Thursday, 21 February 2013

The question of colour

Thank you all for your advice on my blanket - I decided to follow the majority opinion and go with the simple chain edge (which, if I'm honest, was exactly what I hoped people would say - I just didn't have the confidence to rip out all the scalloping without a bit of bloggy back-up)

 The blanket is now "blog finished" (i.e the front looks good!)

and very beautiful - if I'm allowed to say that myself?

But there is still the messy job of sewing all the threads in to do - I imagine I will be working on it for quite some time.

Now that I consider the blanket to be finished my thoughts naturally turned to what I wanted to crochet next and I lay in bed for ages last night thinking and thinking about colour choices.

Because colour preference is a truly personal thing isn't it?

When Julie blogged about her new crochet blanket project I was completely overwhelmed by her colour selection - I loved it and couldn't sleep one night for thinking about it - so I rushed to finish my blanket so I could start a  new one in these gorgeous, rich, autumnal colours.

Likewise, when I was reading Soulemama and seeing her knit with nubbly shades of brown, or reading Quinn's blog about her walnut hand-dyed sock yarn, I started craving some "brown" knitting of my own.

But now I'm actually doing it, I have to confess that it really just isn't "Me" - it's just not colourful and "happy" enough to get me excited.

These socks are rather over-bright and I was amused one night when I was working on them that I just couldn't have this quilt on my lap because it didn't go with my knitting!

I like this quilt but they're just not my colours again - and they don't really "go" with the rest of my house.

Therefore, much as I adore Julie's colour selection for her blanket, and really wish I was stylish enough to use them myself, I just have to accept that my natural palette is much brighter.

So my nocturnal cogitations came up with the idea of  "sea-glass" granny squares with the cream tile-like edging that Julie is putting on her blanket.  I'm not sure I can afford to invest in the necessary wool but I am looking forward to Saturday morning's Knit and Natter at my local wool shop so I can look to see what colours are available.  I'm thinking of something similar to Thomasina Tittlemouse's ripple blanket maybe.

Now to the important part of the post - letting you know who is the winner of my mini giveaway.........

I used a random number generator for numbers 1-20 and it chose 20, so Quinn, can you send me your address so I can send you a flower - do you have a colour preference (pink, red, turquoise or cream?)


Dottie Locket said...

So when are you going to teach me how to crochet?

Dottie xxxx

Ali said...

You ARE allowed to call your own blanket beautiful because it really is and the palette oh so 'you'.

I sometimes try to push myself out of my colour comfort zone, but it never ends well. I will never love beige or and shade of purple.

But having seen it in real life, I can thoroughly endorse the gloriousness that is Mrs T T's ripple.

dottycookie said...

I love your blanket, I love it, I love it! I have been wanting to make one but I just have to face the fact that I probably never will. I shall just look enviously at yours!

Quinn said...

I love your blanket!! Also your definition of "blog finished" which will surely come in handy in my future! ;)

You are so right about the personal aspect of color preference. I thoroughly enjoy the brighter colors in your blanket and socks, and in brilliant flower gardens, and pottery, and in many of the fibery-blogs I visit (Attic24 comes to mind), but seem to feel more "at home" in muted shades and woodsy tones. One thing I've been meaning to do for ages is try knitting something with one strand of brown and one strand of a brighter color, held together. Maybe that would help you use up your brown yarn? Just a thought :)

Quinn said...

Whoops! I just read the rest of your post and realized I am the Lucky Winner! Thank you so much, Lucy - what a nice treat! Email coming...

Helenjean said...

Have yet to blog and have just started knitting again and CANNOT crochet no matter how hard I try , but your blanket is beautiful . I knitted my daughter hand warmers today and ripped them out twice, once because they knitted up too small and the second time because I ran out of wool . Rather than buy more Aran wool I just made them shorter .

Gina said...

Your blanket is stunning and I just love the colours!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Your blanket is so beautiful!!!! Of course you can say it :)))

Moogsmum said...

I love your blanket Locket - the colours are gorgeous and it looks huge! My Flowers in the Snow blanket that I finished a couple of months ago is still in it's blog finished state with many ends still to sew in!

I love the idea of seaglass colours for your next blanket. Can't wait to see it :o)

I might have to go and dig out my granny stripe blanket again - you've given me the bug!

Leanne said...

For what it's worth I would have sad chain stitch edge. LOVE the finished blanket, I wish I could crochet then again I don't need another obsession. I struggle with colours so my house is a mish mash of more bright colours. House and Garden would never visit here LOL.

mrspao said...

What a gorgeous blanket :) It looks wonderful and the edging works perfectly.

I'm a bit fickle when it comes to blanket making. I've taken ages to work on the two I have on the go!!

I like those brown socks but can understand how they can be a little boring.

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

OMG, just found you again, spent a happy half hour with a cuppa catching up, so pleased to find you again.... x

Thimbleanna said...

OH.MY.GOSH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that blanket! The colors are fantastic Lucy. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on such a fantastic project!!!