieces.  Unfortunately I'm not very good at looking after my treasures and could only find this meagre selection which doesn't really show the full range of colours - and once again my photographic skills have let me down.

When I was thinking about colours for my new crochet blanket I decided to go with colours that reminded me of my sea glass and raided three local wool shops to get my palette.

I've picked 12 colours - some so close to each other you can only just tell them apart and I'm using a mix of King Cole Merino and Sirdar Stylecraft from Ring a Rosie, Wendy Merino and Wendy Mode from Kemps, and some more King Cole Merino from the Knit Studio along with a few leftovers from my last blanket.

Some of the yarn is nicer than the others.  The Wendy Merino is so soft and lovely to use and the King Cole Merino is nice - and familiar as this is what I used in my other blanket - but I had to buy quite a few different makes to get the colour range.

I've been crocheting in every spare moment since Friday afternoon and have done 32 squares so far.  16 of them have their outer cream edging and the other 16 are waiting patiently for it!

I can't seem to show in my photos just how nice these colours look together.  I'm very happy with my little "tiles" - they almost remind me of Moroccan ceramic tiles.
Every Saturday morning Dot and I go to knitting group at Ring a Rosie, and every time we pop into Costa Coffee on the way there for a Skinny Cappuccino.  While we are standing in the queue we "select" all the cakes and biscuits and treats that we are going to have that day. 

We usually pick at least 6 each - and when the queue is longer we stand near the sandwiches and hot paninis and choose a range of them too.

As we are both on a diet and also trying to economise, we never actually buy anything to eat - but we enjoy the game :o)  Right now I could eat one of those lemon tarts in the middle of the photograph - yummy!

We share our coffee and eat some of the lovely biscuits that are provided at the wool shop instead and spend the morning knitting and crocheting with our lovely friends (while avoiding the camera!)

It is a really lovely Saturday morning ritual with Dot - and very occasionally Daisy too.  I just need to persuade Fred and Mr Locket to learn to knit and then it can be a full family affair!


Daisie said...

What a lovely way to spend the start of your weekend! Elizabeth and I walk the half mile to the charity shop to browse the books and then on to the veg shop to see what fresh delights are in store for the meals of the coming week. We invariably puff back up the hill having bought more than we can carry. It's good to just be with the biggest sometimes. Being the biggest of five I often felt left out or over looked or over burdened with resposibility and I vow never to make my big girl feel like that. We have the best conversations of the week on our walk. Sorry, waffling like a loony!! I'll shut up now! Love the blanket 'tiles' xx

Quinn said...

I LOVE your color choices for this blanket! Cannot wait to see it coming together :)

I am also a lifelong collector of sea glass, although I've rarely had the opportunity in recent years. A few small pieces in a little jar filled with water have moved with me all over the country, for at least (gulp!) thirty years.

You and Dot have created The Perfect Way to begin a weekend!

Ali said...

Your blanket is going to be glorious - I like giving it a good name too. Extra incentive. Must try harder with my naming of projects.

Dottie Locket said...

Stop taking photos of me!!!!!

Loving your quilt xxx

dottycookie said...

I do love the colours and textures of seaglass and I think you're going to capture them beautifully in your blanket. I have only ever found one piece - it doesn't seem to be common on the beaches I visit - and I dropped that and broke it. Doh!

mrspao said...

Those are such gorgeous colours you have chosen. I'm still trying to persuade my husband to try knitting - one day... :)

Annie said...

What a lovely Saturday morning....colours divine!

Little House By The Sea said...

I love the colours. What a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Mrs. Locket. I see another beautiful color palette is in the works. I do so wish I lived closer -- a knit and natter on Saturday mornings sounds wonderful!

driftwood said...

oh your seaglass colours are lovely, and the blanket is going to be just gorgeous x